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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Get Healthy with Bone Broth

There is one simple, tasty addition to your life that is the closest thing to a cure-all that I can name- bone broth!  Bone broth is simply the bones, the marrow, cooked down for at least 12 hours into a miraculous, life-sustaining liquid.  A tasty liquid, that contains so many health benefits it is hard to believe.

I think the primary benefit is its gut healing ability.  Virtually everyone in the developed world has a damaged gut lining!  Gluten and gliadin (from wheat) GMO products, processed foods, fast food, NSAID medications like aspirin and tylenol, ibuprofen and the like, stress itself, along with a lack of enough good, restful sleep all result in a permeable gut lining.  Such a damaged lining exposes you to 



Do I really need to list them all?  Let’s just toss out a few- type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer are all basically autoimmune diseases, where cells in the body are attacking other cells in the body.  All can be traced back, ultimately, to a permeable, or leaky gut, where “invaders” can pass right into the body through the leaking “holes” in the gut lining.

That is really enough, right there- but the benefits go beyond even that- joint pain is relieved by the injection of the glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate that are contained in bone broth- why would you buy expensive supplements to do the same thing?  Also, bone broth is a better protein supplement than any you can buy, and much more assimilable.  

Bone broth will also improve your sleep, supply hard-to-find nutrients that will also improve eye health, vastly improve skin and hair health, (your hair will probably become thicker and shinier within a couple of weeks of use), and even improve your mood, digestion, and protect you against depression and mood swings!  

You probably are wondering- “How can I get this miracle into my life?”  At least you should be!  Well, it is really easy, and inexpensive too…

Just get a big pot, (a crock pot is ideal), and after you have prepared a pastured chicken for dinner, take all of the bones and connective tissues (the feet and neck and organs too if you have them!), and simmer them for at least 12 hours.  Put in a splash of apple cider vinegar to help break down the minerals in the bones, and some sea salt, and you are done- just strain out the bones in a colander or strainer, and put into canning jars.  Or else, just leave in the pot, and ladle out a cup of so throughout the day to sip on.  

Here’s the thing- I know many of your eyes are glazing over about now!  “(I hate to cook, I don’t have pots, or canning jars, or a crock pot- I never even use my oven!)”
Sadly, this is the current sad state of the cooking/health world.  If this is you, don’t despair!  Do two things:

1. Buy a good, organic bone broth in a box that you can easily heat in your microwave.  (Pacific Brand is excellent, and widely available).
2. Begin to learn to cook.  Not only is it incredibly important for your overall health- knowing how to cook is as important, perhaps more so, than learning to exercise, stretch, and otherwise care for your body!

I’ve been without a kitchen for a couple of months, as we remodeled our ancient farmhouse kitchen into a modern farmhouse kitchen, one with very usable, state of the art appliances, range, and space.  In the interim, I learned about how good, organic bone broths are available now, so making your own is not required.  This is a wonderful state of affairs for health!   I’ve also read good things about Kettle and Fire bone broth, if Pacific is not in stores near you.

If you have listened to me for any length of time, you know I am kind of a broken record about things health-wise.  Here is my broken record, repeating endlessly:
“Have a green paleo smoothie each day”, “Do Perfectly Paleo Exercise Daily”, “Walk and run barefoot, or with Xero Shoes, outdoors in Nature as often as you can”,  and now “Drink a cup or two of bone broth, every day!”  

I don’t know if this is you or not, but another one is this: “Learn to cook! Especially to grill, if you are like me!”  None of this stuff is hard, in fact, each thing I listed is one of the high points of my day!  What is hard??  

Remodeling a kitchen!