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Monday, May 27, 2019

Yellow Glasses are PALEO! On Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast

Sleep is very, very important! For all of us, paleo, keto, low carb, livin la vida- whatever.   Sleep is at least as important as proper diet!

I hope you know the basics by now of ‘sleep hygiene’, but then again I realize most average people don’t-  

You need to sleep in total darkness; if you live in an urban (meaning lots of lights left lit all night) area- you need blackout curtains!  Even a slight amount of light after dark will disturb your all important circadian rhythmns.  

You need all electronics (especially a TV in the bedroom!) out of that bedroom entirely.  

If you have a nightlight, make sure it is with a red bulb.  Like in an old-fashioned darkroom- this will not disturb your circadian nightime settings, like any light with a blue light spectrum.  Like any white light.

And there is one more thing you can do, that is really important- wear blue blocking lenses or else just don’t look at screens before bedtime.  Read a book or take a walk on a dark rural road before bed (like I do).   Read one of my books under my pen name Jess Thornton set here in the Driftless region- guaranteed to put you right to sleep…

But this last is kind of my main point in this podcast- if you wear eyeglasses, like I do when I drive at least- get your lenses tinted yellow!  

I know, it sounds simplistic.  But, I am here to tell you that I have had yellow tinted lenses for well over a year now, and that slight yellow tint has made a huge difference!  Not just in sleep quality; I mean, I don’t usually wear my glasses at all at night, but if I did, I could watch TV or the computer assured that blue light was not startling my eyes and body into alertness just before bedtime.

There are other benefits as well- I researched this, as I do, greatly before taking this step:

This yellowish tint blocks blue light, as I said, and this helps to prevent macular degeneration.  It also makes it much easier to drive without being blinded by other autos headlights, since the yellow tint serves as a kind of sunglass, without being a dark lens.  
In fact, the yellow tint is almost unnoticeable, since you can wear it indoors just as you wear standard eyeglasses.  I even find that now, when I sing in church with my choir, that the bright light of the sunshine through the stained glass no longer bothers my eyes at all!
I used to want to wear sunglasses in church, but was reluctant to look like “Joe Cool”, wearing sunglasses indoors as I sang…

So now, I just wear my yellow tinted glasses instead.  I smile, knowing that while I don’t look like I’m trying to be cool with (slightly) yellow lenses-

I know that I secretly….  AM!  

Because I am spreading the word about blue blocker lenses.  Almost subliminally!