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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Free eBook: The Witch of Grandad Bluff

The Witch of Grandad Bluff

 Jess Thornton, in his self-penned adventure set in La Crosse Wisconsin, his home town, is a weird tale indeed! From his high rise office in the Hoeschler building, to Pettibone Island, and to his best friend's place on Indian Hill on the north side, Jess travels around the whole city of La Crosse, trying to save a man who he thinks may be drowned.

But, as time goes on, and as his friend Alexander Blackdeer guides him and helps him in his detecting, he realizes that the plot is far more sinister than just a disappearing middle-aged man, and that there is a supernatural element involved- and an ancient evil that has somehow come to this small river city!

Only he and that warrior Alexander could possibly hope to cope with such ancient sorcery, unleashed on God's country in La Crosse, Wisconsin!

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