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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Roast Duckling ala Weber Grill and Dutch Oven!

And, with Orange/Soy sauce/ Maple Syrup (grade B)/and Raw Honey for a glaze- YUM!

Ok, the idea here today was  to grill a duck, on the grill.  I always start out with my old Weber (from the 1970's and still going strong!) and some hardwood charcoal. (Don't use the petroleum by-products amalgam that is Kingsford or others of that ilk!)  

Then, I take my handy dandy propane torch, available at Menard's and other home improvement centers, and start my charcoal and then clean my grill, easy as can be!  Why anyone does it differently is beyond me- Red hot coals and a clean grill in a minute or so!

Just be sure to wear sunglasses or eye protecting lenses, and gloves... and leathers and a helmet and... just kidding!  It's really not that dangerous at all- just be careful.

Start with your natural, hardwood charcoal all to one side of your grill...

Then, take a cast iron, Dutch Oven (or you could use an aluminum roasting pan), and...
Put your duck inside!  
Take out the "innards" and grill in the oven along with the duck-
But save the liver- I saved mine, and plan to have it along with scrambled eggs and Hollandaise sauce tomorrow morning!

Here is Donald after about an hour or so:

Three hours or so later- Note gizzard at top- REALLY GOOD!

OK, 1/2 hour or so before removing, I whipped up my glaze- I took one peeled orange, soy sauce (don't ask how much- just "a bit"!), local raw honey (same!), and local grade B maple syrup, and whipped them up in the Vitamix blender- one more use for this wondrous appliance!

Then, I heated it up in a small saucepan for about 10 minutes on low, so it would thicken a bit...

While I made the sauce, I took the duck out of the dutch oven, and put it right on the grill, directly over the coals to "brown it up"!

Then, I brushed on the sauce, and flipped the bird, then brushed the other side with 
the delectable sauce! (The duck came with an "orange sauce" that, like most things from our modern "Food" industry was made from chemicals and corn syrup...
I tossed that.)

The taste of this meal was unreal!  I think duck will become my weekly treat and "vitamin supplement", since duck is very nutritious. (And, may I add, very filling- aside from my morning Paleo smoothie, this was all I had all day)!  It was more than enough!

Did I mention duck fat??

I was hoping there would be more, but this was rather a small duck...

Next one will be bigger- and FATTER!

I understand that duck fat is the tastiest fat of all!
I plan to make sweet potato fries with the above- STAY TUNED!!

And remember, if it quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, well grab it: You are in luck!


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