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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Green Smoothie Cure on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day Podcast

The green smoothie cure

A green smoothie, all by itself, pretty much cures everything!
I know, that sounds like crazy talk, but I assure that it is true. How can this be true?

Well, simply by taking a handful or so of greens, adding in a can of coconut milk, some kefir, green tea, fresh or frozen cruciferous veggies like broccoli & cauliflower, & a couple of raw eggs, a peeled lemon with a handful of berries-then blending it all together in a high speed blender like a Vitamix - why, you are packing your body with so much nutrition that you can't HELP but be healthy!
And not only is it a load of nutrients that pretty much no modern person ever gets to eat- this nutrient dense drink also inevitably displaces all of the crap you might eat instead of the smoothie- the toast, the donuts, the candy and all the other stuff people nowadays eat and drink instead of real foods! You simply are completely full and satisfied, and find that you just are not thinking about, or tempted by processed foods.

Then, if you are like me, & add in cod liver oil, ginger, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cinnamon, vitamin D liquid,kelp powder, and whatever other nutrient powerhouses you have handy (you certainly don't need to follow a recipe), you will find that you can easily make a smoothie of one variety or another. Variety is great, and actually makes it even more certain that you will never have the little nutritional “holes” most people have in their diets.

I'm convinced that it is because of these “holes” of nutritional lacking, people are constantly hungry.

They try to fulfill this hunger by endless snacking and eating- but since they never fill the basic NUTRIENT NEEDS , the body keeps sending hunger signals.

To no avail! If you just eat nutrient poor, calorie rich food- you will always be hungry, and yet ironically malnourished.

In other words, you will just continually store more ands more fat, while your poor body sickens from lack of nutrition!

I honestly think that, were you to do just ONE THING for your health, it would be to drink a daily green smoothie. Nothing else you can do comes close to that one simple solution..
To your health!

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

We Are Here to CREATE!

“At dawn, when you have trouble getting out of bed, tell yourself: ‘I have to go to work – as a human being. What do I have to complain of, if I’m going to do what I was born for – the things I was brought into the world to do? Or is this what I was created for? To huddle under the blankets and stay warm?’”- Marcus Aurelius

I am utterly convinced now of the importance of creating something as part of a healthy lifestyle- a paleo type of lifestyle!

It’s not all just about eating right, sleeping well, keeping in touch with your “tribe” and family, and doing proper exercise in the beauty of nature.  Of course, as I go about ad nauseum on my podcasts and blogs, all of those things are just crucial to total health and well-being.  But there is one more aspect of life that, if ignored, will leave you ultimately unfulfilled and even not fully a realized human being- creation!

Now, I don’t mean you have to sculpt statues or paint works of art.  (Although those would be great!)  I just mean, you need to have things that you work at, things that use your skills to realize the creation of something, anything really, of value.  And it could just be of value to you, even if no one else appreciates what you create, heck- maybe you are like Van Gogh, and will be revered after your death.  It doesn’t really matter though- it needs to be something that fulfills you.

Maybe you love to cook, and you take one day to master a particular recipe- great!  You are a creator- for that day.  The thing is, though, you need to create pretty much daily, or at least most days.  We are not meant to live our lives to be “entertained”, but sadly, in our modern processed food world, most of us increasingly are relying on “processed entertainment” to keep us occupied.

Even if you get up early as I recommend after a good 8-9 hours of sleep, exercise thoroughly from your head to your toes, drink your fat-laden coffee and your green smoothie, and then meditate or pray for 20 minutes… well, that’s not enough.  Not really, although you will be amazingly healthy after a bit of living like that, and will look and feel great.  You will be vibrant and alive with healthy energy, and will enjoy going to the grocery of the farmer’s market, stocking your larder, and planning wonderful family meals.

Let’s say you also have an ample income, and are quite secure in your home life and financial situation.  You go to a great church, you volunteer and do things for charity, and are giving by helping out with friends, family, and neighbors.  All of that is wonderful, and your life will be quite full and fulfilling to a large extent.

