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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips 3 out now!

Podcast under construction... but now, Paleo Quick Tips 3 is up and ready!  Don't miss it!  You can click on the orange square to the right, and you can listen right on your computer, or you can get it from, or you can just get it from iTunes and listen to it on the go!

iTunes is a great place to get other paleo podcasts as well; also, while you're there, please take a moment to review my podcast.  This will enable me to reach more folks with this message about changing over to an ancestral diet... so, please please me, if I please you...


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Static Contraction Training

A really time efficient and worthwhile type of exercise to add to your arsenal is static contraction training.  Along with visualized resistance, which we have spoken of before, or with either weight training or, in my opinion the better option of bodyweight exercise, static contractions can increase your strength fast, conveniently, and effectively.

Although you will read elsewhere about using various apparatus to immobilize the muscle, all you really need to do is...use one limb to immobilize the other.  
That is what I am doing here.

Start (in this case a biceps curl), and when you get half-way up, keep pressing against the other arm, but resist strongly... and keep resisting while trying to curl upwards for several seconds.  

Simple, yet very effective.  

You can do this type of exercise for most of your body's muscular structures- military presses and lateral raises self-resisted, wrist curls are very effective for strengthening your wrists to prevent carpal tunnel syndrom, neck exercises self-resisted with your hands against your head...

The list goes on and on!

The point to remember is to resist strongly at one point in the movement, and to keep trying to move past the resistance strongly. And, don't always stop "half-way"- sometimes stop 1/4 or the way, sometimes 2/3- this takes the static strengthening effect into all the ranges of movement.

I like to do 1/3 one day, 1/2 the next, and 3/4 the next...

And, the real takeaway here is this: 

This style of training produces real-world, functional strength!

It strengthens not just the muscles, but the tendons and ligaments, making your joints more stable, not less, and preventing injury, not causing it, as is often the case when using weights or machines.  

And, you can do it anywhere, and you don't have to change clothes or drive to a gym to do it!

I will do a podcast on exercise soon- stay tuned!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips #2 podcast up!

To hear the latest podcast of Paleo Quick Tips, you need to go to iTunes, or Paleojay on podbean, or at Feedburner to hear RIGHT NOW! (Or subscribe via Google)

It's up now - Paleo Quick Tips podcast #2!  You can also just subscribe on iTunes- so go ahead and do it!  It's free, and easy as well; plus, you'll never miss any of the future podcasts...

Speaking of podcasts... if you listen to podcasts (as I do!), and are looking for a great way to download, subscribe, and manage them easily on your iPhone or iPad... get this app-downcast

It's only $1.99, but it makes it possible to "sync" your iphone via wi-fi, on the go, and manages and makes available all the podcasts, of every variety you might want, easy, fast, and available!  (Including that of PaleoJay-Paleo Quick Tips!)

Go ahead and subscribe.  It's fast, fun, and fantastic!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Andy Griffith of Paleo= PaleoJay!

Hi Ya'all!  PaleoJay here, I just want to say that I am pleased as punch that my new podcast has been approved by iTunes!  My goal is to be the folksy, easy-to-understand Sheriff of Paleo, and this here podcast should be my key to do just that.  

Yessir, if you want to learn about Paleo diet and such, straight from the horse's mouth, well go-oll-eey yes this is the place you want to go: 

We will have such fun, and suchlike; oh yes!  

Every week, oh yeah- another podcast!  We will talk nutrition, and sleep, and Barney may stop by to talk lean-ness, and Aunt Bea will cook bone broth...all kinds of such like stuff!  Whee-ooo!!

I hope you all sub-scribe- Otis says he already has, and Gomer - why he's writin' a song about it!

"Paleo Heartbreak" he calls it...  well go-oo-ooly!!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Paleo Quick Tip Podcast!

New Podcast out:

First episode: Paleo Quick Tips #1: Getting started with Paleo is the hardest part- but these tips will make it much easier!

The Family Tradition of healthy living and eating is passed down to PaleoJay from his ancestors,
Flux app for auto-dimming of your computer monitor to help your sleep;
Just start with breakfast; then paleo lunch, then ancestral supper!

