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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #51 How to stay Paleo

How to stay Paleo- eat a ton of veggies-All the rest is window dressing!

I know, this sounds like a vegan post, which I most definitely am not.  But, I stand by it.

If you start your day with a Paleo Green smoothie, loaded with veggies and fruits, pre and probiotics, lots of good fat and God made protein like free range eggs, your battle is more than half won- drink a couple of good sized glasses over the day, and you are already on track.

For one thing, you are quite full, and not vulnerable to be tempted by bad fake food.  For another “once begun- half done” - the old truism is very true.  Once you have started off on the right foot, it is much, much easier to continue- have a salad with some olive oil and vinegar, topped with meat and hard boiled eggs for lunch, some nuts mid-afternoon, and then (this is my ultimate deal sealer) grill a big juicy steak!  (I always try to grill bacon as well, which I can heat in the morning with a few eggs- yum!)

The point is to always have lots of really good foods on hand- ready to heat and eat, or just eat- then, temptation is easy to resist.

Another thing- even though I live in a pretty rural area (which I love!), even here we now have several places where we can get things like sushi, and Vietnamese spring rolls.  You can just pick them up, and you are set for a nutritious, paleolithic meal instantly!

A good outdoor grill is a wonderful Paleo tool!  I just got a new, Weber charcoal grill (charcoal is vastly superior to gas- use hardwood charcoal and you are in for wonderful foods).  My old grill is still functional; I set it back by our “tiny pub” in the woods out back for parties and gatherings... it was from the 1970’s, so your investment lasts a long, long time!

Anyway, once or twice a week I shop for meats and veggies, and load up that grill!  Then, after an hour or so enjoying myself out by the grill, I have good, God made Paleo food for days, just heat and eat.  Microwavable veggies are a perfect companion- I like to heat up butter at the same time as I do the veggies to top them off!  Sometimes I am happy to just heat up two boxes of veggies, with butter, and that is my meal!

I think a real problem that folks have with staying Paleo is when they try to go too low carb.  There definitely are advantages to going low carb, but low carb is not the same as no carb.  Especially if you have a spouse that isn’t really on board with the paleo diet, win them over by loading them up with LOTS of veggies (with butter and sea salt!), and also by having occasional sweet potato fries and loaded baked potatoes with sour cream, and even more butter! These “safe starches” will not hurt your health, especially if you work out they can even help you get healthier!

There is a place for really low carb; mostly for therapeutic uses as in the ketogenic diet- if you have an autoimmune disease, obesity, or conditions such as epilepsy, autism, alzheimer’s, chrone’s disease, or diabetes- then  a very, very low carb diet may be perfectly appropriate, even medicinal!

But for basically healthy, well folks: some safe starches will not impede your health, and may even enhance it!  Have some fried rice with that beef and broccoli- just keep it in moderation!

The last thing I’d do to keep on keepin’ paleo?

Listen to paleo podcasts.  PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe is one, and my other is Paleo Quick tip of the Day, both on iTunes and Stitcher.  But Robb Wolf’s the Paleo Solution is invaluable, as is Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio.  Latest in Paleo is another, as is Superhuman Radio with Carl Lenore... the advantage of listening to podcasts is that they reinforce, in a very personal, just me-to-you kind of informality, just what you are trying to do, why you are trying to do it, and just how really important it is to you in your life.

Oh- wait- one more thing!


This last is super important- medical clinics, hospitals, and the American Medical Association (along with their “trainers”- the pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, the FDA, and Monsanto itself) are totally invested in selling you as much bad, man engineered fake foods that destroy your health, and then selling you as many drugs as they can that mask the symptoms of your ruined health.

This is no illusion- follow the dollars!   There is so much money to be made if people are lured into eating processed foods in the selling of the foods that cause disease....

But there is even MORE money in selling the drugs to treat the diseases they cause!

Medical Doctors have pretty much been turned into drug pushers.  And most commercials on TV are also drug pusher commercials!!

So- one more thing- avoid commercial TV!!

And it goes without saying: avoid drugs!  Legal, illegal, it doesn’t matter- and you know what?  Illegal drugs are probably less harmful!!

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