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Thursday, July 28, 2016

pqtd podcast #129 Paleo Politics

Boy, will I ruffle some feathers with this one!  Well, that’s fine: I have never been either politically correct, or a moderate “flip-flopper” like so many…

I watched the Democratic Party Convention for awhile last night, and it was… horrendous.  There was NO American flag, but a Syrian one and rainbow flags all in evidence.  It turns out that the Dems have abandoned actual working people, and have become a party of privileged elites, with  welfare and illegal immigrant votes to prop it all up.  I waited and waited to hear what Bernie Sanders would say, since he had been conned by Hillary and the rest of the elite, ruling democrats to believe that he and his supporters had a chance at getting the presidential nomination. 
I waited, and all the rest of us waited, and waited… the elite Dems purposely waited until about 11 PM central time to put him on, and so I, and all the rest of Paleo People (not to mention the stoned Bernie supporters and all people who actually had to go to work the next day) were asleep in their beds!  (Inclined, hopefully!) 
As Bernie started to speak, his Robin Hood-hatted supporters, once he caved in and supported evil Hillary, booed during his whole lackluster, cookie-cutter speech!   On a repeat the next day, even I was “feeling the Bern”, a little.  The Betrayed Bern of his supporters, that is- it appears, once again, that Socialism and Communism, those kissing cousins, are all about power and perks for the elite- with some crumbs thrown to the supporters.  That is the bottom line- no “shining city on a hill”, that is classic conservatism my friends.

Today, as I mowed my acreage in 90 degree heat, I listened to Rush Limbaugh wax eloquent on the whole thing:  Bottom line?  Here is the platform of the New Democrat, Obama and Hillary party:

Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, stripping God from their party platform, transgender bathroom advocates, anti-police, pro-death panels, baby butchers!

I know, it sounds extreme, doesn’t it?  But- doesn’t it also ring completely true??

Everyday, pretty much, there is a new Islamic fundamentalist Terrorist attack, killing innocents in the West, both the US and Western Europe.  We have a terrible NON-President Obama who will not even name the enemy!  His successor, Hillary Clinton, is just as evil, and will up the ante on the Obama agenda, if elected. 
She has already betrayed us, giving up our secrets to Russians, Chinese, and other enemies of America.  She should be in jail!  If we all lived in small tribes, as in the Ancestral lifestyle, Hillary would have been banished from the tribe long ago.  Character reveals itself quickly in tribal settings…

That is all I will say politically, although I could go on and on and on- I’m sure you could too!  The thing I’m trying to point out, though, is that political correctness, or “just going with the flow”, is very anti- Paleo! 
Liberal Democrats go with the flow.  They are completely onboard with things like GMO’s (Obama swore to fight them, and they have been increased under his regime far more than any other), big corporate food, (Michelle has supported the WORST school lunch program of all time!); they love big government solutions to everything:

Government schooling in the inner cities: Total failure
Agricultural subsidies for big grain farmers: Total decimation of the nation’s health
FDA control of pharmaceuticals: Resulting in big buyouts of government by those same corporations
And a total lack of faith in the individual, and capitalism.  This failure runs throughout all of the nation now, with the Federal Government taking control of almost EVERYTHING, and mandating their horrible agenda over all of us.

I hope I don’t soracy theorist, because we are now far past all of that!  The madmen are now running the asylum.  Small town America has beeund like a conspin made an enemy of the Federal government, with ALL of their support going (with your tax dollars) to things you would abhor, if you were aware of them.  Like those I’ve listed above.

Please- vote Republican.  I don’t care if you hate Trump; if this was a horse race, HE is by far the best choice.  Not just because he will win, but because the other horses are toxic and evil, both to you and your families, and to Liberty itself.  Still in doubt?  Go watch “Hillary’s America” as soon as you can.  It really does explain it all, at last.  Your substandard education will get an upgrade!  And you will actually know American History at last!

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