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Thursday, April 15, 2021


It’s kind of sad to reach the autumn of your years, only to realize that the civilization you were reared in- Western Civilization- the most vital and successful civilization of all time, is foundering!  

Now, I don’t mean that it is failing, but it is in crisis.  Just as ancient Greece, and then ancient Rome, which picked up the mantle only to founder in its turn; the incredible vitality and liberating truth of this ultimate of all civilizations is in trouble.  And, just like those earlier incarnations, upon which our own civilization is built today, it is being destroyed not from without, not at all.  It is being destroyed from within, by self-deluded traitors who actually see themselves as wonderful liberators of white supremacy, rather than as the manipulated, entitled losers that are being used to destroy everything their ancestors have laboriously built that they truly are!

Now, only entitled losers could be so misled as to believe that to give away, to erase their own culture is a good thing!  It’s not.  What is going on now, in the western world, is a voluntary erasure of all that our ancestors have built- the knowledge, the technology, mathematics, the very refined culture and science that have created modern life- all of this is now evil.  

It’s as if witch doctors have taken over the universities, the halls of congress, and corporate America!  

This shows how low we can sink, when fashion supplants reason, reality, and argument.  For, if you base your ideas on what is fashionable: Hollywood and celebrities, emotion rather than reason and logic- this is the end of civilization.

In such a situation, Biden seems like a great president!  A senescent puppet seems vital and desirable as a leader!  So must have said the Romans when they welcomed Caligula as emperor…

We are now in real crisis.  With a sock puppet emperor in charge, we know we are really being ruled by the worst of the worst- Leftists who desire power for its own sake, because they love to tell others what to do.  Marxists who want control, while hiding under a fake shield of “equity”.  Equality of outcome, which really means the State (them) controls everything!  

And once they control everything- forget rights of any kind!  Look at communist China- that is what they want- total control!  And then: 

No “fashionable” rights at all.  Once they have ultimate control, it is all naked power.  You won’t even have illusions anymore, no more BLM, no “rainbow nation”, no Antifa, no free streets at all:

Just total martial law, from sea to shining sea!  No gangbangers- they will be locked up and executed- no gay rights- reeducation!  No freedom of speech: total lockdown.  Religion?  NO!  None at all, only worship of the STATE!

This is what we are looking at.  Without free and western civilization, the future world will be an awful, restrictive place, where individuals have no rights, none at all, and those left-wingers who see themselves as ‘free and independent’ will be squashed by the same militia of correctness that they saw as their champions!  The ‘Fashionable’ elite…

My message in all of this?  Get out of the cities, the big, blue, Democrat controlled corrupt cities- get out!  Ironically, all of you who desire safety, non- discrimination, and a life free of crime and oppression?


This is not even debatable.  Small town America is the last bastion of freedom and safety.  Oppression is a Blue, Democrat, Big City, Oppressive State!  

Go rural, young man!  Go self sufficient, and get away from big government as far as you can- it is the only hope of Western, Free, Civilization!  

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