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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sweden's Black Minister of Culture Orders Melting Down of Viking Artifacts to Erase European Culture on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

When I read of this recently, I was more than repelled- I was outraged!  

As I’ve said before: if you destroy your own history- that which makes you and your peoples unique- you are committing cultural and racial suicide.  

Amazingly, strangely, and disgustingly- this is what Western Europe is doing currently.  They have allowed, no- encouraged- the mass immigration and invasion of their sovereign countries by low IQ invaders from the Muslim world, and Africa!  

My only explanation of just as to why they would do such a thing- (It would never happen in those countries and regions that they would not only allow such an invastion of Whites into their countries- but to actually pay them to come over and destroy them??!!)  Who could ever be this stupid?
Well, apparently the SWEDES are:  

Only Marxism/Liberalism could ever explain such a travesty.  This is all about power for global elitists, and nothing about actual benefit for the people who are living in their own country- that country that was built by their ancestors for them: their descendents!  I mean, don’t we all want to build, and leave a better country and life for our progeny?  Isn’t that what the advance of Western Civilization has been about for millenia?

Long ago, the ancient people who wanted better for themselves and their children, left Africa.  They ventured forth into a much harsher, northern environment, determined to survive and thrive.  

Meanwhile, those they had left behind in Africa, just- languished, and  kind of just stayed the same: they just hunted, lived in the moment, and evolved physically, rather than mentally.  

In Mother Africa, to survive, and breed was enough!  To hunt, to gather- and then do the same again tomorrow, day after day- that was the ancient lesson.  And breed- survival meant the species survival, not the individual!  And so it has been there, since time immemorial…

But, for those who left- the adventurous, enterprising ones: they had chosen adversity!  A harsh climate, with which they must contend, for mere survival.  These folk trudged northwards, into lands of ice and snow, determined to carve out a future in uncrowded, although harsh lands.  

There, they met up with the Neanderthals, who actually had larger brain capacity than the homosapiens from Africa.  They interbred, and ultimately not only increased their intellect thereby, but also made them more able to deal with the northern lands, by lightening their skin, (for increased vitamin D creation), and also lightening their hair and eye color.  

These folk, our European ancestors, made us able to cope with the harsh northern latitudes.

And now: evolution happened!  

Our ancestors moved further and further from our ancestral, basically stuck-in-time, low IQ roots.  We started to create real civilizations!  Cooperative, altruistic tribes that knew they could only survive in the increasingly harsh climes of the north by working together.  

For the Ice Ages were beginning, back then in the infancy of our racial growth and eventual dominance.  

Our ever-inventive ancestors, working together, learned, evolved, and forged themselves into a group of people that were not only capable of surviving a complete Ice Age: but were able to evolve as they did so into a people of sophisticated weaponry, where they could kill giant woolly mammoths to survive, using cunningly contrived flint blades and spears.

And, along the way, they learned that they could only do such things by working cooperatively.  As a united tribe, directed largely by a patriarchal unit of tested and tried warriors.  

Meanwhile, back in Africa, none of this ocurred.  Everything remained the same- same patterns of behavior (endless tribal war, violence and dominance of women, breeding to capacity).    

Much, much later, after the European humans had developed advanced, western civilization, and differentiated themselves dramatically from their African ancestors, the two came back into contact.  

For awhile, the Europeans, who were now termed Whites because of their evolved skin pigment fitting for the north, had the complete upper hand!  More intelligent, a superior cultural system- they had it all.  

But, cutting ahead to the modern age, the altruism of our western, northern ancestors eventually reappeared, particularly amongst our females, who have evolved to help the weak and helpless above all!

Evolved men and tribes of the North had given more power, prestige, and above all rights to women than any other people in all of history.  White Men give women more power and prestige than any- any other folk in all of history!  

Logic and reason, also developed by white men of the North, had so shaped and determined that this was right.  Our Neanderthal aquired intellect, along with subsequent evolution in harsh climes, had so made us…

Eventually, we gave more and more power to our Western women.  Pathological Alrutism, developed long ago to ensure harsh, northern survival, then reemerged, and made us feel guilty!  

Guilty about our success!  We had ventured north, and struggled for thousands of years.  We had triumphed!  Not only with our dominant civilation, but with our knowledge, our technology, but with our ultimate mastery of systems and organization of our countries, towns, and cities!  We had achieved, after endless long eras of war, effort, and looking back over history a really wonderful, civilized, and productive Western World of Civilization!

Here is where Liberal, Leftist, and above all Feminist guilt appears!  

Europe is the worst case in point.  England, via Teresa May, and German with Merkel.  And SWEDEN!  

Who would have ever thought that the country of the Vikings would be welcoming, and even paying for the invasion of their own countries??

Well, welcome the patholigical altrusim.  The downside of winning- of dominating the human race, and civilization itself.  We feel compelled to help the LOSERS.   

The tribes and cultures we beat.  The losers- we feel guilty about WINNING.  

It’s like it’s a high school basketball of football game: we ran up the score too much- that’s mean!

And so, the most successful, stress-free among us- (Like the Swedes), feel compelled to ‘give away their countries to the losers’!!!!

And that is precisely what they have done.  

They are giving away their very history!  They have given ultimate power over their history to outsiders, a black inferior woman- out of misplaced guilt.  

Their Viking Ancestors, drinking at Odin’s board in Valhalla, are burning with righteous anger!  

As am I.