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Monday, July 19, 2021

5 Signs Your Kid Might Be Learning CRT At School

How to paint like a Hunter Biden

Make Your Life Your Vacation podcast


So very many people (most probably) look at their periodic vacations as being the  most valued part of their life.  The ONE thing that they focus on, and that is the most valuable part of their lives!

They travel overseas, they go to white sand beaches and stay in fancy hotels and dine in amazing restaurants.  They may even do a little ‘Zumba’ or other hotel-sanctioned quasi-fitness activities to give the illusion of becoming healthy…

Here is what I believe we should do instead:

Strive to build a life that is sustainable, and something that you can do happily for the rest of your life.  “Simplify, simplify…” as Henry Thoreau said.  True contentment and happiness does not mean transitory situations that will impress your vapid friends on Facebook and cost lots of money and time.  Really think it through, and figure out what will really make you content and happy, without being concerned about the opinions of others.

Long term, if we are looking back at our lives, what would pretty much ALL of us want to see as accomplishments?  

A satisfying work life, that includes winding up with a happy spouse and children, and resulting in similar grandchildren.  And hopefully, all would be living nearby, in an area that we all loved, and felt a part of.  A kind of an ethnic homeland, in which we all were valued and were a vital part of.

A modest, yet comfortable home, with surrounding acreage and woodlands, to both sustain and nourish us in work and in play.  A small community, of which we are a vital part, and which we contribute to both in local government and the schools.  A community that relies on local government, not state or federal to sustain it- one in which the ordinary citizen is in control!

We would all want to have interests; hobbies if you will, that are consuming passions.  Writing, music, art, woodworking or gardening- it really doesn’t matter, just so long as you find it absorbing and interesting!  I think most people, after working for long years, have discarded their true interests and just gone with what is practical for making money…

This is why they focus on the Vacation Illusion!

It’s kind of as if you are wandering through an oppressive desert, and you are constantly scanning the horizon for something better- anything really-

And then, a mirage appears: a vision of the Wonderful Vacation; something that is almost too good to be true: you in a paradise of travel agent utopia, lying on a beach, somehow totally fit and healthy, and fulfilled in every way!

But trust me, this mirage vacation is too good to be true. Even if your 2 week or so paradise is fun, it is all too fleeting.  What we all truly desire is a permanent paradise- and it is not that hard to achieve!

A simple job, one that sustains you and your family in a rural, red area of America.  A small town oriented type of place, where the local people control the schools and government.  A place where federal and state governmental mandates are hopefully small and inconsequential.  A small enough place for your voice to be heard!

A place where taxes are not oppressive, and your children can grow and be educated without horrors like busing, quotas, or multi-cultural racist nonsense.  The west and the midwest are the best bets for Americans nowadays.  Far from big blue cities and their Democrat rulers.

A smaller kind of place where medical clinics and hospitals are confined to simple things, like broken bones, infectious diseases, and the like.  Not politically based hoaxes and scams, and scaremongering.  Just real health things.

But this requires that you yourself acquire real value.  You need to go to a technical college or somewhere else, where you acquire real life skills that are valuable to others!  Things like electrical, plumbing, welding, mechanical, or other real skills that are nowadays so denigrated as so lowly.  They are NOT.  

You really have to educate yourself to be worthy of living in a modern, small town paradise.  Real skills are necessary; in such a place you will be required to earn your own way!  It’s a return to the basic ideals of now only small town America and Europe, but of western civilization itself.

You will (and should desire) to be someone who is a valuable, working member of your community, not just some big city suburbanite with a made-up fake job of paper shuffling and no actual abilities.  

And don’t mis-prioritize things in your real life paradise after you get there: don’t try to make your rural land into an “estate”, without trees or woods, and substitute a glyphosate soaked fake turf that invisibly poisons your groundwater, children, and all about you…

Just so you don’t have to see a hideous dandelion!

