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Monday, May 3, 2021

New Podcast: Buy Bitcoin or DIE!

 Now, you know I am using a bit of hyperbole here, right?  You won’t necessarily die- but you will definitely regret not doing so, and I mean really, really, really regret it!

Remember prices in the 1950’s or 60’s, when gasoline was 19 cents or so, and candy bars were a nickel?  And prices of everything else were similarly minuscule compared to today?  If you don’t actually remember it, like I do, you can certainly look it up, or talk to someone who does.  Or even remember prices from 10 or 20 years ago.  That is inflation, and it is both insidious, and ruinous.

We have all been forced to invest aggressively our whole adult lives, at least those of us who are paying attention, and have an IQ above 85 or so.  Ironically, most of us in Western civilization are not really all that interested in investing, in studying the stock market constantly and spending our lives in such a manner.  In fact, very few are- most of us have families, and interests apart from growing and maintaining wealth, and wish that we didn’t have to spend so much time monitoring our investments, simply to maintain the purchasing power of whatever little we have!

We shouldn’t have to.  If the money we earned and saved simply stayed the same in purchasing power, if our IRA money would still cover the cost of gasoline at .19 a gallon, and other prices likewise stayed the same- why, there would be no problem.  Our investments would not need to increase endlessly, year after year after year, since inflation would not happen!

The Romans had a fiat currency, just as we do.  Because of big government (think Roman Empire rather than the early Republic), the emperors, the Bidens and other Democrats of that day (the elites) pushed inflation by continually spending more and more money.  Money they did not have, just as today.

They spent this money on Welfare (the dole then), and Circuses and gladiatorial events (the Netflix of today), and of course mainly on enriching themselves, (the elite).  Back then, money could not simply be printed like today, with no gold backing it, since money was actual coins.  So, they put less and less precious gold into the coins, until they were at last less than 1% gold!

Of course, the people were not so stupid as to fall for this, and they would ‘bite’ the coins to ascertain the percentage of gold, and eventually the coins of Rome were almost worthless.  

This is precisely where we are today!  

The stock market is roaring, since the Democrats under Biden, (the new patrician class as opposed to the working middle class or small landholders, just as in Roman times) have been sending endless checks to everyone to not work.  To be bribed into becoming serfs, people supported by the government on the Dole of our times, who take no responsibility for themselves, their families, or their own communities.

“Take this money (little as it is), and you don’t have to work!  Good Democrat in the making!”

Soon, after all of this (worthless) printing of endless, really almost totally fake money, extreme inflation will assert itself, as it always does, and always has done!  

And your money will become ever more worthless, day by day, and then hour by hour!  Investments can no longer save you!  

Bitcoin can save you, pilgrim!  

GBTC is a mutual fund that can hold bitcoin for you, if you don’t want to deal with the real thing.  Get it for your IRA.  You can also just go to, and buy crypto currencies (not JUST Bitcoin- I like Bitcoin cash the best right now!)

But here is the point: Bitcoin will not go down in value, via inflation.  Your hard-earned and saved money will maintain its value; in other words, a 5 cent candy bar will cost you the same amount in the future, whether the price has increased to $50 or more.

When it seems like crypto is skyrocketing in value, it’s really not.  It is just maintaining its value, just like the gold backed dollar used to, or the solid gold Roman coin did.

And so, that is my heartfelt advice, Paleo person!  Just as you value real health, not drug-fueled  illusions of health maintained by statins, and many other drugs, along with a low-fat, high grain food pyramid diet and endless cardio/aerobics coupled with endless medical procedures- just like you eat real foods, with grass-fed and wild animal products as the mainstay- so it is that you should ditch the “modern” fiat currencies, (backed only by the government), and go to real, blockchain stores of actual value.

If you “get” Paleo, you will also get this, I’m sure.  But, you probably need an IQ of at least 110 or so to truly understand it. If you are not there, I guess Netflix and MSNBC are your best options to ignore and forget about it all…

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