But- if you fill your quiet time, your time alone, by watching movies, reading books, watching televised sports, and surfing the internet randomly… you are not a fully autonomous, fulfilled human being.  You will feel a lack.  That is a lack of creative purpose!

Remember when you were a young boy or girl- when you awakened in the morning, you could scarcely wait to jump out of bed and start in on your latest infatuation!  Whether it was your dollhouse, or your little fort you were building with your brother, that creative endeavor was so exciting and energizing that you could hardly stand it to stay in bed one more instant- you wanted to create.

This want, or need to create never leaves us.  We leave it, moving on to more “grown up” pursuits, usually making money takes over.  And making money, while necessary, it is so easy to let it consume us.  After you have enough, when you can live a relatively relaxed life without material want, (which is the state of most Americans today, whether they realize it or not), it is time to recognize your true calling.  To create!

To grow a garden, or sew a quilt.  To make music, or write a book.  You can build a hot-rod, or restore a motorcycle.  The point is, it doesn’t matter what your subconscious- your right brain- tells you would fulfill you.  But you have to listen!  You can’t drown out that little inward voice by binge watching Netflix or Amazon Prime video for hours, or studying up on the NFL fantasy football stats.  Not even by reading great classics of literature, although that is great in and of itself, that is still “consumption”.

And we are all, all of us here, I firmly believe- to create.

And, just as in ignoring our evolutionary biology by eating modern processed fake foods will destroy us physically and mentally,   leading us down the pharmaceutical drug based yellow brick road of sickness and the symptom-masking dependence on ever more and more drugs and medical procedures-

So will ignoring the biological, evolutionary imperative need to be creative crush both our clear vision of just why we are here, and what we are here for- it will crush our spirit.

Whatever your prime directive is, it is within you.  Don’t stifle it, and most especially don’t stifle it in the endless acquisition of, and fascination with- money!  Your true, evolutionary, paleolithic, right-brained intuitive self, the one that jumped out of bed instantly to get to work on the latest creation as a child knows- that is just a distraction, a distraction from our real purpose.

We are here to create.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making Health Habits- How To

Creating habits for health is probably the very best thing you can do in life!
Wow, that sounds extreme, but it is 100% true. “Once begun, half done,” as the old saying goes, is true of anything. And the truth is that, if you don’t eat right, it you don’t exercise, if you don’t sleep a solid 8 hours per night, and so on- you are not going to be healthy.

And, by not being healthy, you will be destined, over time, to be unhappy as well. That’s just how life works, grasshopper… Even if you are very successful, say, in your career, and make lots of money- if you are unhealthy, and don’t have a fulfilling family life and social life, along with a well balanced spiritual life- you lose! You lose the happiness prize!

The good news is that all of these pillars of a healthy, fit, happy life are all derived simply from developing good habits. And developing good habits is a pretty straightforward, and not really difficult endeavor. Step 1 is simply to figure out what good habits are essential for health:

1. Eat a healthy, paleo type of diet. Most people find this the hardest to do, so start here. Start with a big breakfast, so get up plenty early to make it, along with packing a good lunch. Do not have any grains with your breakfast, such as toast. Also, no juice, which is just sugar water. A green smoothie is ideal, but you can just start with eggs and bacon and/or sausage, and coffee. If you have no problems with dairy, load that coffee with cream! And remember- don’t limit yourself as to how many eggs or how much meat you can have- eat as much as you desire- it’ll keep you full.

Do this every day, for a solid week. Then, go for another week! Each night have meat with vegetables for supper, and sometimes have a sweet potato or white potato, loaded with sour cream and butter. Or perhaps some white rice with your pork chop. Just no grains at all, and don’t drink milk, especially not skimmed. Cottage cheese, full fatted, is also great for meals or snacks.
Now, do it for a third week. You should never let yourself be hungry, ever! Stay satiated, and happy with protein and especially lots of good fat. Never touch margarine or other industrial seed/vegetable oils- eat the real stuff!

Congratulations- that was the hardest part of the whole habit making and changing strategy. You now follow a paleo type of diet, and after 3 weeks you should feel and look good enough that you will never desire to give up this healthiest of all habit.