Leave the many poisons back in the real suburbia and the cities that surround them.  Let them keep their out of control crime, horrible schools, racial quotas, and bad, plant-based fast foods and such, along with their leaking sewage and water systems, failing infrastructure, and collapsing buildings and rampant immigration.  It is all totally unsustainable, and will become apparently more so as time goes on.  

You and your family can simply concentrate on improving things in the rural environment you have chosen, both for yourself and other like-minded folks in your community.  Think locally, but vote on a federal and state level for laws that allow us all to stay separate and independent as much as possible from the evil agenda of the Leftists!

Then you, (and I) can continue living in our own little, everyday-of-our-lives: 


Monday, June 21, 2021

The Case for Resistance Training (Live longer, look better!)

Forget Cardio!


The truth is definitely in: the whole fiasco of Ken Cooper’s Aerobics mania is dead.  Along with the high fat diet is the worst,  and the even earlier notion of  ‘better living through chemistry’ which promoted the noxious idea that drugs could not only prolong our lives, but improve them.

Despite Elvis and all the other following celebrities who were convinced that those ‘god-like’ prescription drugs could only make their lives better- after all, hadn’t science invented all of technology like cars and airplanes and tv- shouldn’t our biology also be improved upon by science and technology?

Well, no.  As the whole Paleo Diet and lifestyle revolution showed us, basically we are unchanged since our paleolithic past, biologically.  Evolution is very, very slow, just as it is unforgiving of bad missteps.  (We are currently devolving intellectually in the Western world, sadly, because of bad ideas about immigration and multiculturalism, that are lowering our average IQ and diluting the obvious strengths of our culture.  But that is for another podcast.)

And so, by switching to a high-grain and vegetable, low fat and less animal based diet, we severely impacted our health and vigor to the negative!  Just as we did when we succumbed (as most do today) to the idea that more drugs and medication are better.  (They most definitely are not better.)

The NORM should be that a human being should be taking no drugs whatsoever, whatever the age.  Drugs, whether prescription or illegal, can only make our overall health worse, not better!  Our bodies are amazing things, and will inevitably thrive if we do certain evolutionary, and common sense time-honored things:

Live in harmony with the natural world.  Get out in the woods and fields, barefoot, and move in nature.  Breathe pollen and fresh air, drink pure water from springs and wells.  (Not chlorinated/fluoridated pool water as most cities provide).  Stretch and move your joints through a full range of motion daily.

And do strength types of training on a regular basis, not cardio/aerobics!

Since the Aerobics boom in the 70’s and beyond, we expected to see a fit, vibrant group of practitioners flourish all about us, inspiring us to emulate their wonderful health achievements!  Yet, despite them training for and running marathons, half-marathons, and many other iterations of long distance running, the results we see no are just destroyed hips, knees, feet, and backs from meaningless pounding and jarring.  

Also, the endless low intensity work just encouraged the body to shed vital muscle tissue, and even impacted the organs as the body interpreted the conditions of evolution to be such that getting rid of tissue at any cost was a necessity, now that the body was being pushed to carry itself for endless miles, day after day, without letup!  Also, calorie consuming was vital, since it took energy to endlessly run, so eating bad processed carbs and grains seemed to make sense to this aerobically abused body.

And so, people were encouraged to push their bodies like this, at a long, tortuous low-level exertion, day after day, forever.  I believe that this forced the body, over time, to succumb to cancer, since the immune system cannot function while being so endlessly insulted and taxed!  

And when these folks stopped running, because of endless injuries and immune diseases that also proliferated in their bodies because of this constant depletion of resources, without necessary rest and recuperation- why, they just got fat!

Depleted of muscle because of endless aerobic demands, these aerobicized bodies were now just damaged skinny-fat people, stiff and weak and not fit at all!

How sad.  All that hard work left them damaged, diseased, and less fit.

I admit, to some extent back in the 1970’s, I fell for this myself.  Along with bell bottoms, I ran down my country road for a few miles several times per week.  But somehow, instinctively I always knew that strength counted for more than endless mileage being racked up by the human body.  So, strength training took precedence.  

