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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Your HOME should be your VACATION podcast

New Tractor Shed
 “A Man’s home is his castle”!  This is what it should be: in the views of our Founding Fathers, we should all be small landholders, with a few acres of land that we farm and husband, along with a home we also care for.  Kind of like in Little House on the Prairie!  This is really the American idyll.

Things sure do get changed over time, unfortunately.  For their own political gain, the Democratic party, which has become a totally Liberal, Progressive, socialist/Marxist shill party- has decided that we should all aspire to be ‘world citizens’… Meaning, that we should not spend our time at HOME, taking care of things and making our properties prosperous little hubs of Americana ideals- NO!

We should listen to commercials, and let them decide that we should aspire to cruises, and other destinations that are urban, or tropical, or- who knows what is “correct” at the moment!  God Forbid that we just take time to stay at home, cultivate our land and gardens, spend time with our children and grandchildren, as did countless generations before us!!

Your HOMESPACE should be your vacation, and the center of your life!  ALL of us innately know this: we know that where we live, the land and house we live in, are utterly crucial to not only our identity and well-being, but also our ethnic identity.   We all tend to cluster together with those of a like heritage, and we prosper by doing so, by developing a rich, NON- diverse culture that reflects our own values.  

If you go through life unhappily, eagerly anticipating your next cruise, or far away vacation spot, where you can do nothing at all and be waited on hand and foot- well, you have missed out on the true point of life.  You should be living somewhere that you really enjoy, a place that fits you.   Just as in our diet, which we have discovered needs to be adjusted to our evolutionary heritage, so too does where we live have to do with out evolution as well!  

For instance, we have determined that modern grains are antithetical to our health, as are GMO’s, endless sugar, and loads of carbs.  Nutrient dense foods, such as a Paleo smoothie made in your Vitamix, organ meats and wild caught seafood are what make us thrive!  So too does our home place, that place where we spend the majority of our lives, need to be an environment that suits us evolutionarily.  

For instance, I am descended from northern European stock.  I am not evolved to live in a tropical climate; with my pale skin, eyes, and hair I am meant to live in a more northern latitude.  Snow and ice are as much a part of my natural terrain as are ample water, forests, and all four seasons.  Wisconsin is perfect for me!

When I have to leave, to travel for business, family, or pleasure, I am always incredibly relieved and grateful when I am headed home.  I think this is the true test of whether or not you are living in the right place.  If you are returning home and are sad about it, and wish you could stay away on vacation forever- well, you are living in the wrong place, a spot that doesn’t suit you.  

I believe that all of us are quite unsuited to living in modern, large cities!  The water is bad, the air is bad, and the stress and crime are intolerable.  If you are otherwise an ancestral person, a paleo diet and lifestyler, I urge you to leave the cities and suburbs behind, just as you have hopefully left aside the bad processed fake foods of this current era.  Find a place on the outskirts of a smaller town or city, and learn to enjoy the natural peace and the grounded life of living close to the land.  

Have a garden, grow a small forest if you have enough room.  Spend time in your yard, or on your porch or deck, rather than going out to nightclubs or whatever is supposed to be ‘cultured’ at the moment in urban circles.  Get to know your neighbors- have campfires, and paleo-types of cookouts.  Instead of aspiring for the latest luxury sports car, just get a usable used car or pickup (I love my 2000 Buick Le Sabre!), and invest the rest in a quality tractor and implements!  Trust me, caring for your own land is more rewarding than any luxury vacation or outing you could ever have, and builds your character as much as exercise and real food builds your body into a picture of health.

We are actually a living part of our environment!  And so, it behooves us to carefully choose where we and our family are to live.  This decision is more important by far, long term, than your choice of a job- so choose well.  Pick a place that your great grandparents would have chosen.  Your health, well-being, and happiness all depend on it!