2. Keep up with your diet habit, but now add in the sleep habit- go to sleep each night early enough that you get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep per night. You could do this first, making it easy then to get up early and make your food for the day, but it is your choice. The food changes make the most obvious improvements, so I’ve started there, but it’s your choice. Keep this up for a couple of weeks, and you will be ready for the next step.

3. Exercise! This is also a tough one for folks to whom it is new, but it is as important as your nutrition and sleep. You may want to go to bed even a little earlier, just to make sure you have the time to exercise in the morning. I don’t want you to do a lot- in fact, it is key that you do not! I want you to start with 10 minutes of exercise, all done in your living room.

Turn on the TV, Netflix or Amazon Prime is ideal since they pick up playing right where you left off last viewing. As the show plays, I always start with virtual resistance exercise, which is where you flex each muscle group through its whole range of motion for reps. For instance, you can do the “high reach”, where you flex one arm at a time as high as you can reach, flexing through the whole range of motion for, say, 8 reps. Next, do flies, where you cross your arms as if doing dumbbell flies in front of your chest, flexing with internally generated resistance. Then, pulldowns as if chinning yourself, flexing all the while, followed by half-squats, flexing your quads as you go down. Finish up with curls, flexing hard for 8 reps.

The sequence, again:
High reach
Half Squats

That’s it! You should feel energized, and your entire physique should be enjoying a nice “Pump”. Pause your show for the next day, and look forward to it, since you will now only watch your program while exercising. (A great incentive!)

4. Do this, along with good sleep and a wonderful diet for three weeks. By now, you will be looking and feeling great, and will be wondering what additional things you can do to keep this going, and even accelerate your progress. Congratulations, not only on your great improvements in health but more importantly-
On developing wonderful Habits of Health!

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

10 Commandments of Health from

10 Commandments of Health for the New Year!

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1. EAT REAL FOOD- this may seem obvious to you- "Of course I eat real food, what other kind is there?  Well, in our modern, processed food jungle, there are all too
many fake, "food like substances" that really don't qualify as food.  Such as fast food, genetically modified and engineered substances like modern wheat, vegetable oils and margarine that are industrial seed oils only fit for machine lubricants, all kinds of candies and soda pop and artificial sweeteners and I can't even begin to list them all!  Just remember: if it's from a bag or a box, it's probably not real food.

2. Drink a Green Smoothie Daily.  "Well that doesn't sound very Natural or Paleo!" I can hear you say.  Sure, you can just eat about a pound of greens, cruciferous veggies, some berries, every day.  And you and put turmeric and coconut milk on them, wash them down with green tea mixed with ginger, and also quaff some kefir mixed with kelp powder... but wouldn't it be easier by far to just put them all in a Vitamix for a week's worth all at once, put in canning jars in the fridge for breakfast each day?  Or even to make a daily one in a Nutribullet each day??  Besides, it saves a LOT of chewing, and all the fiber is still all there.

3. Sleep 8 hours per night.  This does't sound too sexy or earthshaking either, does it?  But,  that is just the point- there really important things that you do on a regular, daily basis, make all the difference in your health and wellness.  And sleep is every bit as important as our next commandment, although no one brags about it like they do:

4.Exercise Daily. This includes stretching! Everyone loves to talk about how much, and how avidly, they exercise!  Or, almost everyone.  Especially those who exercise too much- the crazily chronically cardio, who seem to think the most important thing in life is to burn more calories than anyone else! (It's not- we are human "chemical factories", not machines, that only run on calories burned.  Our complex systems run on hormones, amount of muscle and bone built, and most of all on NUTRIENTS.  We need high quality, natural, REAL FOOD.  (See Commandment #1)
We all need strength work, walking (preferably barefoot), along with some cardio- however, if you do high rep bodyweight resisted exercise, you are combining strength work with 'High Intensity' cardio, all together.  Skip the weights, (along with the long distance cardio) and try this instead!