I plan to do this podcast every Sunday, so a weekly short podcast containing a few short tips will be winging its way to you, to listen to on your computer, your iPhone or iPod, or your tablet device... all free, all yours, and all Paleolithic (but with new technology helping it along)!

Now, just have to get it up on iTunes!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bariatric Surgery...BYPASS with PALEO!

OK.  Let's just say the girl above was a result of bariatric, or "gastric bypass" surgery of some sort...

This surgery, say you had the common gastric band surgery, would constrict your stomach via a band that constricted your stomach "pouch" until it was made smaller.   Once you had this smaller stomach,  you would be forced to eat smaller amounts of food!

This sounds perfect!  A "diet in a gastric band" surgically implanted!

But the bottom line is this:  this procedure may very well force you to limit calories; but it does not force you to make better (i.e. nutrient dense!) food choices!!

So, you will lose weight!  (Good news!)  But, if you do not choose your new, limited amount of foods wisely, you will be nutritionally deprived.  And, if you choose to overeat in volume, you can experience severe vomiting or excruciating pain.  (Bad News!)

So, why not just eliminate the "Middleman", (the surgeon that "whittles down your middle via the stomach band"?)

Instead, learn to eat a proper, ancestral, paleolithic sort of diet, consisting of meats, vegetables, real honest to goodness fats, seeds, nuts and fruits! 

So, just cut to the chase!  

Imagine that is you pictured above:

Throw the Cheeseburger and Fries out!!


It really is just that simple!  After you ditch the grains and hydrogenated vegetable oils, you are pretty much home free, by default!  (There is nothing else for you to EAT but REAL FOOD!)

Voila: A tiny stomach without surgery!!

You have just "bypassed a bypass", paleo style!

(Notice the caveman above doesn't even know what to do with what's on his tray!
To him, it isn't even edible!)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Pie-leoJay- Pies are now Paleo!

Yes, friends- it turns out that I've been wrong- wrong about PIES! 

It seems as if, in paleo circles, pies have been the "bad guys"- high in sugar, flour, gluten, starch, and every other paleo/primal boogie man you can think of!  But, the recent studies at the prestigious Pie Council institute prove that pie, all kinds of pies,  are the new SUPERFOOD!  Yes, it appears that, even though pies such as apple, pecan, cream pie fruity peanut butter, and even coconut cream mint fluff pie have been demonized for years, they make up for their horrid content by making us really happy!  

Yes, the endorphins created in the body by really tasty, high carbohydrate, loaded-with-sugar pies are so powerful- that they literally make us thin, strong and healthy!

Rob Wolffe says- "Holy Cats!!  Pies are cool with me! I like their gig!"
Mark Sison- "Pies help with my definition!"
Jimmy Moor- "A pie a day keeps the fat at bay!"
PaleoJay- "A little pie is good- more is better!"
Abel Janes- "The dairy through the whipped cream is just the frosting on the top of the goodness of pies!"

In light of this information, I ran a little experiment with my wife at a local restaurant:

Wow!  A great time was had by all!!  So, take it from me, PaleoJay, and all your other Paleo friends listed above:


Well, I hope you've figured it out, but this is April Fool's in October!  

Pie is not even faintly paleo, is a horrible dietary choice, and should be avoided! Really!!

I'm just having a bit of fun, since we stopped at a place that had this whirling pie display case...

Here is what I really had; honest!  And it was great, and totally filling!!

I'm just having a bit of fun here!  The message is the same, from both me, and the (above-mentioned-somewhat-mis-spelled paleo luminaries):  

Grains are poison!
Sugar is too!!
So are "seed oils", margarine, crisco, cool whip, etc.
As Shawne Kroxten, listed above would say:
"Yo- Ya'all- Just Eat Real Food!  (J.E.R.F.)

I should sign off in my brother's name, JERF Bowers... but, as you know, this is just


Friday, October 5, 2012

Track Your Activity, Nutrition, and Sleep all at ONCE- With Dan's Plan!

Since a picture says a thousand words, I thought I'd just start off with Dan's (of Dan's plan) info-graphic!    Here is Dan: he kind of looks like my own little brother, also named Dan!  

