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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #41- Don't eat like a RAT!

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #41  Don’t eat like a RAT!
I know, that sounds crazy-  you’re thinking

“I don’t eat like a rat!  I eat human food, like sandwiches, pasta, candy... you know, the SAD Standard american diet perhaps, but not food for a rat!”

Well, if you eat those things, especially all forms of grain products, you are eating like a rat.  Rats are actually well suited little grain burners, and can digest grains safely without damage- humans are not grain or sugar burners.  We think we can eat foods unsuited for us just because we have done so for about 10,000 years at the most, and for most of that time in quite small quantities, and from grains that were not genetically altered  to increase production and also incidentally to increase the gluten levels.  Gluten is actually an intestinal irritant to humans, and opens the pathways within our gut linings to autoimmune diseases- those diseases where the body begins fighting itself.  Things like arthritis, diverticulitis, rosacea, eczema, multiple scerosis, psoriasis, type 1 diabetes... the list goes on and on!

Rats, on the other hand, along with most birds, have a unique ability to eat grains, and to thrive on them.  We do NOT. We can pretend to be a rat or a bird, but we are much more like a cow or a pig- they, like us, can also not properly digest grains without harm coming to their gut lining from the grain irritation.  They are fed these grains (and other things like candy wrappers) to stimulate fast fat gain.  This is another result of eating like a rat- you will gain lots of fat, fast when you eat lots of grains like wheat and corn!

To illustrate what grains, in particular GMO grains are doing to our intestines, we have only to look at US livestock- pig intestines nowadays in the U.S. are so damaged by the time of slaughter that they cannot even be used as casings to contain meat!  They rupture because they are so fragile and damaged, and so America is now forced to import our sausage and brat casings from Europe, where GMO’s are outlawed.  This used to be a billion dollar business in the US, and now it’s gone.

And this effect is from the short lifetime of a pig or cow in a CAFO or confined animal feeding operation- what kind of effect do you think it has on us humans, who are exposed to this toxic stuff for decades and decades and decades of life??

If you are one of the 60-70 million in the US that are reported to have severe digestive and/or other autoimmune problems, including autism which is running rampant among our youngsters these days, I would strongly recommend eliminating these grains from your diet!

And it is not only your body that is damaged by GMO grains-GMO grain fed  pigs that were introduced into running a maze (a kind of pig IQ test) did significantly worse that pigs fed a gmo grain free diet.  I think the damage potential from these grains is at LEAST as great upon the mind, as it is upon the body.

So come on back to the “land of milk and honey”- grass fed cattle and dairy, wild local honey, vegetables and fruits- real God made food!

Leave GMO RAT foodland and come to the Paleo Real Food Promised land!

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