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Friday, April 12, 2019

Paleo People Own Weapons! on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe

I am dismayed by how misled the people of modern Western civilization have become!  Not only do they eat fake, food-like substances (as recommended by ‘science’) like low fat dairy, rancid industrial seed oils (ala vegetable oils and margarine), and grain fed meat:  

They also hate ‘evil firearms’, since the Big Government has told them that they are- completely evil!  

They’re not.  Guns are simply tools, like electric drills, my tractor, and chainsaw- things that woud have been highly prized throughout all times and places, because they represent and embody power.  The power to stop crime, injustice, attack and real evil.  To protect our families and neighbors, to stop invaders from hostile tribes.  

And, most importantly- to thwart the deprecations of our OWN governments, when they have become too dominant and evil to be stopped by negotiations and reason!  

Trust me, if a tribal leader back in paleolithic times decided to attack his own tribespeople, he would have met a spear versus the spear of his own!  A real Man of any era, who renders himself weaponless- has also rendered himself castrated.

A Non-Man who is unwilling to defend his own!

And so-called man, or woman too, who acquieces in being utterly defenseless against any attackers, whether from within the government or without- is no longer an individual at all!  They are a form of slave.  Voluntary or not, they have effectively made themselves a slave.  

If the Master makes an unreasonable demand of them or their family or friends: they have no recourse.  They have made themselves into voluntary eunachs.   Powerless, and utterly dependent and at the whim of their rulers, whether real political rulers, or lawless bandits, rapists, and murderers.  

This it the bottom line.  Dispossessed of weapons, when all about you (like your own government) possess them, makes you a complete, helpless, cringing victim.  You have now no recourse, no ability to even protect yourself; you are pathetic.  

And make no mistake: those about you will take advantage!  It is human nature, just as it is to hunt and gather for our tribe- those who deny true human nature will suffer the ultimate price.  And the consequences shall be the:

Utter demolishment and elimination of their people and their tribe!  

This is nature’s law- survival of the fittest.  If you feel guilty because of your people’s success, or suicidally compassionate about our rivals on the globe’s failures- they will destroy you.  

That is just the way Nature works!  You don’t want to fight, you don’t want to ensure your own survival, because that ‘just isn’t right’- well, welcome to the dustbin of history.

Look at modern Europe, welcoming in migrants who are their hereditary enemies, or just low IQ invaders- and then paying them to stay!

These are people of decadence, who have been civilized for so long that they have forgotten the very rules of life and survival- rules known instinctively by every lower species on the face of the earth- 

Eat or be Eaten!

So now you know- Get a Gun.  Stop Immigration. 
 And be a Paleo Tribesperson, not a cringing, decadent Roman in the last days of their failing empire!!