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Thursday, December 1, 2016

You Gotta Cook!

This seems like a kind of crazy title for a podcast, but I really started thinking about this today: Most Americans no longer cook!  They buy fast food, they buy processed food to heat up, they order pizzas galore, and they go out to restaurants…  But they rarely ever actually cook a meal!


I know, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and most people (I hope, at least!) still cook a traditional dinner.  My daughter and son-in-law cooked a great one- all of the traditional turkey and stuffing, cranberries, and the guests like us and our in-law and fellow grandparents all brought side dishes.  The stuffing was gluten free, made of cauliflower and other veggies, as was the gravy.  It was fantastic! 


Actually, the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner is quite paleo, including mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, salads, and all the rest… you just need to use actual, real-food ingredients like they used in any time before the 1970’s— real pastured butter and sour cream, real non-GMO vegetables, a pastured turkey, and real olive oil dressings instead of soy-ole-nightmare crap!  Easy Peasy.


But that is just one day out of the year.  The other 364 days, you are going to work, bringing a lunch of sandwiches and/or ding dongs, chips, or going to Burger King… then, coming home and ordering a pizza?  Hopefully, it’s not that bad- you are a paleoista, after all!  Let’s say you make a good breakfast of bacon and eggs, or just eggs- maybe with steak? (my favorite) 


Or, you skip breakfast and just work out instead, and sip a green smoothie later at work, say about 10 AM!  This is an ideal scenario, so let’s keep going: You take lunch, and open a tin of sardines, or else dig in to your home-packed salad, topped with tuna or other type of protein, and lathered in your home-made dressing of olive oil and apple cider vinegar.  You are doing great!


Then, you come home, go for a heavy hands walk around the neighborhood with little 6 pound weights for 10-15 minutes, and then fire up your Weber grill to produce a slab of wonderful ribs, along with a baked potato, slathered with pastured butter and sour cream. 


What a perfect Paleo Day you have had!  You feel great, energized really, not bogged down with excessive processed carbs as are most Americans.  You relaxed by the grill earlier, and meditated as you sat grill side, enjoying the aroma of the ribs slowly releasing their delicious essence under the influence of red-hot hardwood charcoal. 


You feel so good that you and your wife take a stroll around the neighborhood after dinner, waving at your neighbors, who come out to visit and catch up.  Your perfectly trained dog walks with you, not straining against a leash at all, having been conditioned to want to please you through daily training.  Just as you train yourself, and your children, a responsible Paleoista such as yourself trained your dog!  This is the ideal paleo day- sound good?


Of course it does!  And it is not only do-able, it is the most natural way for humans to live.  The bottom line is this: on this day you took responsibility to provide yourself with home-cooked and prepared foods, as nature and evolution intended you to.  You lived in harmony with your biological nature, and did not insult yourself with micro-biome destroying processed and fast foods.  You did not rush from thing to thing, instead relishing nature and your surroundings, the people of your neighborhood/tribe!  You exercised, and you meditated on your blessings! 


Think of most of your acquaintances: they ate cereal for breakfast.  They did no exercise whatsoever, and their mobility and strength are woefully depleted after endless days of neglect.  They all had sandwiches, fast food, or other crap for lunch, and then heated up Lean Cuisine or some such monstrosity for supper…


And now, some have headaches, some are nursing back problems and other nagging medical worries; many are thinking that they need to make numerous medical appointments for their many afflictions, and this does not even address all of the drugs jammed into their medicine cabinets…


It’s your choice.  Cook your own, natural, real foods.  Exercise in accordance with your biology.  Meditate, and commune with nature and God.  Move your body through natural surroundings, and breathe clean air.  Stay away from medical Doctors and clinics as much as possible, and live a natural, clean life, with good “tribal” relations through church, family, and friends. 


It’s really not hard- it’s just that corporate and government special interests have made it so easy to do the opposite! And so, short term you can “get by” being a sloth. 


But I’m here to tell you- it is not worth it!  Go Paleo!!















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