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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Western Ancestral Civilization is Under ATTACK! PJSC

I never expected to be writing about such big issues when I started PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe.  But, that was quite a while ago- back when health and fitness, in the face of such horrible travesties of the American FDA and the AMA and all the other alphabets soup names of big government had made a mockery of true health and wellness.  Not that that has changed:  Big Government still by and large recommends we consume huge amounts of prescription drugs, eat tons of modified wheat and other GMO grains and foods, and undergo endless invasive, horrifically expensive tests on a regular basis. 

We are also propagandized to not eat fat or meat, both of which are not only stupid and ridiculous, but counterproductive in terms of our health.  So, none of that has really changed, except in small, Paleo pockets of health, of which I am a tiny part.  But still, we are voices in a huge, fast food dominated: ‘Let’s sit on our fat asses and watch professional athletes work themselves to death while we watch them on TV and eat crap’!

But, as horrible and awful as all of that is, as the American and European public gets fat, diabetic, and riddled with autoimmune diseases -believe it or not: Something Far Worse is Going On as Well!!

Western Civilization, particularly in Europe, its very source, but also everywhere else Europeans have settled over centuries and built amazing cultures-

Is being sold out by our traitorous, Leftist- GLOBALIST LEADERS.

This is not in any way an exaggeration.  Germany under the traitorous Merkel, England under the awful Teresa May Leftist, and of course France and Sweden and most other European state leaders- have decided to replace the native white European people in their own countries with foreigners. 

Under the auspices of the European Union, whose whole purpose is now being revealed as a nefarious scheme to sell out their own people, the plan is now apparent; to allow unlimited immigration from 3rd world, primitive, low IQ countries, of vast populations that have no skills, no knowledge of how things are done and with no ability to speak the languages of the cultures that are expected to provide them with welfare benefits far in excess of anything their own cultures could ever hope to produce. 

Of COURSE they are flooding over! 

Once again, to put it in ancestral, paleolithic terms:  If your tribe suddenly had an influx of people who didn’t speak your language, who didn’t “pull their own weight”, ie. wouldn’t hunt, or gather, or in any way at all be a positive for your tribal people- would you take them in?? 

Of course not- they would be properly termed as invaders, as predators, and would be fought and repelled at all costs! 

But, there’s more:  what if many of the invaders were not only hostile, lazy, and entitled- but they had a religion that told them that YOU, you whites in the country to which they were coming, were evil, and should be exterminated by the mandate of their God???!!


Sad to say, this is the very state that Western Civilization, that shining light on a Hill that is the beacon to all in the world today with a brain or a heart, has come to.  Our leaders have betrayed us!  But not Trump…

If not for Trump our shores would already be inundated with endless, swarming streams of hostile invaders, intent on supplanting us in our own country.  They would have been welcomed in by Hillary, and all the other Democratic leftist traitors, and our demise would be inevitable.  This is not even open for debate- it is now good versus evil for our own Western, paleolithic tribe. 

So, for those of you in the West, in America: Vote Red! 

Not for me, and not for you.  And even not for your children, not really- do it for the smallest, yet most powerful and amazing group of people who have created the most Amazing Civilization on the planet- the one that ALL ELSE aspire to be like:

Western Civilization is Under Assault! 
Vote with your very BLOOD- RED!

And vote for Diversity- for white Europeans are the smallest ethnic minority on the earth, and that is a fact.