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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #100 Keep it Real, Paleo Peep!

Cleaning the closet!

As we approach the new year, let’s not make a million resolutions and then fall short by March or so trying for all of those goals. Instead, make one simple resolution that, if faithfully kept, will gradually and inevitably bring us closer to all of those other ones- you know, the ones where you will lose fat weight, exercise regularly, accomplish more both at work and at home, etc. etc. etcetera!

This year, resolve simply to accomplish something real, each and every day!

That doesn’t sound too onerous, does it?  It’s actually kind of open-ended, in that what you accomplish each day does not have to include all of your many resolutions.  What I mean is, let’s say your first real accomplishment could be simply listing everything you hope to get done by next January!  Be realistic, but also put down everything you would really like to get done.

Want to get fit?  Write down a one day program to get you started, perhaps starting with setting a reasonable bed time; one which ensures that you will get up 45 minutes early, but still gives you a good 8-9 hours of sleep before getting up.  This one accomplishment, on day one, already sets up two incredibly powerful giant steps towards your goal: not only are you getting up early to exercise, you are also making sure you get a solid night of sleep! Win-win!

You might also jot down a good home exercise program you intend to follow the next day, including pushups, sit ups, floor stretches, and isometrics.  Perfectly Paleo Exercise, my e-book on exercise, and my newest book PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, which is an e-book now and soon to be available on paperback can help here, but of course instruction is widely available on this topic on line and in print. has lots and lots of exercise ideas on it!

After a few days of this real exercise and sleeping accomplishment, you will start to feel better and better. (Ample sleep and exercise will do that for you!)   Don’t kill yourself in the exercise part, especially at first- you are not exercising to look good for one day; you are exercising for yourself, for a lifetime!  Slow and steady…

See?  You have already accomplished what 9 out of 10 people resolve to do, and don’t.  And I’m sure you have other resolutions, but these two will help dramatically with those as well.  A well rested, not groggy but positively vibrant you will head off to work, ready to accomplish there as well!

Once you are moving ahead, in anything important like this, you begin to want to accomplish more “real” things- here are some suggestions, but feel free to insert your own ideas:  Organize your bedroom closet, clean up your garage, clean up your diet, clean out your kitchen of all non-paleo garbage foods, plant a vegetable garden, connect with a local farmer or rancher for pastured meat and eggs, join Thrive market for quality foods, soaps, supplements and cleaning supplies; I’m sure you get the idea!

Just do one at a time.  One day, you may decide to add in meditation, as I did.  Just sit quietly in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and concentrate on one thing.  If your attention wanders, gently bring it back to that.  I just say “one” to myself, over and over.  10 to 15 minutes is ideal, but start with 2 or 3.  Another day, you can clean out your bedroom closet- trust me, this one accomplishment will inspire you, on other days, to do more “tidying”, it is that satisfying and liberating!

It all comes back to just doing something real every day.  You will still have time to do other things, but will feel so much better, and accomplish so much more, by first doing some real thing that you have decided on.  Accomplishments feed on themselves, achieving one thing makes you want to accomplish one more, and one more after that… and you are on your way to a great year!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #119 Sleep to get Lean and Healthy!

pjsc 119  Sleep Yourself Lean and Healthy

The notion of getting enough sleep seems so corny, and so simple that it can’t really be that important, can it?  

“I am so busy, both at work and at home, that I can’t sleep more than 6 hours a night!” say most people nowadays!

But if you are waking up early to work out, and then working out again after work to “burn calories” and get thinner, you are doing things very wrong...If you don’t get at least 8 hours of real sleep per night, you are raising your stress hormone levels of cortisol, and increasing your chances of becoming diabetic, hypertensive, and obese.

Your risk of heart disease and mental disorders increase dramatically as well!  So, the notion of getting a good night’s sleep seems too “inconvenient”, you’d better reconsider.  Good, restful sleep is more important than exercise, and even more important than a proper, paleo type of diet!  

For one thing, if you stay up late and get up early, you will simply have more time to eat.  Also, when sleep deprived, the ghrelin and leptin hormones will get out of whack, and 
Ghrelin and leptin are hormones that hold the key to your appetite and weight loss. They signal hunger and the feeling of fullness. If these hormones are out of balance, your ability to lose weight is nearly impossible because it is very difficult to fight a strong urge to eat. You cannot overcome biology.

Doesn’t that sound ominous?  Well, it is!  So, I hope I have convinced you that late nights out or watching TV aren’t “harmless” to your health goals.  

