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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Do NOT Eat Vegetable Oils!

One place that folks who strive to eat healthy fall down at is in their consumption of vegetable oils- corn, soy, canola- the list goes on, and they are all basically really bad.  The big one I notice is margarine, which is actually worse than just the fake oil it is made from, since the hydrogenation process it undergoes to make it solid loads it up with trans-fats, which are the worst fake fat of all!

Outdated fake science from decades ago assured us that vegetable oils, such as Crisco, which is made of cottonseed oil, for God’s sake!- is really healthy for us, because it wasn’t loaded with cholesterol.  Well, it’s not healthy for us, not at all!  Vegetable oils of all sorts are now eaten in huge amounts, mainly because (drumroll!) they are cheap.  So all makers of crappy processed foods like cakes and pies and other really junky foods load them up with these fake fats.

But what do vegetable oils, or as I more accurately like to call them- industrial seed oils- do to your body? 

These fake, unstable fats replace real, healthy fats in your body.  Fats that used to come to us in the form of butter, coconut oil, beef tallow and the like- animal fats and oils from nuts or seeds that were edible, like olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil- all of these are fantastic sources of nutrients like vitamin A, and tend to be very anti-inflammatory and even preventive of both heart disease and cancer!  (That’s right, just the opposite of what we were all told in the 1970’s that it was real FAT that caused heart disease, despite the scientific facts that actually tell the opposite story)!

The fats in vegetable oils are all Omega 6 fats that are highly inflammatory.  In addition, when you eat vegetable oils instead of fats, that is what your body uses to rebuild your cells.  In a recent mouse study, when mice were fed vegetable oils, they incorporated these fats when rebuilding their skin cells.  The result was rampant skin cancer, while a control group of mice who were fed real fats were fine.  When the diets were reversed for each group of mice, the control group developed skin cancers, while the original group began to heal.

The point to take home is that we are natural beings that evolved to consume natural foods made by God, that supplies all that our bodies have been created to use in maintaining our health.  Cheap man made, fake fats in factories do not supply what our bodies need!  This should really come as no surprise, if you just think it through.

Here is the bottom line, not just in this fat controversy, but in anything that comes up in terms of health:  we should only eat things that occur in nature, as close to their original source as possible!  Things like grass fed dairy and beef (cows evolved to eat grass, not grains!), wild caught seafood (not farmed, where fish are fed unhealthy grains just as are ruminants on land).    Simple fats, processed without need of noxious chemicals and huge machinery; fats like coconut oil, butter, olive oil and ghee.

God made fats, and all other foods as well- natural and not over processed!  Nutrition and health are much simpler than they are usually made out to be, and really are pretty much common sense.  Real foods are pretty much all good, I mean even ancient varieties of grains are far healthier and less damaging than modern, GMO and irradiated varieties of wheat and other grains.

My one rule of thumb is this: the more a food has been processed, engineered, and just plain messed with- well, you can be sure that it is not fit to eat.

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