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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lose weight with a Vitamix, and start a 3 day Suero Cleanse on Paleojay AND a contest on Podcast 18

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How to lose weight with a Vitamix

Kick start your Paleo lifestyle with a Suero Cleanse/Modified fast

There are two tools you can use to dramatically enhance your fat loss goal- I say FAT loss, because that is indeed what we want!  We can lose muscle, and thus lose weight, but this is NOT desirable- muscle actually burns fat for fuel, and is a metabolic “engine” that can keep us LEAN.  Fat is... deadweight, metabolically speaking.  Something to carry around, that is usually filled with the toxins our body has taken in with the bad, man-made fake foods we have eaten.  When our body has a toxic chemical to deal with,  or too much Omega 6 fats (Americans consume WAY too much omega 6 fats, and far too few omega 3), the body stores this in the fat it produces.  When you start to burn this fat, by adhering to a paleo or ancestral lifestyle of real, God made foods, avoiding grains, vegetable oils and sugar, you need to get RID of these chemicals and toxins, as quickly as possible.

That brings us to our first “tool”- the Suero Cleanse!  This is a product by Beyond Organic that really makes a modified fast drop dead easy-  it is a beverage of cultured whey, which is a highly assimilable protein that is loaded with pro and prebiotics, supporting a healthy gut, loaded with natural minerals to flush water and toxins and body fat via the liver, kidneys and colon.

You can get this at the link below, directly from Beyond Organic:
Beyond Organic!it’s also right at the top right on:

Anyway, you simply drink six 16 ounce bottles of the SueroViv beverage each day for 3 days- this completely cleanses your body, readying it for your future Paleo lifestyle that will continue the process towards leanness; and more importantly, optimal health!  Start at the “Bronze” level- this modified fast results in average weight loss of 5-10 pounds in 3 days!  It also instigates the process of “autophagy”, where your body “cleans house”.  When you intermittently fast, it gives your body a time to consume “rogue” cells; precancerous ones, damaged cells, just JUNK that lies around when you are constantly eating. Digestion is a laborious process for the body- if it gets a break from constantly processing food, it can really concentrate on other, vital tasks in a big way, setting you up for future health, rather than just cramming more and more into the “cupboard”, if you will.  This Seuro cleanse is about the best, easiest way I’ve found for folks to start this process!  Try it out, I’m sure you’ll like it!

That brings us to our second Paleo tool- the Vitamix blender!  After you’ve kick-started your new, healthy lifestyle off, what is the best way to keep it going?  Paleo Smoothies, that’s what!  No, I’m not saying you have to drink all your meals for the rest of your life- not at all.  BUT, to start off your day with a conveniently made, super-nutritious drink that you can make for yourself and your family each day- well, the benefits are off the charts!

I have an eBook, Paleo Quick Start available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, and just about everywhere else that is devoted to the Paleo smoothie, but I also have the recipe on my site here that I use, and I encourage “variations on a theme”!  We’re all a little different; some of us can tolerate more fruit than others, for instance- some of us may be so “metabolically broken” that we need to stick to protein and fat for the most part to be healthy...

Anyway, after you do the Suero Cleanse, and get your Vitamix (for free shipping click here), well- “once begun is half done”!  You will start to feel and look amazing, and start to really want the many advantages of the WHOLE paleo lifestyle- eating real, God made foods; avoiding processed junk and fast food and grains.  You will start to crave grass fed beef and wild caught sea food, and you will start to WANT to move around, exercising in a more gentle, restorative form of exercise (like a cat!) rather than scampering around doing cardio like a mouse on a wheel!   You will “GET IT”- Oh, this is what we are meant to feel like!  Feeling alert, relaxed, fit and happy- WANTING to share our talents and gifts with the world.

We really were designed and created to be like that- so let’s do it!  In celebration, I offer you all a contest for my latest eBook- Perfectly Paleo Exercise!


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