So, you have become convinced, by the badgering of PaleoJay, to start getting a good 8-9 hours of sleep per night.  Good for you!  This will be a game-changer, a life changer really.  Not only will your body become a much more efficient fat burner, your appetite will decrease, and your mood and energy level will increase.  A desire for productive exercise will follow as sleep restores your mind and bodily processes.  Most people don’t even realize how much better they could feel on a daily basis, if they only got enough sleep!  

It’s like the paleo diet and lifestyle itself- once you really thing about it, it is so common sense that it is undeniable:

Processed foods, loaded with sugar and artificial fats are not healthy

Altered grains, loaded with tons of gluten are toxic

Produce sprayed with toxic chemicals is not good for us

Never walking or exercising leads to a sick, debilitated and weak body

Nutrient rich foods will make a strong, healthy, lean body

Who would argue with any of these statements??  The only ones who do are those with a moneymaking agenda:

The Federal Government, which is in the business of selling grains, worldwide, and so has a vested interest in ignoring the health implications of consuming such a toxic foodstuff.

Big Pharmaceutical and Medicine, which is in the position of making huge profits by making us all sick (from eating these toxic grains, vegetable oil grains, processed foods (loaded with grain products like high fructose corn syrup), and other sugars.

And Big Food corporations, which make billions selling substandard, nutrient poor processed foods like breakfast cereals and snack foods made from... grains and sugars and vegetable oil crap!)

And so, add one more onto the paleo, ancestral list:  

8-9 hours of sleep per night is a NECESSITY!

So, follow the advice of me, and your great grandparents- Eat real food, natural God made food, exercise in nature, and get a good night’s sleep each night!  

“But Jay, Jay- how do I do that- get a good night’s sleep I mean?  I just can’t sleep that long, or that soundly!”

Well, grasshopper, I have an some answers to that, and some will sound unconventional to you, but they are all true, and proven, so please do them for your own sake:

Get the television and any other electronics out of your bedroom!  NEVER watch TV in bed- the bed is for sleeping, it is sacrosanct.  If you have night lights, make sure they are RED, as that does not signal with the blue light spectrum that it is daytime, and you should be awake!

Download and install the app onto your computer.  It’s a free app, and switches off the blue light spectrum gradually as it becomes later, readying you for sleep in spite of looking at your computer screen.  

Black out your bedroom!  If you live in an urban or suburban type of environment, you probably need blackout types of curtains.  NO light should be intruding on your sleeping space!

And last, probably most important (even though you’ve probably never heard of it before)-
Raise the head of your bed by 4-6 inches!!

Really.  This accomplishes a number of positive things, like eliminating sleep apnea, snoring, varicose veins,along with many other benefits!  It does this by greatly enhancing the circulation in the body; this results in better sleep, more vivid dreams, and numerous bodily improvements which are enhanced by improved sleep.  

Just put blocks of wood, or bricks, or even old books under the posts of your headboard, or get risers made to raise beds commercially, and only use them on the top end of the bed- you want the legs to be lower than the head!  

The positive effects of this simple, free fix have impacted my own life dramatically- I no longer snore, I no longer have sleep apnea, and I don’t have to get up at night to use the bathroom!  There are detailed scientific reasons as to why this slight elevation works, and why it is so important, but the bottom line is that it does work.  If you want to explore it more, go here- 

But, from my point of view, I just want you to start getting a good night’s sleep!  Each and every night.  8-9 hours...

Your body will start to burn fat, because it’s not stressing out about the crisis it thinks you’re in, since you aren’t sleeping enough.  In a crisis mode, your body starts to store fat!

You will start to feel great, like you do after a long vacation, where you just relax for long days, and sleep your fill day after day...

Your skin will rejuvenate (it does that during sleep), and you will start to feel and look younger, day by day.  

Now, look at my watch:  You are getting sleepy...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #99 How to Go Paleo and Thrive!

Thrive Market is an online wholesale buying club- kind of like Amazon Prime meets Sam’s Club or Costco, only healthier and better. Organic, real food products at true wholesale prices!

You sign up at the link here-

You sign up for free with a 30 day trial, with 25% off of your first order- this is in addition to the already low prices, which are already 25-50% off of retail!

Any time during the 30 days, you can “become a thriver” by buying a membership for $5 per month, or $60 per year.  The average to pay this off in savings is in just two orders!