And, as it turns out, strength training is indeed paramount.  Especially as we age, muscle tissue is crucial not only for lifting and moving things (like our own body!), but also for maintaining our sense of balance, and preserving our overall health and sense of independence!  In addition, muscle burns calories, not when we are mindlessly and endlessly racking up mileage on the roadways and sidewalks, but when we are simply existing- sitting, sleeping, walking, and eating- our muscles are constantly burning calories.

And so, my takeaway is this: Do strength training daily, or nearly so.  Stretch daily as well, and confine your ‘aerobic/cardio’ to barefoot walks in the woods and yards and beaches, and bouncing on your rebounder, which simultaneously energizes and cleanses your lymph system while training your balance mechanisms.  

And remember this, too- if you strength train properly, it is more aerobic than running.  While it builds muscle, it also works your cardio system, and does not destroy your body in any way.

So there you have it.  Do Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  And avoid drugs of all kinds, while eating a paleo diet that is animal based, with adjuncts from plants kept at a minimum.  Oh- and get out in nature every day, and avoid big cities, pollution, and our ever-growing criminal populations.  (You will need a gun for that, also.)

That’s it, you are now a modern, enlightened Paleo person who will carve out a future for healthy people on our planet.  You and your family- I thank you!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Stretching, Virtual Resistance- and Then Strength! podcast


I try to keep you all updated as to what I learn along this paleo journey.  Sometimes, as in anything increased experience and research results in slight changes on the path.  This doesn’t mean the path itself is invalid; it simply means that constant attention reveals small changes may be desirable.  

For instance, now in the grocery checkout aisles (where at LAST I am no longer required to wear a stupid, ineffective mask!) I see the dumb women’s magazines touting ‘KETO DIET’!  instead of  Paleo, or Atkins, or Low Fat, or Vegan  Run Wild diets.  I think Paleo was rejected as a term, since most women think of themselves as Progressives.  But whatever: the term makes the most descriptive sense for the proper diet of HUMANS!

A ketogenic diet is fine, with NO carbs and LOTS of fat, and ample protein.  But it is so extreme, it is clinical, really.  If I was diabetic, or had epilepsy, I would certainly go that route!  But for most of us?  

Nope.  Paleo, or a total Carnivore diet fills the bill the best.  Including organ meats, which almost no one eats now, although our paleolithic ancestors not only included those meats, but positively prized them.  They ate nose-to-tail, and so should we!

If you do eat grains, you should seek out real sour dough breads and nut-based crackers- and keep them in small amounts only.  Your carbs should be kept quite low, which should be obvious since the deplorable state of modern health is defined by obesity- caused by HUGE consumption (by historical standards) of carbs and sugars!  

But, enough of that- this is meant to address exercise.  

For many years, my exercise life has consisted of long sorts of workouts, and then long rests.  1 and 1/2 hour workouts, two or three times per week, very intense.  Of course, I also had a very active, physical job and life outside of the gym.

Now, though, I have begun a different approach.  One that is not only less exhausting and actually kind of something to dread- but is actually quite pleasant, and more effective!  Hard to believe, but sometimes easier is better.

Every single day, unless it is unavoidable, I get up and do a stretching workout.  I do it in front of the television, and that is the only time I watch TV throughout the day.  So, I really look forward to it!  I watch news, and then switch to a movie via Amazon Prime or some such. (I have dropped Netflix- it has become the standard of progressive politics brain washing and political correctness.)  I suggest you drop it too!

I’ve talked of this before, but doing Virtual Resistance types of exercise, putting your musculature through a full range of motion with each limb.  See the demonstration above.

This type of workout, if you do it faithfully, is more than enough to keep you fit for your whole life!  Really.  I always start with that.

Then, I go to the floor, and stretch.  In every way that I can- yoga like, not like yoga, and simply pushing my body and spine to stay supple and flexible!  It’s really not complicated.  Experiment!

