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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How to Work Out on Paleojays smoothie cafe podcast

Wow- this is an all-encompassing podcast, to say the least-  HOW TO WORKOUT?  Well, all I mean really is to give you a template.  A What to do when type of workout schedule.
I just see so many folks flounder when it comes to working out!  Really- it is not that complicated, and it definitely is not that hard.  It takes effort, sure; but so does working a job.  And most high achievers (no welfare folks need apply), have no problem with that!
Here is how I see it:  the problem areas- 

1. Work out at home.  Yup, the number one reason for not working out is “lack of time”.  Working out at home gives you that time.

2. Don’t use a gym, or elaborate equipment.  Again, equipment is not only unnecessary, it is counterproductive.  Just use your own body!

3.  Realize that diet trumps exercise- REALLY.  As important as exercise is- and it definitely is, as I do it every single day- diet is way, way, WAY more important!!

That is basically it, as far as exercise is involved.  Use your own body- virtual resistance, Perfectly Paleo Exercise should be your core exercise, along with bodyweight exercises such as pushups and hindu squats and straight-legged setups and stretches, along with using gymnastic rings to do these bodyweight exercises…  Hey- check out my ebook Perfectly Paleo Exercise to see what I’m talking about!

But, one thing that has really helped me is this: 

1. Choose one day of the week for one exercise program!

I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but let me tell you that there are many things that derail your exercise program.  Many.  Life intervenes.  So, what to do?

Today was Thursday, which for me is pushup day.  This makes it super simple- I wake up, and think “It’s Thursday!”  I know that that, and Sunday, are the big, pushup and whole body workouts of my week.  

It doesn’t matter if I haven’t had a chance to work out in a week, or even two.  On this day, this Thursday, I know I should, if I can, be doing pushups- so I do!  I get out my Perfect Pushups and, after I do my Perfectly Paleo Virtual Resistance Exercises (as I always do, 99% of the time when I awake), I know I need to do pushups today, along with wheeled ab extensions and side ab raises. (Those are what I have chosen- you may choose differently, but I hope not too much…)

On Fridays, I do Virtual Resistance, and then rebounding with further virtual resistance..

And so it goes- the important point is this: 

Each day has it’s own exercise protocol!

And so, even if you miss a day, or two, or three, or- whatever- you know what to do on that day, when you finally can!!

It’s just like brushing your teeth- you do it if you possibly can!  And taking a shower, during which you oil pull, swishing coconut oil between your teeth as you shower- wonderful feeling of health, again!  

And, like drinking a green paleo smoothie as I outline in  
Exercise on a daily basis with Perfectly Paleo Exercise virtual resistance as a core, shower and “pull” coconut oil as you do so, and consume a daily green paleo smoothie- 

This is not only “how to work out”- THIS IS HOW TO LIVE!