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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Virus That doesn't Kill Us Makes U.S. Stronger! on PJSC podcast

I spent today enjoying my social distancing!  I got up early (as usual), and watched the morning news.  Stock market way down, but stabilizing.  I enjoy watching Maria Bartiroma (anyone else notice that she looks exactly like the young Sophia Loren?), and getting the gist of the events facing our nation.  
As I watched, I was exercising as I always do.  My thoughts clarify if I am flexing and sculpting my body methodically as I watch.  Disciplined thoughts flow from a disciplined body, I have found.  I did pushups today for high reps, feet up on the couch, which is always my intensest workout, done twice per week, along with my usual stretching and isometrics.  No rebounding today, as I had a busy day planned.
It is maple syrup time, where I tap a number of maple trees here, and cook down the syrup.  There is labor involved, as I haul numerous 5 gallon buckets full of sap to the cooker, but it is pleasant to me, as it is all outdoors, and today was a beautiful sunny, 40 degree or so day!  
It was a day to finish my syrup, and so it was all done on a propane cooker, rather than wood, which is fine for long boils, but not for fine-tuning the sap.  I sat down next to the cooker, in the sunshine, and just thought.  Sap cooking is ideal thinking time…

I thought about how the tough times we are going through worldwide, not just in the U.S., reveal what is truly important.  In my small community, there are no battles over toilet paper, no empty shelves, nothing crazy.  This is a small ethnostate of German and Norwegian descent, and cordiality reigns supreme overall.  We have our leftist liberals at the University here, but they are outnumbered, thank God!  Common sense prevails, overall, with farmers and others who do real work.
I thought about how, when reality strikes, threatening people with actual survival, priorities are starkly revealed.  All of a sudden, national borders look pretty good- it appears there are really good reasons to separate nations and peoples!  Spread of Disease is one.  
But also, low IQ people coming from their own failed nations to take part in the Welfare State of advanced European countries (like the United States, which is derived from European white people, or “People of Light” as I like to term us, is shown to be very much not in our own self interest!  We were designed to be a high IQ nation state of People of Light, and we dilute ourselves with dire consequences, like soaring crime rates, a huge dependent class, and a degradation of cultural standards and norms.  
Sometimes, it takes a slap in the face to make us wake up- this virus is that slap!  Do we really want to one day wake up in a world run by Leftists, where the conditions are 3rd world, ala San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, New York and Seattle, where only the uber wealthy live decent, crime free, safe and clean lives?  Do ALL of our major cities, built by our ancestors and bequeathed to us, need to be sacrificed and left to interlopers in the name of pathological altruism??

Here, in this little white ethnostate, the grocery stores are well-stocked, and life is well ordered and safe.  Even with this awful virus confronting us (although there is not yet a single case in my county), we are optimistic and self quarantining as is necessary.  
It is apparent that welfare magnet immigrants are a very, very bad thing indeed!  Not only for us (U.S.), but for their lousy home countries, who need the very lopsided number of young men that overwhelmingly make up the immigrants to rebuild their own failed countries!!  We are getting the most irresponsible and criminal element opportunists, not the ‘best and brightest’.  

Yes, it’s truly amazing what thoughts go through your head, as you stare into a steaming cauldron of bubbling sap.  But the results are quite illuminating and revealing, unlike staring into the empty pages and platitudes of things like CNN and the New York Times.  A bubbling vat is far more real, and unlike those other entities- sparks real thought.