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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Be a Good Paleo Tribal Member- Not a UsefulI Idiot Globalist Dem!

 We are living in strange times, where someone who is for free speech, and for the enhancement of their own tribe and group, and for things like truth and justice is painted as evil!  A white supremacist if you desire crime enforcement, a hater if you support property rights, and a liar if you support the objective truth.  This is what we have come to in the United States, and really in the western world.

Trump, whether you liked him or not, was an unwavering force for good, and for righteousness for all.  A good tribal leader!  Not perfect (no one is), but a tireless protector of timeless Western values.  And remember: western values are civilization nowadays, since civilization itself is now Western Civilization!

So, it is important, now that we have the opposite of Trump in power, that we all come together as a Western Tribe to restore the values and foundations of our own civilization that we have inherited- that was built for us, their descendants, by our ancestors.  

Our president, who is obviously mentally deficient, is really just a tool for the globalist socialist/communists, who are bent on redistributing all wealth from us, who have worked and saved to build it, and transfer it (supposedly) to those who have basically done and achieved nothing. Because, as they would put it: it’s only fair.   

It’s not at all fair, obviously, but there is far more to their plan:  The wealth transfer, along with all power, is actually to the socialist/communist leaders, not to the useful idiots who support their lies enthusiastically.  They will be put into the gulags, or forced labor/starvation camps right along with everyone else who opposed these ‘leaders’.  

So there it is:  is you support Biden, Bernie, Merkel, Macron, and all the other so-called ‘compassionate leaders’ who support things like importing endless amounts of primitive, low IQ people from the 3rd World, you are a traitor.  To your people, your tribe, your children, and all of our descendants - along with our ancestors, who built the civilization we enjoyed!  We do not have the right to throw it away.  Even if it is our of stupidity, ignorance, and most of all- indoctrination.  Our infiltrated, awful public school systems are in the vanguard of this traitorous destruction.

Ironically, LIBERALS are on the wrong side of every single issue there is:

Climate Change- a total lie, a blatant power grab, that will kill fossil fuels, nuclear power, and every other form of real, actual power generation!  Leaving us with raptor killing,  near useless, hideous wind turbines that will eventually leave us freezing in the dark of WINTER.  There is no global warming; the true danger that is ultimately inevitable it the next Ice Age.  Ask the dinosaurs about the last one…

Proper diet and lifestyle- the liberal, fake scientism view (scientism is phony science belief, not the actual science of now, not 50 years ago) that ‘fat is bad, red meat causes all ills, including fake climate warming, and that all vegetables are wonderful, and a grain based diet is perfect.’  ‘Calories are all that matter in diet- just eat less calories and you will lose fat and be healthy.’  

Also, that long sessions of cardio are ideal, and strength training is absolutely worthless for health and wellness.  

I could go on and on, but as a paleo person, in a healthy tribe that gets out into nature regularly, lives in a rural environment, sleeps a good 8 hours nightly, and has close relationships with a family and tribe that all share similar beliefs that are based in the Western tradition of home and hearth; why, you can recognize all of the nonsense you are fed by the governmental leftists!

But now, with the Democrats controlling most of everything, it is time to stand up and be counted.  First, protect your nuclear family: Move out of a large city, if you are in one.  Get a rural property, in the exurbs, or in a small town.  Preferably in a Red State!  Ironically, you will be in competition for these properties with self-proclaimed Leftists who are moving out of the Socialist ‘Paradises’ (like California, New York, Illinois, and many other states) that have created the nightmares that these areas have become by voting like the deluded souls that they are.

Get a gun, preferably several, and stock up on ammunition.  (It’s already getting hard to find)!   People know what’s coming.  Learn to use them, well.  Plant a big garden, and stock up on meat.  Stockpile various foods, like rice, coconut oil, and canned goods, and learning to hunt would be a good skill to have.  Having a good tractor and a chain saw is always a great way to self-sufficiency.

And, especially if you are younger, and have children in schools aka indoctrination centers- either home school, or else find a good private school that teaches our timeless western values.  

Get involved in local politics.  Small government is the best government, and if we can get good conservative, responsive-to-their-electorate politicians in place, they can do a lot to fight back against self serving, rubber stamp to Democrat politicians who only want to stay in office, and doing nothing for their constituents.  

Get involved in the PTA, and anything else to do with the local school system that you are a part of.  Speak up, and let them know your mind and values!  

And above all- as a Paleo person?  Stay healthy!  Do not rely on the medical system (which is very liberal and government dependent, after all), and will unerringly lead you into drugs and prescriptions rather than back to health.  Be Self Reliant; in health, but then again in all things! 

Government will not save you, no- they are the ultimate enemy.  In the end, they would love to replace you with low intelligence, low skilled total dependents, who will reliably and always vote for liberal, Big Government, which will promise to support them…

But what is left unsaid is that the level you will be supported will be far, far lower than what you could provide for yourself- particularly if Big Government would leave you (and the rest of us) ALONE!  Of course, because the money provided for you, and everyone else, will be mainly confiscated by the PARTY ELITE.  

Sound familiar?  That is because it has been done, and repeated, so many times throughout history.  And the result is always complete disaster!  

So, stay healthy, both in body and mind.  Don’t watch network news, or TV at all.  Seek out conservative news on the internet.  And beware of anything you hear from the government- find the real truth, not the canned ‘feel good liberal’ version.  We will get through this; we have to: for our children, and our grandchildren!

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