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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Green Smoothie Cure on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day Podcast

The green smoothie cure

A green smoothie, all by itself, pretty much cures everything!
I know, that sounds like crazy talk, but I assure that it is true. How can this be true?

Well, simply by taking a handful or so of greens, adding in a can of coconut milk, some kefir, green tea, fresh or frozen cruciferous veggies like broccoli & cauliflower, & a couple of raw eggs, a peeled lemon with a handful of berries-then blending it all together in a high speed blender like a Vitamix - why, you are packing your body with so much nutrition that you can't HELP but be healthy!
And not only is it a load of nutrients that pretty much no modern person ever gets to eat- this nutrient dense drink also inevitably displaces all of the crap you might eat instead of the smoothie- the toast, the donuts, the candy and all the other stuff people nowadays eat and drink instead of real foods! You simply are completely full and satisfied, and find that you just are not thinking about, or tempted by processed foods.

Then, if you are like me, & add in cod liver oil, ginger, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cinnamon, vitamin D liquid,kelp powder, and whatever other nutrient powerhouses you have handy (you certainly don't need to follow a recipe), you will find that you can easily make a smoothie of one variety or another. Variety is great, and actually makes it even more certain that you will never have the little nutritional “holes” most people have in their diets.

I'm convinced that it is because of these “holes” of nutritional lacking, people are constantly hungry.

They try to fulfill this hunger by endless snacking and eating- but since they never fill the basic NUTRIENT NEEDS , the body keeps sending hunger signals.

To no avail! If you just eat nutrient poor, calorie rich food- you will always be hungry, and yet ironically malnourished.

In other words, you will just continually store more ands more fat, while your poor body sickens from lack of nutrition!

I honestly think that, were you to do just ONE THING for your health, it would be to drink a daily green smoothie. Nothing else you can do comes close to that one simple solution..
To your health!

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