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Friday, November 10, 2017

Eat More SALT! on Paleo quick tip of the day podcast

Once again, as we should be getting used to in modern medicine: they have gotten it all wrong! We have been told for decades and decades, at least since the early 1970’s, that high salt consumption is the worst thing ever, and it will kill us, giving us high blood pressure, and also heart disease after that.  Salt is bad bad bad, and we should do our best to consume as little salt as possible!

Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Just as we were told that eating fat will not only make us fat, but it will clog our arteries and kill us sooner rather than later!  The solution?  Just as with salt- eat as little fat as possible, and what you do eat, should be vegetable oils, since they aren’t saturated. 

Again, wrong, wrong, wrong!  Just as good, God-made fats are essential to human health and life, so to is salt.  And perhaps salt is even more important, since we evolved in the ocean originally- all creatures on this earth did, and our very blood is laden with salt, just as is the ocean.  If we don’t take in salt on a daily basis, especially if we are involved in athletic pursuits and sweat it out, our body goes into crisis mode!  Our heart rate goes up, (very bad for the health of the heart, by the way), and insulin resistance is increased, all in a desperate attempt to save our precious salt stores, which we need for our very survival.

And we have been told to severely limit our salt intake??

I have known about the importance of salt, particularly in the natural, mineral laden form of sea salt for a very long time.  And once again, it put me in the situation of espousing something that almost no one would believe- after all, their doctor told them the opposite, as did every U.S. dietician- who would believe little old PaleoJay? 

Well, at last someone has put the nail in the lying, mistaken coffin of salt limitation, and that person is Dr. James DiNicolantonio, in his book The Salt Fix- Why the Experts got it wrong, and how eating more might save your life!

For now, you only need to know that your own body is almost magical in its ability to tell you how much salt you need!  Simply remember that, if you crave salt- eat it! 
It really is (like most things health related) that simple.  For instance, if you crave food- just eat real food, not processed junk.  Good honest fats like butter and cream.  Grass fed meats and wild caught seafood- diet really is that simple!

And so is our need for salt.  If you are getting ready for a really strenuous workout, like I did today in my dungeon of a basement, doing high rep hindu squats and gymnastic ring pushups for several hundred reps, along with a number of other exercises like Aerobic Isometrics- take in a good amount of salt before doing so!  Just make sure that your salt, like your real food, is 100% real and natural- a good sea salt, matey!

The best I’ve found is Redmond’s sea salt, from Utah.  This is mined salt from the bed of a long-gone, ancient sea.  A primeval sea, one uncontaminated with plastics and other petrochemicals as have our modern seas become.  Also, to my mind, it tastes the best!  All the natural minerals, none of the contaminates- a win win for me.  (I have no affiliation with Redmond’s, by the way).

So eat real food!  Eat real salt, too!  If you don’t, uh, well, you’re not worth your…sugar!

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