And best of all, this membership into top quality, paleo types of foods is shipped directly to your door, in amazing condition because they pack it so well, post paid for any order over $49.95! 

In addition, for every purchased membership, Thrive gives away a membership to a food-insecure family from a neighborhood without access to wholesome, organic foods. 
pqtd 99 Go Paleo and Thrive

This segues into my previous statement very well indeed!  The number one thing you need to do to achieve everlasting health and wellness, fitness and leanness, is to only eat wonderful, nutritious, nature and God made foods!  That is rule #1 of Paleo Land!!

So, if you get a trial to Thrive market by clicking on the link at, you can immediately start on the yellow brick road path to health by making an order on line  with no membership fee for the first month, AND a 15% discount on your first order!! 

This is on top of the already wholesale prices at Thrive of 25- 50% off!  So, this should get you motivated to change your lifestyle to that of an ancestral one- clean out your cupboards of all the boxed and crappy processed wheat and soy crapola; the pancake mixes, the flour, the sugar, the bread and cakes, candies and pies...

Throw that stuff in the garbage- it is not fit for consumption!  Don’t give it to the homeless shelter, or a pet, or even wild animals- well, I guess wild animals are ok, since birds can digest grains... just don’t give it to mammals!! 

OK, now you have a pristine kitchen, just waiting for REAL FOOD to arrive!  Make your order- make sure it is over $50.00, and there will be no shipping cost!   (Don’t forget you also get 15% off of the already 25-50% off, so this should be a BIG, and INEXPENSIVE order for all that you will get).  And, all of Thrive’s stuff is TOP QUALITY PALEO FRIENDLY!

Oh, don’t forget to throw out your toxic cleaning products as well, and your sodium lauryl sulphate laden soaps, shampoos, mouthwashes and toothpaste-  this mean they are loaded with chemical, petroleum derived industrial cleaners instead of good natural SOAP!  Also, commercial toothpastes are nightmares that are loaded with toxic fluoride, and again, sodium laurly sulphate that makes it lather up real nice, giving the ILLUSION that it is cleaning your teeth.  It’s NOT.  Also, the glycerine in these standard toothpastes will prevent your teeth from “remineralizing”; that is, keep them from repairing themselves- did you know that teeth can actually put minerals back onto your teeth that have eroded, just as it rebuilds muscles you have broken down through the damage of exercise, making them stronger?? 

It can, if you keep that damn glycerine in standard toothpastes AWAY from your teeth!

So, make your big, initial order with Thrive market- tell them PaleoJay sent you- and you will also get a free jar of raw, unstrained honey!  Raw honey is really healthy, my healthy paleo friend who has a super clean, health promoting pantry and kitchen enroute to them via Thrive...

There is even a header bar where you can click:
SHOP BY PALEO- all of your selections will be filtered to the Paleo lifestyle!!

You don’t have to drive anywhere.  You don’t have to put gas in your vehicle.  That’s all paid for you- AND you are getting a huge discount on top of it all- no hassle, no trouble- just browse online at thrive and place your money and health saving order! 

When the “green”, impressive package arrives, if you are like me, it will be like Christmas!  (Actually, at this time of year, it WILL LITERALLY BE CHRISTMAS!!) 

You will love putting these healthy substitutes into your cupboards in place of all the CRAP that used to be there!

Some ideas?  Coconut oil (Thrive has their own, at 47% off retail!), vitamin D, real soaps and shampoos, sea salt and baking soda (the perfect toothpaste!), tea tree oil (1/2 price on Thrive!),  Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar (34% off), real salad dressings with real oils (not soy oil BS!) for substantial discounts, wonderful mayonnaise with avocado oil instead of soy,pqte almond flour, tapioca flour which makes a wonderful pizza crust!, and coconut flour all at substantial discounts to what you’d pay in a store...

And all so convenient and easy.  So healthy, and all with the ability to utterly transform your life and health for the better!  And CHEAPLY- did I mention THAT??

This really is a deal-changer.  Take back your life and health, get the body you have always wanted, easily and without having to drive here and there, searching for what you need, all at high prices. 

Just click here, and get started:

I’ll see you on the other side, my lean and healthy paleo friend!  Take photos, before your order and one month after- you won’t believe the results!

Send them to me, at

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the day #98 Cheers to Paleo Exercise every day!

pqtd 98  Wake up and work out

That sounds a little simplistic, doesn’t it?  Well, it is, and that’s a big part of its beauty: if you work out first thing in the morning, there is no decision to be made!  You get up, and then you work out...

