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Friday, June 29, 2018

Paleo Life is a Three Point Hitch! Podcast on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe

I have become a devotee of the tractor.  I have a compact version of that machine, a 33 horsepower machine that has changed my rural life from one of endless, backbreaking labor, into one of rare efficiency and productiveness!  A tractor with a diesel engine can accomplish many tasks, not only with the loader on the front that can lift huge loads of rock, soil and wood effortlessly, transporting them across your land to where you need them- but also with its oh so versatile 3 point hitch!

For a 3 point hitch is a universal attachment that allows many- in fact, an almost endless variety of implements to be attached to your tractor.  

Now, bear with me.  Even if you are not a rural dweller, this will make sense shortly:  let’s say you have a tractor, an expensive machine you have gotten to help you on your land, and to facilitate your life.  It’s a strong, versatile machine that can climb and move things, but without the 3 point hitch, you can’t do that much.  

BUT, with the 3 point on, you can attach a really lot of useful things: mowers, tillers, blades (for plowing snow, and moving dirt and other things), box blades (for grading drives), rakes and- well, the list of attachments is nearly endless.  

What does this have to do with your life, in particular your life as a Paleo Person, someone attuned to wellness and fitness from an ancestral perspective?  Well, a lot, it turns out!

The PALEO concept has matured, it has changed, it has grown as more science has come in.  (I mean real science, not the outdated Scientism of dogma, which is outdated science that has been rolled into modern life via fake medicine, which has largely become the “science” of the 1970’s or before.  Things like “low fat, high carb”, “the food pyramid” of endless grains, and the like.

And like I say, PALEO as a concept has also changed.  Originally, it meant eschewing grains and all nightshades like potatoes and tomatoes, eliminating dairy, and being sure to ‘lift heavy things’ to stay fit.  CrossFit was wonderful!  Lift heavy, run fast, and beat your body to pieces!!  Strain makes gains!!

Well.  From my current paleo perspective, a lot of this is nonsense- yet, I still consider myself, PaleoJay, to be still fully in the Paleo Camp!  How can this be??

Because it, like our genome, has evolved.  While it is still the case that we are the product of evolution, and that our bodies and minds need an ancestral diet and lifestyle to thrive, the ever-evolving science behind the knowledge that supports just what this means for us has changed and evolved as well!

Now, we know our microbiome is all important!  Those tiny gut microbes are so important for our health;  yet just a few years ago their crucial nature was unknown.  We need some carbs, probably, to keep them alive and thriving… (although perhaps this is premature)!  And potatoes and tomatoes seem to be fine for many people, as does- dairy!  In fact, for those of Northern European descent, it appears dairy is completely fine, and even a highly dense source of nutrition.

And CrossFit and other such extreme exercise notions (like spinning, extreme cardio, heavy weights, extreme stretching, and extreme gymnastics, powerlifting and Olympic lifting and bodybuilding) appear to be not paleo, ancestral,  and beneficial, are actually quite damaging.  

And this is why PALEO has a three-point hitch!  Paleo is a wonderful, strong tractor that drives us towards health.  Luckily, since it is also hitched to real science, it is easy to detach bad ‘implements’- like the Dairy is bad implement, and the damaging (and kind of nightmarish really) Crossfit implements, along with other mistakes!

The PALEO TRACTOR is a wonderful, versatile implement!  It is concerned only with Ancestral Health, and whatever implement you used to have hitched up behind you can be unhitched.  I have unhitched heavy weights, CrossFit, and all extreme quasi-sports workouts.  I now do Perfectly Paleo Exercise, which is natural, self-generated exercise, coupled with Heavy Hands walking and pushups on gymnastic rings, among other strategies.  

I have also taken to ‘safe starches’ as espoused by Paul Jaminet, like potatoes, both white and sweet, and nightshades are my friends.  I realize that walking in the forest daily, barefoot, is incredibly beneficial, and that SLEEP is actually more important than exercise!  

So remember- your Paleo Tractor has a 3 point hitch on it!  You are not required (as you would be in the Scientism of Standard Medical Practice) to adhere to outmoded ideas.  You are free, just as on your tractor at home, to unhitch anything that does work for you, or- more importantly- has been proven by the latest science to be counterproductive!

YOU are your own Paleo Tractor.  It is up to you to pay attention, and determine what is current in science and health, and to change your lifestyle accordingly.  You and you alone should determine this!

Trust me: your MD and health clinic- they have no idea.  The three-point is yours, and yours alone- just make sure you are riding down an ancestral path!