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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life"- Socrates

Obviously, this cat is not suffering from "busyness"!

Most of us are; oftentimes, me included.

We are not meant to be "busy", but are meant to be USEFUL.
Deliberate, practical steps are required of us-

Planning and cooking our meals
Planning and doing our workouts
Planning on getting enough sleep and relaxation to function optimally

Being "busy" makes these important steps hard to achieve.

Mindfulness is the point.  Live in the moment.  Savor what you have, and are.

You are not cold, starving, or enslaved.  You are free!

And so, you can take steps to make sure you are fulfilled as a person.

Eat the best you can!  No junk- meat, good fats, vegetables and fruits.
Train briefly, and intensely.
Sleep well, interact with others, be positive.
Meditate, and PLAY!  Whatever you like: golf, music, sports (NOT spectator sports!!), frisbee; whatever!)  Just meditate on your own, and play with others.

And now, rejoice!  Your life is not "busy"!

It is FULL!

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