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Monday, May 14, 2018

Make Health a Habit podcast

The number one reason that people are not healthy is not because they don’t know what to do, or how to do it.  Sure, knowing how to properly exercise is crucial, and knowing what you should eat (and not eat!) to be healthy is as well- so, if you don’t know how to do either one, study up.  

Read on on both subjects, and get my ebook on Perfectly Paleo Exercise, complete with all the links you need to understand how to exercise naturally, ancestrally, and completely.  This won’t take all that long, and then you will know what to eat, and how to properly exercise.  Of course, you could study both subjects for the rest of your life and learn new things continually.  But, the basics are always the same!  Real food, not processed man-made crap, pastured meats and dairy, wild seafood.  Get rid of grains in your diet, and maximize your sleep to at least 8 hours per night.  Cultivate your “tribe” of friends, family, church members, work friends, neighbors.  Exercise daily, and experience nature as well on a daily basis.

But, now that you know what to do- what is the obstacle?  I’m sure you know it:  it is doing it, you have to follow through.  Walk the walk, not merely talk the talk!  This is what is really hard for folks to do.  Knowledge is indeed power- but only if you actually do what you know you should be doing!  

So, you need to make health a habit!  And so, for the next few weeks, I want you to prioritize your health habits.  Make sure to sleep 8 hours per night, and then to exercise the next morning.  Do this every single day for 21 days!  This is the minimum amount of time most people need to create a new habit.  

You will find if you get the sleep you need, and have the discipline to exercise each and every morning, eating a proper paleo diet will just seem natural, since you are so conscious of the health of your body during this time.  So really do it- sleep and wake with natural exercise in front of the TV waiting for you each morning, to help you to gradually awaken your body and mind, stretching and invigorating your entire body in a methodical, pleasant way.  

I guarantee that, at the end of three weeks, or 21 days, you will have become addicted to feeling great.  Or at least semi-addicted!  For it turns out that 21 days is the minimum time needed to create a habit in your life.  To create a rock-solid, hard core near positive addiction to health and exercise it takes 66 days!  At this point, you will have created a lifelong habit that will be a part of your very being, something that you will no longer be able to imagine living without.

For instance, I have had three days where I have been unable to exercise due to family commitments, and my sleep was cut short as well.  My diet stayed good, but not ideal for the same three days.  Was I tempted to stay “off training” after these days were over?

On the contrary, daily training is so much a part of my life, that the first thing I did this morning after waking was to go downstairs and train.  I did my default workout, which includes virtual resistance training, flexing while rebounding, stretching on the mat over my whole body, and isometrics.  I even do self resisted neck and face exercises, and massage my feet and otherwise work my grip strength and wrists.  And I’ll tell you, as I went through that workout it was as if I was slowly recovering my health, that vibrant feeling of wellness that is so much a part of me!  

I was instantly back in the habit of exercise and healthy living, despite me brief break.  And once you develop the true habit of health, you will be the same- a day without exercise is always possible to you, but if you have any real choice you will never choose it!  You know from long experience that health is addictive, in a completely positive sense.  You will hate to miss exercise, just as you will learn to be disgusted by bad food choices!

In fact, I plan to go downstairs after this, and do a brief 15 minutes of so of pushups and rows on the gymnastic rings while I listen to a podcast.  Not because I have to, or feel that I should- no, I’m looking forward to going down into that dusty, half concrete and half dirt floored basement to work out- because it feels so darn good!  It makes me feel alive and glowing with life again, just like it did this morning.  It blows away the cobwebs in my mind, and makes me feel like doing more productive things!  

Like I say- health is my habit.