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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Big government is the ANSWER! podcast available now

Here at PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, I try to usually have kind of a large, world-view of things.  As opposed to my other podcast, Paleo Quick Tip of the Day, where the goal is mostly to convey a quick idea or strategy to improve health, fitness, and wellness overall.  

And that is how my latest focus here is on worldwide events, rather than on one-on-one ideas of paleo living.  For I have come more and more to believe that a Big Government, GLOBALIST elite view of the world, our nation, and and of the people that make up our world is the biggest single threat to both our health, and our very LIVES that exists today!

I think a sparsely populated, natural landscape is vital for the health and wellness of a people.  There needs to be ample room for wildlife to coexist with humanity in symbiosis, and to achieve this the natural habitat (woods, trees, clear streams and rivers) needs to be preserved, nurtured, and enhanced.  Also, too many people is a strong deterrent to having such an environment!

In the United States and Canada, along with Australia and western Europe, such a balance has been achieved and maintained for a long while.  Up until recently, when misguided, leftist, big government elitists  have begun their great experiment- where they take vast numbers of uneducated people, people of different races and with totally anti-freedom western world views- and begun importing them into countries that certainly don’t need them, and for the majority of those that live there, do not want them!

Thus “great experiment” is well underway, having put millions each year of people into countries that have no need of them.  This is big, left-wing, Marxist inspired politicians that are doing this, in Germany, England, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada and the USA.  It is insidious, and being done against the will of the majority of their own countries citizens- but then, this is how the left works.  Big Government decisions are made for political expediency, not the overall good.  The overall good is done on the local level, as was envisioned by the founding fathers of America- you know, those ‘dead white males’ that are now held up as evil monsters?  Because some of them owned slaves, back when every country on the face of the earth owned slaves??

And nowadays, to be considered a racist is to be considered worse than being a murderer!  Ridiculous- if I believe one breed of dog does better at something than another, am I a dog-racist?  No, just a realist.  But- get ready for it- some races of humans are better at certain things than others.  Common sense, really:  Why do blacks dominate the NBA, and many other sports?  Because they have evolved in ways that make them better at those types of things.

And why are Asians so good at things like engineering?  Because they have evolved in ways that make them better at those types of things.  We all have our forte’s, and we all excel at certain things.  Such is simply reality, not racism.  

And Western civilization is definitely a “white thing”.  Freedom, small government, self-direction and autonomy- it took us thousands of years to develop all of this, and it worked, and still works, very well indeed!  Too well, I think, for those Big Government types who want to micromanage us, and put us into crowded, awful situations where we need their help, or at least where we think we do.

We don’t.  Can you imagine a paleolithic tribe, inviting other, alien tribes; tribes from far away, with different customs and religions that we find abhorrent, like child marriage to old men, genital mutilation and subservience of women, cannibalism- well, the list goes on and on…  to invite them to live among us?  And not only that- to give them a living- money and food and many other things of our civilization- and then let them tell us how we don’t live according to their standards??

It’s absurd, but it is what is happening right now.

Imagine where you live.  I hope it is a small, dead end coulee with just a handful of residences, each with at least several acres.  Hills, streams, and with wildlife in abundance- this is the dream of the founding fathers, a small holding with minimal government interference, where a family can live free of crime, pollution, traffic and together in a common “tribe” of a shared culture.  Western civilization, a small version of the ancient Greek city state!

I am envisioning my own surroundings, my own valley in rural Wisconsin.  Now, imagine that, into this idyll, the BIG GOVERNMENT in Washington D.C. decides to import thousands of alien people.  People who don’t speak English, can’t read or write, and with a culture completely alien and repugnant to you and yours, and who instantly hate you, and try to regulate how you live?  Sounds horrid, right?

Well, that is what is going on right now- in Europe, Canada, and especially right now in South Africa!  South Africa is the worst area right now, since the white Boers, those who carved this piece of wonderful Western Civilization out of the wilderness in the 17th century, are now being killed.  Their farmland is being stolen, they are being killed and tortured, and their modern country is being turned into a hellhole.  But of course, it’s not ‘polite’ to mention it!

We all have our own ‘tribes’.  Those we have evolved to live amongst, over eons; those like ourselves.  And there has never been a successful, multi-racial nation.  South Africa was, but only while the whites ruled completely; once the blacks took over, the whole civilization collapsed.  This is truth; it is hard for many to accept, but that is like the paleo diet and lifestyle- most find it unacceptable, and fight to deny it, and how it can improve their health- because it runs counter to what they want to believe.  

Who doesn’t want to believe that we can eat whatever we want, and it makes no difference to our health?  That modern medicine will fix anything that is wrong with us, and we don’t need to change a thing?  

And that all people are the same, and Big Government, just like the benevolent entities of Big Medicine and Big Pharma and Big AG, can keep us well and happy- we don’t need to do a thing- they will take total care of us, perfectly and forever!  

We can just look out our windows, watching the busses roll in, while legions of foreigners can move into the huge, multi-rise apartment buildings erected by HUD, swamping our schools with multi-language teacher requirements, and displacing our wildlife and polluting our small streams.  Our property and other taxes will go through the roof to support them all.  Crime will explode, and if we try to protect ourselves we will be called “racists”.  Our guns will be taken away, luckily, but the invaders will have plenty of illegal firearms.  

Not to worry- Big Government will protect us!  They always do a great job.