Sometimes I end up with straight legged situps and pushups in high numbers, and often with isometrics holds with either a strap or my Exergenie from the 1960’s!  (They still sell the Exergenie, but it is expensive now.  A nylon straps works almost as well…)

Then, having watched about an hour’s worth of a movie and business news, I head to the shower.  I’m not tired- just invigorated and informed and entertained!

My day begins then with breakfast (a paleo smoothie, with kefir, some vegetables, orange and grapefruit, berries and cranberries, and Vitamin D liquid, turmeric, ginger, kelp powder, and apple cider vinegar), and a couple of eggs and/or bacon.  I’m usually doing something outdoors most of the day, and then, after lunch in mid-afternoon, I do my strength mini-workout.  

I have gymnastic rings, and a power rack in my basement.  I go down, and do lots of pushups on the rings, and other gymnastic types of exercises, which I guarantee you will do more for your body in terms of aesthetics and total health and mobility than weights ever could!  And, the rings just cost about $30, and last a lifetime.

It took me a long time, but I finally learned that super-heavy weights are unnecessary, and actually do more harm than good!  And that LONG weight sessions are not needed, or desirable, at all.

20-30 minutes, tops, on the rings is enough.  And twice a week is plenty!  

That’s how simple it can be, for total health and fitness.

Do Virtual Resistance exercises, daily.  

Stretch as well, in front of the TV, early morning.

A couple of times per week, do pushups, pull-ups and dips on the gymnastic rings you have hanging in your garage, basement, or on a local basketball hoop.  

You are now a paragon of fitness.  And it will actually be effortless, since it is your chosen lifestyle, not a form of punishment!  It is your fulfillment.

Monday, May 3, 2021

New Podcast: Buy Bitcoin or DIE!

 Now, you know I am using a bit of hyperbole here, right?  You won’t necessarily die- but you will definitely regret not doing so, and I mean really, really, really regret it!

Remember prices in the 1950’s or 60’s, when gasoline was 19 cents or so, and candy bars were a nickel?  And prices of everything else were similarly minuscule compared to today?  If you don’t actually remember it, like I do, you can certainly look it up, or talk to someone who does.  Or even remember prices from 10 or 20 years ago.  That is inflation, and it is both insidious, and ruinous.

We have all been forced to invest aggressively our whole adult lives, at least those of us who are paying attention, and have an IQ above 85 or so.  Ironically, most of us in Western civilization are not really all that interested in investing, in studying the stock market constantly and spending our lives in such a manner.  In fact, very few are- most of us have families, and interests apart from growing and maintaining wealth, and wish that we didn’t have to spend so much time monitoring our investments, simply to maintain the purchasing power of whatever little we have!

We shouldn’t have to.  If the money we earned and saved simply stayed the same in purchasing power, if our IRA money would still cover the cost of gasoline at .19 a gallon, and other prices likewise stayed the same- why, there would be no problem.  Our investments would not need to increase endlessly, year after year after year, since inflation would not happen!

The Romans had a fiat currency, just as we do.  Because of big government (think Roman Empire rather than the early Republic), the emperors, the Bidens and other Democrats of that day (the elites) pushed inflation by continually spending more and more money.  Money they did not have, just as today.

They spent this money on Welfare (the dole then), and Circuses and gladiatorial events (the Netflix of today), and of course mainly on enriching themselves, (the elite).  Back then, money could not simply be printed like today, with no gold backing it, since money was actual coins.  So, they put less and less precious gold into the coins, until they were at last less than 1% gold!

Of course, the people were not so stupid as to fall for this, and they would ‘bite’ the coins to ascertain the percentage of gold, and eventually the coins of Rome were almost worthless.  

This is precisely where we are today!  

The stock market is roaring, since the Democrats under Biden, (the new patrician class as opposed to the working middle class or small landholders, just as in Roman times) have been sending endless checks to everyone to not work.  To be bribed into becoming serfs, people supported by the government on the Dole of our times, who take no responsibility for themselves, their families, or their own communities.

