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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Become a supple leopard!

Mobility WOD

You know, it is not often that I recommend you buy something, much less a large BOOK, as in a real, page- bound printed BOOK...

But I am today!

Kelly Starrett is a man after my own heart- and he has herein catalogued and rendered accessible in a do it yourself fashion just how to maintain your own flexibility, joint health, and just plain human athleticism in a catalog-style of a real book that you can take with you throughout life, and FIX YOURSELF as you go!!

This is all right up my alley- and yours too, I hope!

There is no reason at all to go to M.D.'s, therapists of all stripes, and all other kinds of charlatans and "medicine men and women" to get fixed from pain and inflammation- 

Simple exercises and movement pattern repairs can really fix it-


The thing is, it's all up to YOU!  And that's a good thing!

Kelly has given his all to this book, and it will guide you to real health, of your joints, your movement, and your athletic (and your REAL) life!  

This is what you want, to get you pain-free, and optimized in your movements throughout your life...

Strong words, I know.  But, after a Paleo type of diet, good sleep, and Perfectly Paleo Exercise, this is the book you need to keep you totally functional and pain free, for you entire life- Becoming a Supple Leopard.

It's not cheap, but neither is any real, physical book of reference quality.  

If you have joint pain, of any variety: knee, hip, shoulder, foot, or back- Just buy this book!

To me, it's ironic that the solution to most of our medical ills is really all readily solvable:  

Paleo Diet... Paleo Exercise... Paleo "therapy" aka "Supple Leopard" therapy...

It all really is that simple!  Ditch the Doctors- 

J, a "supple deere"

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