5. Meditate and/or Pray.  They are much the same- by putting practical, immediate conscious thought away for a time, we commune through our unconscious self-our subconscious mind- that part of us that represents our truest self, with the divine and with that Nature that is all around us.  10 - 20 minutes per day is adequate for most, and just like adequate sleep, it enables us to be our best selves.

6. Cultivate Your 'Tribe'.  Now, your tribe could be lots of things: your family and relatives, your neighbors, your church body, or even a close group of good friends.  Or any combination thereof; only you know who is truly important to you.  Don't let them slip away!  We are all social people, and an individual without a tribe is a sad thing, destined for unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life.

7. Do Not Eat Fake Foods.  This is the antithesis of commandment number 1, which is so important we need to point out its negative side- bad processed foods.  "Love your body as you love yourself"- don't load it with various poisons and anti-nutrients that will compromise your health, leaving your vulnerable to auto-immune and other diseases.  Skip the Oreos, the jelly-belly's, Taco Bell and McDonald's, chips and doodles.  They really do destroy health, just not right away.  Like cigarettes, they have been chemicalized and loaded with all sorts of enticements to our bodies to make them almost irresistible.  Don't even dabble in them, they are that addictive.

8. Divest Thyself of Crutches and Casts.  Let me explain: when you use crutches, your legs grow quite weak rather quickly.  Just as if you have to put a broken arm in a cast, it withers to a fraction of its former size and strength.  Granted, those are necessary, short term: but by wearing shoes all of the time, or eyeglasses, or even sitting in chairs all of the time- you are doing essentially the same thing.
       Shoes lock your feet into little "casts", and the small muscles, tendons, and the entire structure of the foot itself deteriorates, kind of collapsing, and depending on the cast of the shoe for its very shape and support.  And foot ailments, such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and all kinds of toe ailments are born!
        Best "shoes" for times you can't go totally barefoot?  XERO SHOES
       Eyeglasses do the same, over time, to your eyes!  You will need stronger and stronger prescriptions if you rely totally on glasses and contacts- try to take them off as often as you can, such as when you are at home, or in your yard.  Practice gazing at the horizon as our ancestors did, who never needed glasses because of it.  And take frequent breaks from staring at screens!
        And as to chairs: try to sit on the floor at home, instead of a chair or the couch, as much as possible.  This is crucial, not just for your legs, but for your spine!  We are ground based creatures, and if we literally "hang out" in little body supports like car seats and chairs for most of our lives, we will not only have back ailments and ever-weakening lower leg structures- we will be early candidates for "lift chairs", and then we will REALLY deteriorate quickly.

9. Do Not Take Drugs.  And I don't mean just recreational drugs, I mean especially prescription drugs!  We have been fed a line about how illegal drugs are the worst- bad as they can be, the amount of people killed and addicted to PRESCRIPTION drugs is far, far more!  There is really no comparison- all drugs have side effects, and usually they are worse than the symptoms they are prescribed to mask!
         Just say "NO"... to your Doctor!

10.  Avoid Modern Medicine.  I don't mean if you get hit by a bus, or shot- in those cases, you need emergency care!  The problem is in ongoing, so-called "preventative care and medical procedures and drugs".
        Iatrogenic is a term meaning death by doctor.  This is a cause of more deaths than heart disease, (#1) and cancer (#2).  Shocking?  Here are the yearly figures :

106,000 Non-error, negative effects of drugs
280,000 Infections in hospitals
45,000 Other errors in hospitals
12,000 Unnecessary surgery
87,000 Medication errors in hospital

250,000 Total deaths per year from iatrogenic causes

I don't blame most doctors- most mean well, but they are working in a broken system, where the administrators, who want to extract the most money from the clinic as possible, are far less concerned with actually healing disease.  But, also, most doctors have been taught in medical schools that have been co-opted by the pharmaceutical companies, and they make sure that most of the curriculum revolves around- prescribing their drugs.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Escaping a Cold, and


I, your usually super healthy PaleoJay, have just recovered from a week long bout with a bad cold! It was doubly bad, since I haven’t had any kind of a cold for years now; to the best of my recollection it has been over 6 years since I had a cold that lasted longer than one day. I am just almost never sick, which I ascribe to my lifestyle and nutrition.

