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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Undoctored podcast episode on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe

Dr. William Davis has introduced a new course on his website   He is calling it undoctored, which I believe is a brilliant  name for what he is stating- which is that modern medical clinics and most doctors have given up on actually healing, and have now instead concentrated on selling!

Selling us all surgeries and other procedures, along with loads of tests and drugs.  All are mainly done for sheer PROFIT.  The amount of money spent in the US on drugs alone is staggering, and the ability these drugs have to heal us, to make us health - is zero!  They may mask the symptoms, but without real lifestyle changes such as those I recommend here, the body will be unable to heal itself…

For make no mistake: only your own body can repair itself- no drugs or surgeries can do what your own body is capable of- for free.

It really is that simple.  One of the best things you can do is to stay away from the medical doctor’s office.  As I have long said, be your own doctor.  Read up on ancestral, paleo ways of living, eating, and exercising.  Banish wheat and most grains entirely from your diet, and sharply limit sugars and carbohydrates.

Replace those fake foods with lots and lots of vegetables, along with some fruits.  A smoothie each morning is probably the ideal way to do this last, and it makes the process easy and enjoyable.  Pack that smoothie with as much good stuff as you can- follow my recipe at or else get the ebook Perfectly Paleo Exercise.

If you go to the medical clinic, I guarantee that you will be given powerful prescription medications, whether you have symptoms or not.  These clinics and hospitals have transformed over the past several decades, without most people noticing, from places of simple healing with common sense and uncomplicated tools, into hyper-huge and powerful bureaucracies, intent on generating the maximum revenue and profit.  The bottom line, not the healed and happy patient!

These Patient Mills are places to avoid as much as possible.  Just as you don’t go to a greasy used car salesman on a regular basis, looking for “deals”- don’t go into the clinic when you feel good, just because they want you to.  They find it in their interest to make staying healthy complicated and mysterious.  It’s NOT!  Staying healthy was very well known how to do in earlier times, and if our great grandparents could do it, why can’t we?  They didn’t load themselves up with drugs and surgeries, both of which were unavailable.

They ate the best foods they could find, real foods, prepared in their home, not in factories.  They lived lives of physical labor, that kept them fit, and slept long hours each night.  Most lived in small towns, with a close-knit “tribal” kind of connection, and went to church each week.  Most folks in America prayed, which is really a form of meditation.  It’s really only recently that we’ve gotten so far off track in our notions of health, but we’ve gotten so far off track that it is vital to turn your ship around, now.

So, become Undoctored!  Listen to paleo podcasts, read books about the subject, and most importantly walk the walk.  Once you understand that your health is your own responsibility, you have taken the first step on the wonderful journey of looking great, and feeling even better.