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Monday, August 14, 2017

Get a Vitamix or DIE!

I’m sorry for the hyperbole within that title- ‘Get a Vitamix or die!’  You won’t really die- you will be just like the hordes of almost undead Americans that are gradually slipping into not only unhealthy, but into levels of diabesity.

If you are not sure by now what diabesity is, let me illuminate: diabesity is the precursor to all modern degenerative disease.  ALL.  

Once you are on this path, there is no good way out.  You will continue eating your processed carbs, blithely ignoring everything I say on a weekly basis, and gradually getting fatter and fatter, or at least more insulin resistant and diabetic.  As you ignore my recommendations to go lower carb, and higher vegetables in your diet, it will not go well with your health.  Sorry, but it is guaranteed!  

Higher carbs, processed (fast and boxed and packaged) foods will sicken you, slowly but surely.  Just as a high vegetable, with a modicum of low sugar fruits thrown in- (like citrus and berries)- diet will gradually make you healthier and healthier!  But most folks will not incorporate large amounts of vegetables into their diets!  This is the truth- they are acclimated to modern ideas, and those ideas say “Eat what you like!  Moderation in all things.  Keep calories in line, and you are fine!

The only good thing is that those who have been paying attention to actual modern science know that this is BS.  Calories, overall, mean very little.  Ratio of carbs to fat mean much more.  As does quality of meat, eggs, and seafood- pastured, free range, and wild caught, to point it out!  

QUALITY OF FOODS MATTER, HUGELY.  Most sources will tell you it makes no difference.  They are wrong- a calorie is not a calorie!  A Skittle is not the same as Kale.  

And, most importantly, the quality and nutrient density of foods are paramount to health!

And here is why you need a Vitamix, or you will die in squalor and pain in a back alley… just kidding!

Actually, why I say this is because, although you may not need a Vitamix or other high speed blender to stay alive: You do to stay healthy!

I kind of hate to “beat the same drum,” but the truth is that if you don’t have a blender to make yourself (and your family!) a  Green Paleo Smoothie that you can drink on a daily basis- you will not get the greens and other anti-oxidants, including spices that will give you optimal health.  You won’t- it’s almost impossible in this modern world.

Millenia ago, you and your tribe would have been foraging around, looking for anything viable to eat.  You would have grabbed any green matter that presented itself, and made a point of testing it out.  Over time, your tribe would have figured out which plants were good, and which weren’t.  Mainly, this would have been the women, while the men were off hunting mastodons!  But, the information would have been passed on, be sure of that.

The point now is this: we are in an era where calories are all too available, for the first time in history!   This explains our out-of-control obesity, pre-diabestity, and diabesity!  It has become endemic!  

There is a super simple solution.  We need a lot of green veggies in our diet, which we no longer get.  Also, berries and citrus, those low sugar fruits loaded with anti-oxidants.  The spices are also important, since spices like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, clove and some others as well are more potent sources of medicinal properties than most actual drugs.  Spices are wonderful foods, superfoods really!  

So, fire up your Vitamix, or other high speed blender!  There is really no way to get a high amount of green vegetables into your diet- NONE!  And using your blender, you can mix up a huge amount of veggies and fruits in short order, put them into canning jars in the fridge (after drinking the most recent, and most loaded with nutrients), and thereby you can load up your diet with all that you really need, paleolithiocally.

Other Paleo folks will contest me to my dying day.  I don’t care- a blended smoothie will give you more nutrients than almost anything I can think of- especially on a regular basis!

Blend yourself to health!