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Friday, February 22, 2019

Christianity and the Defeat of Globalism Can Save Western Civilization on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe Podcast

“Aristotle argues that for city-states that fall short of the ideal, the best constitution is one controlled by a numerous middle class which stands between the rich and the poor. For those who possess the goods of fortune in moderation find it “easiest to obey the rule of reason” […] They are accordingly less apt than the rich or poor to act unjustly toward their fellow citizens. A constitution based on the middle class is the mean between the extremes of oligarchy (rule by the rich) and democracy (rule by the poor). 

I know, this sounds very far from Ancestral, Paleo lifestyle!  

But, it’s really not: hear me out.   

Western culture is so interwoven with Christianity, that it utterly unravels without it.  Beethoven, Mozart, Dickens, and any other masters of their arts of Western Civilization are incomprehensible without the lens of Christiantity.

Why is this so important?  Because, today- Leftist Nonsense is so prevalent!!  Socialism, once considered extreme- is now the standard LIE of the Democratic Party!

I remember when I was young.  Jimmy Carter won the presidency, and everyone thought Nirvana would soon follow!  It turns out that his reign was a nightmare, unravelling US (and Western power) worldwide.  

US speed limits were lowered to 55, which simply resulted in everyone becoming a scofflaw.  Contempt for the law ensued.   He also pardoned all Vietnam draft evaders- inflation ran amuck from his horrid policies.

He did lots more, all of it bad.  In my youth, Ronald Reagan SAVED the country!  (Really, look it up).  

Sadly, just as in diet and nutrition, the standard recommendations have proven to be anti-science, and overall ridiculous and evil.  To wit:

Get flu vaccines!  (They don’t work, but we make a big profit)!
Get ALL vaccines: especially for your newborn children- they often don’t work (especially when bunched together), and will have lots of downsides, especially when taken in huge, multiple doses- but hey- if you don’t, you are not a good liberal (fake science) supporter, and we need to make a big profit! 
So vaccinate as much as possible, and ignore the mercury and other poisonings, since scientism says they don’t exist.  If your kid has autism, or many of the endlesst modern auto-immune diseases, don’t worry- 

We don’t know why they are happening!  Just like all other auto-immune disease- it has nothing to do with our diet or lifestyle.  

The cause of bad things dietarily, just like in Socialism, is totally random.  

Socialism is perfect.  Just as the modern western diet of flour, corn syrup, and and government run health care is perfect!  

“To each what he can provide, from each what they can contribute!”

So, anyone who can do nothing (or chooses to not work at all) should gain all the rewards of life that are available)- it’s only fair!!  Socialism/Communism in a nutshell…

Socialistic, totalitarian doctrines are always lies.  

Governmental nutrional advice is always completely wrong!   (Low fat, high carb/grain nonsense, prevalent since the 1970’s).

Go directly, and often, to the medical doctor/clinic to preserve your precious health and wellness!

Wrong.  The TRUTH is to avoid your doctor as much as possible!  They have been trained to prescribe as much pharmaceuticals as they can, to maximize their own profits.  That is it, bottom line.  You are a profit target, pure and simple!!

I feel kind of bad, telling you this.  I am from a time, (the 1950’s), when we all assumed that the government, and commerce, were all aimed at helping us all, the overall benefit was paramount!

Those days, sadly are long behind us.  I hope it is not the total unravelling of Western Civilization, but sadly- it might be!  

Most vaccines are bogus- more harmful chemicals than real anitbodies.
Especially when they are done in multiple doses for small infants.  The flu shot is an utter joke, and purely motivated by profit.  

In fact, just today I heard an ad on the radio by our local medical clinic.  The woman speaking said “You should definitely get the shot!  Even if you get the flu, the shot will help you bounce back faster!”  

This is nonsense.  Utter BS- but we have been conditioned to just accept such ridiculousness- because we believe: Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Medicine!!

Don’t buy in- avoid all of these organizations seeking only to control you.  

This is the same group of people telling you that we in the western world should be importing as many people from the 3rd world as we can.  And allowing endless immigration, and eliminating our borders.  They utterly ignore that most of these people are infected with numerous diseases that we have eliminated in our own societies through sanitation and by living in an organized, high IQ society.  

If we allow endless, third world, low IQ immigration,(including those Muslims who are our historical mortal enemies), we are dooming not only our country, but Western Civilization itself, which will be swept  back into the mud of savagery unless we defend our borders, and our civilization itself!  

We are the shining light, here in the West, of Civilization as a whole!  If we allow ourselves to be suckered into a leftist, Marxist ‘Utopia’, it means not only that our lives will unravell, along with our health…

It means a new DARK AGES!  And I am not exaggerating, not at all.

Just as in ancient Rome, when the barbarians were at the gate, there were those decadent, privileged, ancient Democrats Leftists opening the door to let them in!  History repeats itself, and since no young people have been taught real history for decades, we are doomed to repeat it, unless we older ones stop our self suicide.