“Take this money (little as it is), and you don’t have to work!  Good Democrat in the making!”

Soon, after all of this (worthless) printing of endless, really almost totally fake money, extreme inflation will assert itself, as it always does, and always has done!  

And your money will become ever more worthless, day by day, and then hour by hour!  Investments can no longer save you!  

Bitcoin can save you, pilgrim!  

GBTC is a mutual fund that can hold bitcoin for you, if you don’t want to deal with the real thing.  Get it for your IRA.  You can also just go to, and buy crypto currencies (not JUST Bitcoin- I like Bitcoin cash the best right now!)

But here is the point: Bitcoin will not go down in value, via inflation.  Your hard-earned and saved money will maintain its value; in other words, a 5 cent candy bar will cost you the same amount in the future, whether the price has increased to $50 or more.

When it seems like crypto is skyrocketing in value, it’s really not.  It is just maintaining its value, just like the gold backed dollar used to, or the solid gold Roman coin did.

And so, that is my heartfelt advice, Paleo person!  Just as you value real health, not drug-fueled  illusions of health maintained by statins, and many other drugs, along with a low-fat, high grain food pyramid diet and endless cardio/aerobics coupled with endless medical procedures- just like you eat real foods, with grass-fed and wild animal products as the mainstay- so it is that you should ditch the “modern” fiat currencies, (backed only by the government), and go to real, blockchain stores of actual value.

If you “get” Paleo, you will also get this, I’m sure.  But, you probably need an IQ of at least 110 or so to truly understand it. If you are not there, I guess Netflix and MSNBC are your best options to ignore and forget about it all…

Thursday, April 15, 2021


It’s kind of sad to reach the autumn of your years, only to realize that the civilization you were reared in- Western Civilization- the most vital and successful civilization of all time, is foundering!  

Now, I don’t mean that it is failing, but it is in crisis.  Just as ancient Greece, and then ancient Rome, which picked up the mantle only to founder in its turn; the incredible vitality and liberating truth of this ultimate of all civilizations is in trouble.  And, just like those earlier incarnations, upon which our own civilization is built today, it is being destroyed not from without, not at all.  It is being destroyed from within, by self-deluded traitors who actually see themselves as wonderful liberators of white supremacy, rather than as the manipulated, entitled losers that are being used to destroy everything their ancestors have laboriously built that they truly are!

Now, only entitled losers could be so misled as to believe that to give away, to erase their own culture is a good thing!  It’s not.  What is going on now, in the western world, is a voluntary erasure of all that our ancestors have built- the knowledge, the technology, mathematics, the very refined culture and science that have created modern life- all of this is now evil.  

It’s as if witch doctors have taken over the universities, the halls of congress, and corporate America!  

This shows how low we can sink, when fashion supplants reason, reality, and argument.  For, if you base your ideas on what is fashionable: Hollywood and celebrities, emotion rather than reason and logic- this is the end of civilization.

In such a situation, Biden seems like a great president!  A senescent puppet seems vital and desirable as a leader!  So must have said the Romans when they welcomed Caligula as emperor…

We are now in real crisis.  With a sock puppet emperor in charge, we know we are really being ruled by the worst of the worst- Leftists who desire power for its own sake, because they love to tell others what to do.  Marxists who want control, while hiding under a fake shield of “equity”.  Equality of outcome, which really means the State (them) controls everything!  

And once they control everything- forget rights of any kind!  Look at communist China- that is what they want- total control!  And then: 

No “fashionable” rights at all.  Once they have ultimate control, it is all naked power.  You won’t even have illusions anymore, no more BLM, no “rainbow nation”, no Antifa, no free streets at all:

Just total martial law, from sea to shining sea!  No gangbangers- they will be locked up and executed- no gay rights- reeducation!  No freedom of speech: total lockdown.  Religion?  NO!  None at all, only worship of the STATE!

