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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Build Yourself into a Diesel!

I know this sounds a little weird- why and how do you make yourself into a Diesel?  Well, what I mean by diesel is rock solid, powerful, healthy, and vital!  Sound better?

The reason I bring this up, is that almost everyone is indoctrinated into the “germ theory”, which is that advocated by Louis Pasteur so long ago.  The germ theory stated that- it only we could eliminate germs, protect ourselves at all costs from all pathogens and “bad guys” in the environment, then we’d be OK!

And so, we started pasteurizing all of our dairy, our pickles and other fermented foods, and cooked and processed every food we came into contact with to death. 

Voila!” as Louis would say- “Now, ve vill be healthy and happy forevermore- viva la France!!” 

Or some such thing.  This theory won out, over the terrain theory of contemporary Frenchman Claude Bernard, who asserted that germs and pathogens sought out diseased tissue, and then invaded there- healthy, disease free bodily tissues could easily resist these invasions, and so, the goal should be to build up our “terrain”; make our own bodies healthy and vital.  This was the only protection against the pathogens that constantly attack us, inevitably.

And so, in this modern age we still try vainly to protect ourselves by walling ourselves off from anything bad, when we should be constantly building up our terrain, our very bodies, so that they are able to resist invaders. 

Back in the times these battles were being fought, no one knew about the human micro biome, which is our guts, that contain millions of bacteria that we live in symbiosis with, and without which we would instantly die!  (Pasteur, had he known, would have insisted that we “pasteurize” our own guts!)  Of course, this would have killed us, but he wouldn’t have known that then, would he?

The human body will save us, if we only let it.  Food First!!  Nutritious, real, God made, vital foods can build us up in a dramatic way, from the inside out:  fermented, naturally fermented foods are key here- they repopulate our gut biome, giving us our microbial “helpers” that not only keep us alive, but regulate our immune responses, our fat regulation levels, and most of our bodily processes!  Green vegetables, seafood, organ meats- all of these are vital to build our “terrain”, to make us strong human beings, and to make us into what I term a DIESEL!

All right, what do I mean by a “diesel”, anyway?  I mean that you eat a proper, paleo type of diet, loaded with green veggies, a few berries in your smoothie, and no grains ideally.  Lots of good fats like coconut milk and ghee and butter, and no fake processed crap like Twinkies or breakfast cereal or potato chips or cheese doodles or fast food or- you get the idea, I hope.

The other side of the coin in training and lifestyle.  Every Day you need to be working out.  But, not lifting heavy weights or running long distances or doing CrossFit- no, this is not DIESEL TRAINING, this is fluff training, building the “show muscles” like with bench presses and barbell curls, which does nothing overall for your health and actual functionality.  No, I don’t want you to concentrate on this- I want you to do things like isometrics.  Virtual Resistance, which is actually just moving isometrics, where you flex as you move through a range of motion of each muscle group.  Self Resistance, where one arm resists another, say, or a leg is resisted by the arms.

The advantage of such training is that it does not just build the muscle bellies- it builds the tendons and ligaments, and then the muscles themselves! 

This is Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  This is what builds your bodily terrain, along with proper nutrition, from the inside out.  If you exercise this way, naturally, your tendons and ligaments will not fail you, and will protect you from injury.  You will become like my compact utility tractor- a diesel tractor, with a lower horsepower rating, will never fail to vastly surpass a regular, gasoline tractor with vastly higher HP rating! 

A diesel will pull irrevocably, with amazing low end torque and power, with a relentless strength that will never die!  It runs on the most unrefined (paleo in human terms) basic fuel, and it lasts almost forever! 

On the other hand, a standard tractor, running on “boutique” fuel that has been ultra-refined (like a high carb fuel), will be able to rev really high… but then, it can’t keep it up long, it has no “low end” torque for pulling and pushing, and if you push it too hard it will break- an axle, a throttle cable, whatever- it will break, and all too easily!  It has no strong terrain to support it.  No heavy frame, no diesel engine that won’t quit in hard conditions, no heavy components (like tendons and ligaments!) built up over time.  It’s all flash and no substance!

Be a diesel.  Build your terrain!  You don’t want to be a pro football player who peaks like a gas tractor in his twenties, and then breaks his frame and dies by his forties.  You want to be a diesel- a little, super strong tractor that can do surprisingly amazing things whenever needed, and never feels a pain.  With a frame that is almost indestructible, and a fuel system that is uncompromised and can handle only real food and real sleep- no drugs or additives needed!

And your engine- well, you’ve built it gradually over the years.  The isometrics have greatly benefited your heart, along with your musculature and tendons and ligaments.  You will be a vital human being for many, many years, without pain and without drugs!  Oh, and let’s close with Louis Pasteur’s deathbed confession:

Pasteur recanted on his deathbed over his entire life work, stating that “the microbe is nothing; the milieu is everything.” Another way of stating these words is that it is not the germ that causes disease, but the terrain in which the germ is found. 

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