You don’t have to plan just when you will work out, just what exercises you will do that day- nothing at all!  You just need a plan in your head:  Here’s mine!

On Mondays I do virtual resistance exercise, on a rebounder as I gently bounce away, in front of the tv- either news or more likely a Netflix program.  I keep a cup of coffee laced with coconut oil by my side for occasional sipping.  Very relaxing, but by the end I am lathered with sweat, and all my muscles are engorged with blood and pleasantly tired.  Maybe 45 minutes of so total time.

Tuesdays are one overall total body set of virtual resistance for each and every body part, with quite a big of stretching on the floor.  Then, I superset high volume straight legged sit ups, pushups, hindu squats, and hindu pushups.  Repeat this superset about 2 times.

Wednesdays I do Monday’s program!

Thursdays I do high volume sets of pushups with raised legs on the Perfect Pushups rotating handles, with regular grip, wide grip, and narrow grips- then, repeat at least 5 times.  I follow with side planks, super setted with ab wheel pushups.  A big strength day!

Fridays are the same as Monday and Wednesday, except I finish up with self resisted chest, arm, and back resistance exercises.

Saturday is a repeat of the Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday program!

Sunday is my biggest workout of the week, with handing leg raises, pistol squats with the gymnastic rings, pushups, flies and rows on the rings, hack squats, pullups and dips for multiple sets.  I also do a couple sets of kettlebell swings for high reps- these are like sprinting in the Winter months!

My point it this- I never have to think about what to do, or when to do it- I just do it!  You don’t have to do exactly what I do, but you have to have a program, a rough outline of what to do, and then you can just follow through, on auto-pilot if you will.  There is no decision to be made- it is just like taking a shower later, and shaving, and brushing your hair and eating lunch- it’s all just part of your day!
And the very best part is, after the first 45 minutes or so of your day, everything else is just down hill!  Easy peasey. 

A good workout, hitting the entire body, with stretching and  the circulatory system included, leaves you feeling just glowing and energized, with a feeling that you have already conquered the day, so you might just as well go on to accomplish more!  And you don’t need to keep in the back of your mind that you somehow need to fit in a workout later... because you’ve already done it.

Although, this morning post workout feeling is so addictive that you may, like me, come to want to repeat it later in the afternoon or early evening, and go outside pumping heavy hands weights of 6-8 pounds or so, as you walk around a forest trail, for maybe 15 minutes or so.  Or go to your gymnastic rings and do a quick set of pull ups, chin ups, push ups, and dips. 

This is what I call “Paleo Happy Hour”!  Cheers!!

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe #118 Where Should a Paleo Person Live?

pjsc 118  Where should a modern day Paleo person live?

I have been giving this a lot of thought, and actually, it seems so obvious to me!

I know there are hotbeds of “paleo aficianados” in pretty urban places, like NYC, and especially Austin Texas!  And God bless ‘em, I’m sure they are doing really great there, or at least as good as they can, and I wish them luck!

The problem is, I think that people tend to live in the past; that is, they idolize a “perfect time” in a certain place, and subconciously convince themselves that that time is now.

Like so many Woody Allen fans convince themselves, like he does, that New York City is the New York of the 1940’s... the city portrayed by the New York Times and the New Yorker magazine of that era...

Sorry, but it’s not even close anymore!  I came from Chicago, and the crime-ridden nightmare that that city has become is not even close to what it was in the 1950’s or 60’s- even the 70’s!!

I hate to sound the alarm, politically incorrect as it is, but someone has to say “the Emperor has no clothes”!

Out BIG CITIES have become largely unlivable: racked with governmental corruption, NO real police protection, and riddled with bad water, food deserts, and no contact with real Nature anymore for any of the residents!

Light pollution, noise pollution, traffic pollution, and just too many people pollution have ruined our big cities!

And our suburbs!  Our suburbs ringed about major cities are elitist places nowadays, obsessed with “big dollar high achievement at the expense of anything else”, and likewise an obsession with status and money, since nowadays that is what it takes to remain in the suburbs.  The nice ones, that is.  The ones that retain some semblance of normal American values, that try to emulate some semblance of real, small town values...

God bless the suburbs, but they are fighting a losing battle against the over-the-top corruption and crime of the big cities all around them!  They are fast turning into Gated Communities, hoping to retain their character.  Big, top down government will NOT allow that to continue.  Besides, the cost of admission via housing costs is prohibitive to anyone with a normal job!