This is what we are looking at.  Without free and western civilization, the future world will be an awful, restrictive place, where individuals have no rights, none at all, and those left-wingers who see themselves as ‘free and independent’ will be squashed by the same militia of correctness that they saw as their champions!  The ‘Fashionable’ elite…

My message in all of this?  Get out of the cities, the big, blue, Democrat controlled corrupt cities- get out!  Ironically, all of you who desire safety, non- discrimination, and a life free of crime and oppression?


This is not even debatable.  Small town America is the last bastion of freedom and safety.  Oppression is a Blue, Democrat, Big City, Oppressive State!  

Go rural, young man!  Go self sufficient, and get away from big government as far as you can- it is the only hope of Western, Free, Civilization!  

Sunday, March 28, 2021

EZ Paleo Diet


  • EZ Paleo

    MARCH 28, 2021
    SEASON: 12

    If you’ve been following the paleo diet and lifestyle for any length of time, you know that there are certain things that are taken as irrefutable gospel:

    Never eat grains because of gluten and gliaden, also too much (bad- fake) salt and all of the preservatives and glycogen that is sprayed on conventional wheat and other grains.

    Never eat beans which are legumes.

    Go really really low carb!

    Eat more vegetables than anything else, with a little fruit.

    Now, I’m here to say that, over time, most folks, with experimentation, determine that some of these caveats can be sidestepped, and a degree of normalcy can enter your diet,  while still maintaining your health.  

    Sour dough bread- real sour dough bread, can be a lifesaver here!  Since it is leavened by a real sour dough culture, and is ideally also made up from ancient, non-hybridized and unsprayed heritage grains- it is far, far lower in gluten and gliadin, and so will not make your intestine permeable.

    There are a few bakeries around here that make such loaves; my favorite is rye, with sprouted ry sprouts within it- each loaf has over 3/4 pound of fermented rye sprouts within it!  Dark, heavy, and nutrient rich- just my type of bread!  

    Bottom line: most real sour dough breads will not irritate your gut, and are quite healthy overall.  Just keep them to the minimum, to keep down the carbs!

    So there you go- bread is back on the table paleo child!  Now about beans: 

    Beans are really not that bad.  They do have some anti-nutrients: lectins, phytic acid, and saponins; all of which are problematic.  Also, beans are not that nutritious, overall…

    But still, if you eat them only occasionally, in small amounts and properly prepared (soaked)- I think they are fine.  

    In small amounts.  Beans are small beans, really.

    The low carb thing has gotten really huge, mainly because (I think) because KETO has gotten really huge, being featured on those Women’s weight watcher types of fake health magazines & web pages.  ‘Eat lots of fat and lose weight!!’ types of headlines.  

    In paleo, it really is not that big of a deal.  The SAD American diet is way too high in carbs (everything is wrapped in bread, with bread on the side, and french fries and more bread and bread pudding for dessert along with potato chips and soda pop and beer and pizza).

    But a paleo diet, with a heft portion of meat, a salad, and maybe a baked potato?  No problem.  Eat hearty- eggs, meat, fish, poultry and pork- organ meats and sardines preferred!  VERY nutrient rich.  

    And as to eating TONS of veggies- I used to do that.  I would drink a giant smoothie, based on green veggies, citrus and berries, kefir as liquid, and then eat a normal paleo type of diet.  Big salads too, every day-

    But then, I got a kidney stone from the oxalates in hefty portions of spinach and beet greens and other ‘greens’.  

    Kidney stones are not fun, or good! Very painful.  I also got other aches and pains from oxalates, which are loaded into green veggies like spinach.  These oxalates are anti- nutrients big time, from supposedly beneficial veggies!  Oxalates are chemical warfare against mammals, who eat the veggies who only want to be left alone.

    So, like beans, keep green veggies on the menu; definitely- but only occasionally, and on the side.  Spinach and other ‘greens’ in particular can be quite toxic!  Stick with broccoli and other brassicas, and be like me- only drink a small smoothie now, like a cup, not 16 ounces!  

    So there you have it. The paleo diet is way less hard than it used to be, since you can have bread, (of the right type,