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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Sugar Mama

Find Your Own Homeland podcast

 When I suggest that you find your own homeland, I mean that you should not live in the same area in which you were born and grew up- unless that area is a rural, or small town conservative kind of place. Also, if you live in a solid blue, authoritarian state like Illinois, California, or New York, you should leave!  We are in strange times, and the very constitution of the United States is under attack by the new Jacobins.

By this I mean the current ‘Democrats’, who no longer have any similarity to the former party of that name, and are now simply Jacobins, or in more modern parlance: Marxists.  

If you know of, or remember the French Revolution, you probably know that, although it started because of an extreme inequality between the middle class and the ruling elite, it ended up in an extreme overreaction, and a slaughter of many, many people by the guillotine.  Also, the Jacobins, as these revolutionaries were called, decided to completely revamp French society itself, and were in every way like the modern cancel culture democrats are today!  

They began by killing all of the royal rulers, innocent or guilty, and then they turned on one another.  They decided to rename the names of the months, change history, and even questioned established knowledge (like math) that had been the bedrock of Western civilization.  They divided people into different groups, endlessly, and turned on one another, always with the specter of the guillotine lurking in the background.

Sound familiar?  If not, it should: the Democrats of today are, as I said, the new Jacobins, or French Revolutionaries!  They would up destroying everything worthwhile in their own homeland, accusing one another endlessly for everything wrong in their own lives, and killing anyone who contested their truth.  

Their supreme leader, Robespierre, was extremely bloodthirsty, and ordered the execution of many.  He wanted the disarmament of the public, and wanted only those of the “new fraternity” to have arms.  When the murderous regime was ended with his execution, at last the killing stopped.

To get a good feeling of the times of this leftish revolution, I recommend the Dickens book ‘Tale of Two Cities’.  

But let’s get back to today: today’s Jacobins are busy dividing us into different races and classes, and not only banning books (like ‘Huckleberry Finn’), but introducing noxious, destructive policies like ‘defund the police’ and supporting district attorneys that let criminals out with a signature bond the same day they are arrested!  Absolute madness, and only designed to destroy our conservative, well-working, democratic republic from within.  

And so, let’s get back to my main premise- get out of such Jacobin/liberal/Democrat cities and states!  If you are a paleo, tribal sort of person, you need to get into areas that will leave you alone.  Places that will let you raise your family without awful interference from these authoritarian know-it-alls that actually know less than a baby.  Low IQ leaders are anathema to society, and civilization itself!  Just look at current South Africa, where there are daily riots over bread, where before it was a well-run modern outpost of Western civilization.  

Now, just as in ALL of our major American, blue, leftist cities: they are all virtual HELLS!  Rampant crime and killings, no lasting arrests, and everything just gets worse and worse.  It is undeniable.

So, do it. Move your family, and urge your friends as I am doing right now, to get the hell out!  I think things will ultimately turn around, just as they did in France long ago, but only after a lot of chaos, nonsense, and violence- all for nothing.  As is always the case with the Left, destruction just seems to be a part of their very DNA.  

I know, it is not easy.  The vast majority of Americans live within 50 miles of where they were born for their whole lives!  It’s an example of the frog who, when put into a pot of lukewarm water, stays there, even as it is gradually heated to where it is boiling, and eventually cooks  him (and his family, and all he holds dear).

But look ahead.  Especially if your kids are young, you need to get them out of the horrid school systems of big cities, and even now in many blue suburbs.  Critical race theory is poison, lies and the end of civilization in one awful pill.  Get on the school board if you are already where you want to be, or else get out and go.  

Even if you go to a state that is borderline, neither truly Red nor Blue; if you choose the right area, you will be fine.  Where I am, the larger cities, and even some of the smaller ones, have a large representation of liberal Jacobins.  I believe that a large part of that is liberal ‘guilt’, ginned up nonsense concepts like ‘white privilege’, despite the fact that white Western civilization is the force that finally ended the ancient and worldwide practice of slavery!  

White privilege is simply the adherence to Western standards of discipline, planning, and hard work.  That is all.  This sort of privilege is available to everyone who will pick up the gauntlet- we have only outlined the path of progress.

The ultimate key is to go RURAL.  Despite the Leftist, Jacobin prejudice to slander small towns, and rural homesteads as backwards; especially in the West and Midwest (I don’t know the South), they are anything but that!  

People in these Red areas (almost all rural areas are red, because they do NOT rely, and mainly abhor Big Government).  These are people who maintain their own health, through exercise, good nutrition, and clean wholesome living.  They are not part of the Elite, nor do they wish to be.  They are happy and fulfilled in their own, tight-knit communities.  (Think Mayberry).  

And I’ll leave it there.  Mayberry, or your regional version of it, is where you, and where all of us want to live!  A place where you have land you can walk barefoot on, where you can cut your own firewood and have fun bonfires with your family, friends and neighbors.  Where you can pull a sled full of weights backwards for exercise, and no one cares because:

1. That’s just crazy old Jay- he does that stuff!

Or 2. They can’t see you, since you are in your own private woodlands.  

Think on it.  You can live in a city apartment, or a tract house in the suburbs of a big metropolis.  Your life will be physically easy, and you can go to a gym daily to try to stay in shape.  BUT you will be subjected to crime and violence (in the city), and a complete cutoff from Nature (in either scenario).  

OR- you can live life as in the picture books you were read to as a child, with a tractor you own and drive, and animals and Nature all about you; with wildlife everywhere, and a large garden that beckons all summer long!  You will still work out, and eat healthily, but you will actually grown and hunt the very foods you thrive on.  

And the best part?  There will be NO CRIME!  There really is next to none in Red America.  Leave a tool in your yard or shed- it will be there when you return- untouched!   No home invasions- NONE.  No smash and grabs in your small town- NONE.  NO carjackings!  If one is attempted- you will SHOOT the perpetrator, without hesitation.  

See how simple life can be?  This is a Paleo life- my tribe, my land, my people.  No Democrats, Jacobins, Leftists, or Marxist/Socialists allowed.  This is a Land of Freemen!!