So where should a Paleo type of person live??

A smaller city (less than 500,000 people) is ok, but the ideal is to live outside of a small town, or small city of 50,000 or so.

In my opinion, this is ideal.  In the ancient Greek city-states, like Athens and Sparta, this was the average size of a “polis”, meaning a citizenship or body of citizens.  Anything more becomes unmanageable!  In communities of this size, every person still matters, and has a real voice.

So, pick out a small town, outside of a small city!  Or, if you are more urban minded, you can live right IN that small city!!  Cities of that size are kind of “small towns” in and of themselves, in this day and age.

The water will be better!  If you live outside of the city, you can rely on well water, which will be vastly better! 

The light pollution can be very little indeed, giving you wonderful sleep, without needing blackout curtains.  And the noise pollution will be virtually non-existent.

You will be able to afford a large acreage to live in (avoid “developments”!, which will give you an area in which to “forest bathe”, and simply to have wonderful privacy for your family and yourself to exercise outside, and expose yourself to the sunshine and the Vitamin D without anyone staring like an idiot with disapproval that you aren’t wearing sun screen...

You will be able to grow a large garden, digging in the pro-biotic rich earth, and reinforcing your gut microbes daily, as you run, walk, and spring around your yard barefoot!  You can have chickens for their eggs and meat if you want, and there will definitely be a farmer or rancher close by that you can befriend and have a relationship to gain real, fertile eggs (I you don’t have your own), and pastured beef, pork, and poultry!)  This is in and of itself invaluable!

Above all, you will have divorced yourself from the opinions of idiots.

In big cities especially, but also in suburbs as well, you are inundated with liberal, Big Government ideas.  What I mean by this is, the pervasive ideals that none of us can do things on our own, we need Big Government to tell us what to do, since most of us are so stupid and inept!

Nothing could be further from the truth!!

Big, Federal Government is the problem, not the solution!  We need to go “Back to the Future”- the original  promise of the American Revolution, which said that Each citizen should decide how the  country is run- NOT the Federal Government! 

Small government, local government should rule.  The voice of your neighbors, local voices, people you know and deal with are the ones to determine how things should be done!  NOT big bureaucrats, that have self serving agendas.

America was a conservative revolution, originally.  The ONLY ONE in history, really!

It was called the “Protestant Experiment” back then.

It was wonderfully successful. So successful that many worldwide want to bring us down!  (Jealousy is a terrible thing).

We are on the verge of losing all of our success.  The days of Andy Griffith and small town Americana are struggling against a Federal intrusion agenda that threatens to destroy our health, our wellness, and our way of life! 

Vote with your feet!! 

Just as people did in the last days of Rome, when the big government corruption was destroying the empire-

Leave ROME!  Find a home well outside of the big cities, and create your own paleo friendly GARDEN!

Be like Maximus, in The Gladiator movie!  As he moved out to Spain, building an estate there...

You can move to the Midwest, or the South or the West...
And build your own estate!  Far from Rome!!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #97 Modern Medicine is NOT based on Modern Science!

pqtd 97  Modern Medicine is not based on Modern Science

This is a sad podcast to have to make, because it is upsetting to many folks... but, it is true, nonetheless!  We are all the victim of an unnatural allegiance to “science” at all costs- I mean science has all the answers, does it not??

This seems reasonable on the face of it, but in our modern day, science has been replaced, largely, with scientism. 

This is the insistence that all of our problems, in fact everything in our lives can be reduces to... science based answers! 

The problem is, most of our evidence based science has been replaced with 30 year old scientism. 

For instance, it has been known for decades that a low fat, high carb diet as pushed by the USDA and the Federal Government does NOT lead to health.  In fact, it is a diet that will make you FAT AND SICK, diabetic and prone to heart disease and cancer, among many other diseases. 

And yet, this is the recommended “My Plate” diet!  The real, evidence based science is all there: in fact, it has been there for decades.  But in an environment where medical doctors and institutions have been promoting that diet for about 40-50 years, and where most doctors are working on what they learned at least 20-30 years ago, they keep on promoting what is not real, evidence based science- they promote scientism, or the illusion of science, based on outdated ideas that have been proven wrong by the evidence.  Experimental evidence, experiential evidence, and the evidence of endless contrary outcomes!

