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Sunday, February 9, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe Podcast #69- Paleo Diet for Healthy Skin, Hair, Teeth, and Eyes!

I know, you want to eat a paleo type of diet because it will make you leaner, stronger, and fitter; meaning you are more defined, can lift heavier things, and have more endurance to do just about anything... but have you thought about the ancillary things about living within the Paleolithic template, or ancestral diet that are just as important, but you haven’t heard about?

One of the most fast and remarkable changes brought about by adopting the Paleo diet is greatly improved skin health!  By eliminating the phytates, the anti-nutrients that are within grains, particularly wheat, inflammation is drastically reduced!  Inflammation is the root cause of most modern disease, but it is also the cause of skin problems- acne, rosacea, psoriasis; even simple things like dry skin, or oily skin…

Your body starts to just work like it should,because it has the nutrients (or the building blocks) from which to work properly!  And, it has not been “gummed up” with all of the worthless crap from industrial seed oils, loads and loads of sugars and artificial sweeteners, margarines-  you get the picture- it’s just as if you put all of this stuff into your car’s gas tank- do you think it would run well?  Or even at all after a short time!

The same thing is true of your dental health- in my opinion, it would be well worth embracing the paleo diet just for the benefits to your teeth and gums alone!  The results are that dramatic.  After the first few months of adopting the paleo diet, years ago,my wife and I both had checkups at our long-time dentist.  We had good checkups, as always, but the hygienist was amazed- what had we been doing?  There was virtually NO plaque or tartar buildup, and our gums were just pristine!  She seemed genuinely flabbergasted.  All we had done was eliminate wheat, at that point, and begun our daily Paleo Smoothie- (an early version with a used Vitamix).

Hair health is similar- I guarantee your hair will feel thicker, and will definitely be much shinier after starting to include plenty of healthy fats, like pastured butter and coconut oil!  And without the grains in the way, and displacing the eating of other really nutrient dense foods like grass fed meat, seafood, and those good fats, the body can really go to town putting nutrients to work in “non-essential” areas- like the skin, teeth, hair, and even the eyes!  If you eat a nutrient poor diet, like most modern Americans do today, the body is forced to “triage” the nutrients it has, using them to perform vital functions of survival, like keeping the organs working, the heart beating, and the brain functioning, at least at a low level…

If the nutrients are all present and accounted for, and ABUNDANT, the body has the luxury of working on those “non-essential” parts of us that we care so much about- it can give us glowing, healthy skin!
It can give us shiny, abundant hair!  It can put the High lutein and zeaxanthin pigments  that are found in eggs, and green leafy veggies to good work, repairing our vision!
The teeth can, and WILL REMINERALIZE themselves, if only we give them the raw materials, and the minerals they need through our diet!  Even cavities can remineralize and heal- Whole Grains INHIBIT the ability to digest minerals!

Isn’t this the type of results that you are interested in?  Isn’t EVERYONE?  Save your vision, your teeth… have healthy skin and hair… and incidentally be disease free, full of energy, and have a healthy, well functioning mind and body- eat a Paleo type of diet!

Get a big jar of organic, virgin coconut oil- in fact, get TWO- one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen!  The bathroom coconut oil is perfect to rub on your skin after your shower- it is not only the BEST moisturizer you can find, it is also a great anti-bacterial AND a mild sunscreen.Mild is what you want, since you DO want vitamin D to be synthesized from the sun- and it is chemical free!

Once you get yourself a Vitamix, and make a daily green paleo smoothie, you will save yourself a lot of time, since you make the smoothie in the morning, and it pretty much gives you all the nutrients you could possibly need for the day, in a quickly made, drinkable form that you can carry with you- and all made from REAL FOODS!

So, picture yourself and your family, glowing with health, at your ideal weight, all just two things:

Eliminating BAD, FAKE foods like wheat, tons of sugar and artificial sweeteners, and industrial seed oils, and
Adding in tons of REAL foods, like grass fed meats, coconut oil and pastured butter, seafood, fruits and veggies!

Throw in 8 hours of quality sleep per night, a bit of visualized resistance, Perfectly Paleo Exercise on a frequent basis, and you will be so healthy, both mentally AND physically, that your life, and that of your family, will be TRANSFORMED!

It really is that easy!


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