But not this time! In fact, I am broadcasting this on a Thursday, when I always broadcast on Wednesdays- I have for years now. However, yesterday, I was pretty much without a voice. But then, last night, I finally slept the night through with no coughing, and today I feel great. It was awful, as I’m sure you can all relate.

But, I’d like to interject here: I also have a new website, called This at least I could kind of do while still being sick, but I would have enjoyed it much more if I had been well… but, this site, along with its accompanying blog, is a bit different from

This is more philosophical, more political, more writing oriented (I’m writing books now), and even some music is involved. I want to demonstrate how to walk the talk, not just to talk it. Tales and discussions around the paleo campfire, if you will. Putting you in touch with great ideas, both of how to live healthily, but also how to live well, morally, and with a purpose.

We all “works in progress”, but here we will term it walks in progress. Just what should we do on this walk through life? It really is the ultimate question, and we will explore it on

And now, let’s go back to PQTD:
I listened to a podcast just today, now that I no longer need it (this time!), by Chris Masterjohn about preventing colds. He goes into everything in excruciating scientific detail, but basically he identified exactly what type of zinc lozenge actually works, by keeping the cold virus from replicating itself. It is Enhanced Zinc Lozenges which you can get here:enhanced zinc lozenges

Years ago, I used to use zinc lozenges after reading about it. The first time I did it, it actually worked!

So, I bought a supply of an orange flavored variety to use, and tried it repeatedly… it never worked, if anything I got sicker than ever. (This was way back before beginning my healthy paleo lifestyle and diet, and so I did get sick just about yearly). It turns out that those candy-flavored ones don’t actually work- you need to take the type with zinc acetate, that taste not-too-good, but actually work!

Chris explains that in his podcast, which you can find here: chris masterjohn podcast

But, for the rough outline, all you need to know is to slowly dissolve a capsule in your mouth for at least 20 minutes at the very first sign of a cold. You can repeat throughout the day a few times, and that should do it- kill your cold!

If you’ve been healthy a long time, as I have, you might be thinking: “Oh, big deal- a cold!” Let me tell you, a bad cold really sucks, and pulls the joy out of a week of your life. If you can avoid it by such an easy method, why not!? I ordered my Enhanced zinc lozenges, and feel empowered whenever the cold virus shall strike! And so I recommend to you, my tribal friends.

And you know what else I discovered? If you work out pretty much every morning, as I do, stretching, doing strength and mobility work along with pushups, hindu squats and situps- you come to take for granted just how good you feel! It seems like a birthright, and when you hear others complain of sore backs, and heads, and shoulders, and- well, just about everything, you think they are making it all up, or at least exaggerating.

They are not! After a week of being able to do little other than some lackadaisical stretching and movement patterns, I felt just awful. And not only from the cold- my body just felt sluggish, only partly alive, as did my brain. I began to see how very important simple exercise and movement is for health again, firsthand!

This morning, I awakened feeling pretty fresh. I went downstairs, set my mat on the ground, and went through my usual routine, maybe a bit lighter in intensity than usual. Although normally I would have done my super-intense multiple set pushup workout on a Thursday, I decided to go light, and maybe do that one tomorrow. Call me gun shy.

And you know what? As I went through the workout, using virtual resistance to flex/pose my muscles through all their range of motion, from head to toe, I felt better and better. I got on my rebounder, and did the same moves with a different end-point and long isometric flex, and I felt even better. Then, getting on the mat and doing my stretches and back-bridge at last, holding it for a couple of minutes for the first time in a week, I felt the energy from the blood entering my head waking me up, as if from a week’s long restless, bad sleep.

I felt like a new man! Why anyone would deny them that feeling of totally living that comes from such a rejuvenating protocol as perfectly paleo types of exercise I don’t understand. It can only be from ignorance, from not realizing just how really good you can look, feel, and perform- for your whole life. Exercise is that important.

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