Many other things spring to mind:

Statins are shown to be of almost no benefit to anyone who has not already had a heart attack.  (They are still very widely prescribed, although the side effects are horrific, and the benefits pretty much non-existent in the vast majority of cases).
Statins are prescribed for women, for whom there is no evidence that there is any benefit whatsoever.  In fact, as women get older, the higher their cholesterol levels, the better their life expectancy!
When Pharmaceutical companies fund over 2/3 of medical “research”, what do you think their outcomes will recommend?  A paleo type of diet?  Good exercise, solid sleep, and meditation???  No... more pharmaceutical drugs!!
Flu shots- did you know there is no real science behind these heavily marketed shots?  It’s all a big marketing scam, based on “scientism”, not real science, that is foisted on the public for profit??
Bottom line- we have a “profit based health care system”, not a “science based health care system”. 

If all of this doesn’t “scare you straight”, and make you want to be your own doctor, it should. 

No one cares about your health like you do.  Do NOT just go on about your normal lifestyle, eating fast food crap and processed junk like soybean oil salad dressings and pizza, thinking the medical system will fix you if anything goes wrong.  They won’t!

It is in their interest to have you destroy your own health by following their recommendations, and getting diabesity, and all of the autoimmune diseases that come along with that.  Then, you can purchase drugs, forever, for as long as your miserable, pain-wracked life goes on, as you continue to eat the disease encouraging “healthy whole grains” and low fat garbage and sugar until you give them every bit of your savings during your last few weeks in the hospital...

But, at least you’ll know, you did it all in the name of SCIENCE!

Er... I mean  SCIENTISM!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #96 Raw dairy- the perfect food!

And the Lord said, I am come down to deliver my people out of the hand of the Egyptians and unto a good land, a land flowing with milk and honey.” 

Did you know that the forerunner to today’s Mayo clinic, the Mayo foundation was place where the principle treatment was using raw milk as a cure for many diseases?  It’s true- in 1929, the founder of Mayo, J.E. Crewe, M.D., wrote a book entitled Raw Milk Cures Many Diseases.

Here is an excerpt:  “For fifteen years the writer has employed the certified milk treatment in various diseases and during the past ten he had a small sanitarium devoted principally to this treatment. The results obtained in various types of disease have been so uniformly excellent that one’s conception of disease and its alleviation is necessarily changed.”

It has been substantially proved through many, many studies over many decades that the nutrient composition of raw milk from healthy cows, raised in sanitary conditions on good feed, is vastly superior to commercial, pasteurized milk.  The only reason big agribusiness milk requires pasteurization is because these cows are generally not raised in sanitary conditions, but are instead crowded together inside, in filthy conditions, to get “the most milk for the buck!” 

And the “milk” from these cows is not even vaguely in the same class as the real milk that most of us still cannot even buy, since in many states it is illegal.  Can you imagine: here in Wisconsin, “America’s Dairyland” (it’s right on our license plates!) it is illegal to buy raw, real milk from your neighborhood farmer!  You are supposed to consume fake, sugar-water skimmed milk, ideally, because it is “low in fat”.  What a joke!  The fat in the milk is what carries all the nutrition which makes raw milk one of the most healthy, nutritious foods on the planet.  A food that once was thought to have been consumed since 10,000 years ago, but now archeological evidence indicates that 30,000 years ago people in the High Sinai Peninsula at the north end of the Red Sea used fences to aid in confining and breeding antelope for their milk.-They likely were one of many cultures that used milk long before the beginnings of agriculture.

So now you see, raw milk has been a mainstay of health and wellness for a long, long, long time! 

In fact, there is no food better for you than raw milk- now, at last, there is a bill in front of the Wisconsin legislature to legalize raw milk once again!  I have called my state legislator, and I was told he would support it.  But why was it ever taken away is a legitimate question.

So let me end up with a quote from Dr. Ron-”

The same repressive, reactionary forces that have concentrated power and wealth into the hands of a few have outlawed raw milk and destroyed the ability of small farms to survive and thrive – and ushered in the epidemic of heart disease, cancer and other chronic problems plaguing the modern world.
Raw milk is the key to the health crisis, the farm crisis, the economic crisis, the small town crisis, even the environmental crisis, the political crisis and the educational crisis. Farmers who could freely advertise and sell raw milk and its products, and fresh quality meats, free of government intervention and hassles, could prosper, and their communities could blossom. The restoration of our individual and national health could become reality.

Amen to that!

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