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Monday, October 11, 2021

Bulletproof Your Body and Mind podcast on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe

 I am 69 years old.  I mention this because it explains where I am at, and I want to discuss how priorities change over the years.  Not completely, but what is most important to you at age 20 or so is not the same as what you value most at age 40, 50, 60, or even (gulp) 70!

Some things do stay the same, at least if you have chosen your priorities wisely.  Health and fitness were always important to me, although organized sports never were.  I was into cross country and track in high school, and music was also important.  I was a skinny kid, and so weight lifting, and then body building became important in my college days.  Good nutrition became paramount then, since you can’t build up from bad food.  I loved how good I felt!

I was never motivated by money, for good or ill.  I don’t say it’s good or bad, but for me money just wasn’t ‘it’.  Not my raison detre, or reason for being.  I loved reading and literature, philosophy, music and only desired to earn money by honest physical labor.  Most of my peers back in the 1970’s were into business, and earning as much as possible, and how was far more important than why!

Fast forward to now; I hope you’re not bored.  I’m going to make a point, rest assured pilgrim…

I still train pretty much daily.  But now, my goal is not so much to be bigger and stronger (through the 50’s that was kind of a constant), but to be healthy.  VERY healthy- bulletproof really!  Not just me, but my tribe and family- healthy and fit, mentally and physically- thriving in every way.  Spiritually, mentally, physically: (just like in the Wizard of Oz), when the munchkins are determining whether or not the witch is truly dead!

At 69, I want myself, and all about me, to be immune.  Safe from all disease, all frailties of aging, and above all free from captivity to the medical clinic paradigm of disease treatment!  

I want to remain free of disease, aches and pains, and mainly free from the medications, operations, and many other plagues of modern medicine!  And I am increasingly convinced that medical treatments themselves are some of the most horrific aspects of modern life and aging!

My mother’s brother, Uncle Bob, just celebrated his 99th birthday last week.  He celebrated by playing in his band, and dancing with his daughter and grand daughters.  He only went to the doctor once in his life, when he enlisted in the army during WW2.  No vaccines ever, and he can do anything that I can do today- he posed for his latest family photo (he has 12 children), sitting cross-legged in front of them all!  

This is my role model.  (My mom is 95, and independent at home), while Aunt Janie is 98 in a few weeks, and takes no prescription drugs at all.  I believe Uncle Bob should be the role model for us all.

So Uncle Bob and his siblings are winners in life.  Bulletproof!  And that is where I am heading as well, and I hope you too will follow along.  

My workouts now are brief, yet intense.  I workout in the early mornings in front of the TV (as I often say), and that keeps me completely faithful.  Who would miss a workout when that is the only time I allow myself to watch movies and news?  At least one half of my morning workout is stretching, since as you age that becomes ever more important.  But it also includes sit ups, virtual resistance flexing, rebounding, self-resisted exercises and isometrics, and pushups.

I have a rural property, (by design), and my mornings are usually taken up with yard work, snow plowing, mowing, gardening, cutting wood, and all the other satisfying yet demanding physical work of country living.  If you cut yourself off from nature, from the land and the natural world, you are really no longer living.  Not really.  We are, and should always be, part of nature!

If I lived in town, much less in an apartment or condominium of enforced leisure… to me, it would be like being in prison.  A human zoo animal.  Don’t ever aspire to this nightmare of city living.  It is an enticement to a delusion.  Enter in, and you will soon realize you are within an episode of the Twilight Zone, where you suddenly realize what a horrible mistake you made in your bid for material comfort.

Let’s get back to bulletproofing!  Firstly, eat a good, honest paleo type of diet. I know ‘paleo’ has become unfashionable of late, but don’t be misled: keto is now fashionable, but it is only for short- term use, and is now a celebrity type of thing.  Just eat a mainly meat and animal based diet, with some greens and fruits and berries, and a daily smoothie ideally with those veggies within it, along with kefir, apple cider vinegar, and spices like ginger and turmeric and liquid vitamin D.  Grill lots of beef, mushrooms, some potatoes and occasional pork and chicken.  Seafood as well, occasionally- but mainly beef, lamb, and more beef!  Organs are the best, but liver pills and sardines will suffice if you can’t stomach the liver and heart and other organs…  

A couple of times per week, work out again in the afternoon.  Just a half and hour or so, and do exercises, to build up your knees, feet, ankles, and hips.  This will keep you free of the ridiculous epidemic of knee, hip, and other replacement surgeries that have taken over common sense in health!  

Also, work your upper body as well, and the best way to do this, after years of experimentation and evaluation is gymnastic rings.  These are a miracle tool, almost a panacea: you can do pushups (easily and pain free), pull-ups, dips, one-legged squats, rows- the list goes on and on.  Get a set for about $25 or so, hang them in your basement like mine, or in your garage or outside on a tree branch or playground piece of equipment- they are like gold.  A couple times a week, and you will be built- jacked- functional strength along with aesthetics in the extreme!  Rings are that effective.

This is the kind of fitness you want to take with you into your old age.  Strong, lean, functional fitness, that will allow you to hoe and rake, play with your grandkids, hook up your tractor attachments without trouble, and sit cross-legged on the ground around your campfire into old age!

The kind of utilitarian fitness that will keep you from spending your retirement years going to endless medical treatments and surgeries, that will keep you focussed on fun day trips with your grandkids, and taking small journeys with your spouse to (hopefully rural) destinations nearby, since you chose well on where to live your lives.

It is the future to live in nature, in more rural environments.  This is what we are meant for!  Just as I used to play music for pure fun, for popular effect, and for money…

My future is more in playing in church.  Old hymns are now my favorite, played on slide acoustic guitar.  Purely for the joy of it, for the worship!

Live for your passion.  Music, health, fitness.  Become bulletproof, lifelong, both you and yours.  Read, sing, play, dance; whatever you are called to do!  

Don’t just do “What makes the most money”.    Herein lies despair.

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