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Thursday, January 4, 2018

How to Ruin Your Health with Over the Counter Drugs

NSAIDS- Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.   You can get them over the counter, and there are others that you need a prescription for, but the bottom line is this: the short-term pain relief they offer comes at a huge price: the high risk of ruining your health!

I have posted an infographic from that details the many problems with taking these drugs at  The sad thing is that there is a quite natural alternative to these synthetic, damaging drugs.  White Willow bark is the original form of aspirin, and it is literally derived from the bark of the willow tree.  It takes longer to be effective when you take it, but then when it does take effect, after being safely absorbed within your gut rather than destroying parts of it to be instantly absorbed, it remains in your system- safely- for much longer.  I can see no reason not to substitute this inexpensive, natural, readily available pain reliever to that of any and all of the damaging NSAID drugs!

The damage to your precious gut lining is the most obvious and unavoidable result of taking these drugs, from ibuprofen, to tylenol, to aspirin, and all the lesser known names.  Our gut lining, and the health of the gut itself is crucial for the very health of our whole body!  The gut biome is where our gut buddies live, digesting our foods, manufacturing vitamins, and even regulating our mood and body composition of fat versus muscle.  Do you really want to send in a veritable carpet bomb of chemical “agent orange” to decimate this population with so-called “friendly fire”??   Because that is just what NSAIDS are to your gut biome!

Also- a 25% chance of hearing loss for men?  80% chance of miscarriage for women?  And a 60% chance of heart and cardiovascular problems- is alleviating pain on a temporary basis really worth such a huge risk??

No, it’s not- not even close.  Your best bet is to try to live an ancestral sort of life, with ample sleep and appropriate, natural, perfectly paleo types of exercise that keeps you grounded to the earth and nature by getting outside barefoot in a natural setting.  By strengthening your core and back by doing such exercises that gently and effectively keep you healthy and strong. 

And by eliminating grains and sugars, which are highly inflammatory!  And mediating stress by meditation and/or prayer.  And with gentle stretching coupled with walking and rebounding. 

And then- if on an occasional day you experience unavoidable pain, if you need to take a couple of white willow bark tablets.  They will work just as well, and are not harmful, which after all is Hippocrate’s first order for physicians: FIRST DO NO HARM.

It’s sad how far modern medicine has fallen from that core principal!

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