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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buy your Paleo Food locally!

Buy your food locally- from a farmer or butcher you know and respect!  This video encapsulates it all:

Our food supply has been so adulterated, that we hardly even know it anymore.

Our meat, in particular, used to come from a local, trusted farmer; someone everybody knew and trusted.  Let's go back to Andy Griffith and the town of Mayberry where most of us grew up; and if not us, then our parents or grandparents:

"Well Rafe Hollister- I do declare!  Those are the healthiest cattle I have seen- yes SIR!  Your pasture looks so green, I say so GREEN I could almost eat the grass myself! And healthy- those cattle look so healthy- MMMM!!  Wrap me up a quarter beef Rafe- and I'll see you in church this Sunday!"

That's how it used to be, somehow we fool ourselves into thinking that somehow it still is...

But when we go to Wal-Mart, or virtually any modern grocery store, what we are really getting these days is factory farmed, grain force-fed, and loaded up with anti-biotic and hormone laden tortured animals.

Do you think that Rafe, or Andy would be all happy and approving of these "well raised animals?"

Irregardless of the fact that these animals are basically in animal concentration camps: 

The bottom line is that this creates incredibly UNHEALTHY MEAT!

If this had been an old episode of the wonderful Andy Griffith show, the rest of the show would be about rescuing the animals!!

Barney might even use his one bullet to shoot the (corporate) "farmer"who ran this slimy operation!

I have been exploring tonight on the internet- here are some ideas for you:

Eat Wild

Go to that website above, and search your state!  Here in Wisconsin, I found dozens of family farms that humanely raise cattle on grass (which they are meant to eat- God made them so!), free range chickens that eat bugs, and worms, and scratch in the grass, etc.; realizing their ultimate "chicken-ness", and PIGS that are free to burrow, and wallow, and achieve perfect "pigness", as they were intended to as well, by God!

Go connect with a farmer!  Someone like Rafe from Mayberry- someone you can trust, and you can get to know as a neighbor.

Don't buy from FACTORY FARMS that just want to make "maximum product with minimum input"-

You will get what you pay for!

And besides, wouldn't you rather pay your money to Rafe, than send it off to Mount Pilate, or even Raleigh??!!


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