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Sunday, April 6, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe and Birthday Today on Podcast #74- 62 years, and a barefoot huarache, accompanied by a Homo Sapien Diet make me HAPPY!

Today, my friends, is my 62nd birthday!!

And so, as an advance birthday present to myself, I bought myself two wonderful things: A new Stihl chainsaw!  The ranch boss with an 18 inch bar, which I have been using, and will use for many years to come… AND, a pair of Xero shoes- truly these are barefoot shoes, that are nothing but a thin piece of rubber and a couple of elastic cords to hold them to your feet!  Huaraches, is what they are called by the Tarahumara Indians- they weigh a few ounces at best, and are total freedom for your feet- better than barefoot!

I have been using them for my basement workouts, each Sunday, for a few months now- I gave myself my birthday gifts for Christmas!  Walking, running, or just plain knocking about with bare feet is so liberating- it gets your feet out of the little COFFINS they have been confined in since you were a little tyke, and gets them to stabilizing and working with all the tendons and ligaments and tiny muscles working in syncronicity like they were always meant to… the problem with shoes is that our feet become so weak, that we start to compensate for our feet being so incompetent in balancing and helping us to walk and move that we start to strain and injure our backs, knees, hips, and our soft little out-of-shape feet as well!!

All they really need to do is to start working!

And to work, all they need to do is to get outside of shoes!  Then, they will naturally do the work they are created to do!

I don’t really like the 5 fingers types of shoes, or all the other trendy, expensive, over-built supposedly NON-shoe shoes… they are still SHOES!!

These huaraches are… barefoot- but with protection on the bottom!  And that is all you really need, a little protection from modern interference with the surface we walk on- things like glass, sharp rocks and sticks, whatever- nowadays, we need to protect the bottoms of our feet- but we still need to walk as natural, paleo humans walked- in a barefoot gait, and unsupported by the “casts” of arch supports, hot boxes of foot-encasing leather, canvas and plastic!

So, get back to basics- get these huaraches!  The link is here
, and at - get the Cloud, if you want to be like me, which is a really inexpensive, ready to wear pair that is guaranteed for 5000 miles:


And so, get a pair!  Join the Cafe tribe in being barefoot… but NOT!  When you are working out (I have a concrete and dirt floored basement- these things are great for  swinging my kettlebell and pulling myself around on my gymnastic rings down there!)  I always work out barefoot in the living room, each morning, but that’s on carpet…  This Spring and Summer and Fall, I plan to wear them constantly; around the yard, hiking, sprinting, biking, driving the tractor, driving into town to the store, to the hardware store… you get the idea- everywhere!

Think how strong the complex interconnections of all the tendons and ligaments in the suspension bridge that makes up my feet will be, just from doing that!  They’re already pretty strong just from basement workouts once per week…

So, strong feet are wonderful!  But to be strong ALL OVER- eat a

                                              Homo Sapien Diet!!
What a concept!

Every other animal has a specific diet, that is known and studied, categorized and understood.  A cat needs a carnivorous diet of animal carcasses… no discussion needed- anything else, and the cat will sicken, and become diseased and unhealthy.

A cow needs GRASS!  (The USDA may argue, but they are WRONG!)  Grains are  poison to cows, just as they are to us- cows are ruminants, meaning that they eat grass… but, no one likes to say just what HUMANS should eat!  We may be the highest animal (sometimes I wonder), but we still, are God’s ANIMAL!

And, like any other animal, a specific diet is ideal for us, and it’s quite simple and specific, just like any other creature on God’s earth!

We need to eat the fatted calf!  We need the vegetables and fruits of the earth, that are here for us, in their natural, NON GMO perverted form!!  We need butter, and cream, and full-fat, raw dairy, especially in fermented versions.  We need lemons, and pineapple, and green bananas, and rice and sweet potatoes- and, we can tolerate on occasion real, ANCIENT grain varieties- but we need to realize that, even in ancient days, bread and other grain products were known to be what they really are:

POOR FOODS- meaning foods to eat if times were really tight, and there was nothing else, like fish or vegetables or meat to keep body and soul together!  THEN bread and grains were ok- if that’s all there was!!

So, concentrate on the food that is the best for you, the HUMAN animal!

1. Vegetables- the more brightly colored the better!
2. Meats- organ meats preferred; then some muscle meat!  Seafood, if wild caught it is also incredibly nutritious!
3.Good fat- coconut oil, pastured butter, pastured dairy that is fermented into kefir, cream or cheese, olive oil, other real nut oils, fat from pastured animals like hogs and beef!
4. Nuts and seeds- Not a lot, but almonds are fine in small amounts, as are other tree nuts.  Cashews are fine in moderation, as are beans, if properly prepared. They help to feed your “gut microbes” which in turn help to feed YOU!
5. Fruit- best in moderation- Berries and citrus are great- put them in your Green Paleo Smoothie!  Emphasis is always, though, on the GREEN!!
6. Coffee, Chocolate, Alcohol- yes… dark chocolate, coffee, and alcohol, ALL in moderation, are wonderful  additions to the homo sapiens diet, and should be enjoyed and actually encouraged since,  not only do they add enjoyment to life, the actually enhance our health!!

And so, what is NOT the human, homo sapien natural, real diet??

Any diet that has you eating boxes of processed “food”, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, ANY diet that tells you to eat NON real foods like skimmed milk, margarine, low fat yogurt, =or actually low fat anything!

These are non-human foods!!    That way lies disease, and madness…

So, in a nutshell, what is the Homo Sapiens Diet?

Just eat real foods.  Foods that your great, great, great, great, great grandparents would recognize as food!  It really is that simple.

Eat food made by GOD.   Avoid at all costs food manipulated, and twisted, by


It really is that easy.


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