But, he has come up with a great way for you to track your health variables, i.e. how much you Eat, Move, and Sleep!

Believe it or not, those three little variables have more to do with your health than anything else- 

more important than all the drugs you have been prescribed??

Yes indeedy- WAY MORE!  

Chris Kresser is fast friends with this guy- they see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, and as you know if you have read much here before, I also see eye-to-eye with Chris... and, since Dan looks a lot like my little brother, and I like his info- I like him too!

So, do yourself a favor- sign up for Dan's plan.   It's free!  You will learn a lot about your current state of health, and more importantly how to dramatically improve it.

And, if you suffer from autoimmune disease, or any other serious problem that a basic "Paleo Prescription" can't cure, go directly to Chris Kresser

 If he can't fix it, nobody can!

Before you embark on your "makeover", just be reminded what Thomas A. Edison said at the turn of the last century, about 1902:

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease"

And let's not forget the founder of Western medicine, Hippocrates:

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health. "

That sounds exactly like Dan's Plan!!

Here is Dan's info-graphic for your intense study and perusal:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reprogram Yourself!

All of us have been brainwashed, since birth if we are 40 or less, to believe that a high fat diet is suicide!!  

The bottom line is that a high fat diet is not suicide: A HIGH CARB DIET IS!!
(Did our primeval ancestors eat LOW FAT??)
I don't think so....

The point is: we are all brainwashed!  We have been since we were tiny toddlers, watching Fred Flintstone (Paleo Dad!) feed his daughter "fruity pebbles"; aka "grain time bombs"!

I would highly recommend that all of us try to... reprogram ourselves!

Think of it like this:

We have all been in a "cult", think of it perhaps as a "Nazi Youth Group" since the 1970's...

A strange cult, where we are taught that real foods are bad (butter, lard, raw milk, cream, coconut milk and oils), and "food-like substances" like (industrial seed oils/margarine/coolwhip, corn oil/peanut/canola/oil, breakfast cereals/whole grains) are good!!? 

Does this sound like a Jimmy Jones style Cult??  


I believe that we all need to re-indoctrinate ourselves- reprogram, if you will!

- high fat, natural sources of fats; ie. raw dairy, high fat dairy, avocado, and oils like coconut oil, that have been vilified for decades, are actually the best source in your diet you could possible have!!


If you want to "reprogram" yourself, I recommend you subscribe to a series of podcasts...  

And blogs....

Start listening to these podcasts NOW, Jimmy Jones cult/lowfat high carb people:

There are just four podcasts you can listen to,( and they have blogs, as well!), on a weekly, or in the case of Jimmy Moore- more than weekly basis!

The main thing is this: 

Just REprogram yourself!  

You have been in a "cult" for your whole life... it's time to break free!!

Do these images look like something your GRANDPARENTS would have eaten??  
(Much less your Paleolithic ancestors...)

Listen to the other side- i.e. "Reality"!!

Soon, you will no longer have a yen to be a vegan, or to eat donuts, or to "party hearty", or whatever!

You will be normalized: you will only look at life as "what will bring me health, and what will not"!  Food, and life itself, is really that simple.

So, for now: 

Just eat REAL FOOD- food your grandparents would have eaten!

Reprogram yourself- relearn what your grandparents would love to tell you!!

(Eat real foods!!)


Monday, October 1, 2012

Butter is Wonderful- Eat it and be Healthy!

We have all been brainwashed for the past 50 years or so about the evils of butter-


Butter, in particular natural, God-made, pastured butter from grass fed cows is one of the healthiest foods on the planet!

My thanks to Dave Asprey, of the for his excellent inforgraphic detailing this fact!

As you know, if you are a frequenter of this blog, I recommend including a hefty helping of pastured butter within your daily paleo smoothie.  Along with the coconut oil and coconut milk, you are getting a really good, healthy dose of good fats, along with the many veggies and fruits and kefir and...well, the list goes on and one, doesn't it?

Rather than concentrating on cutting calories, I believe that we should all be concentrating on packing the maximum amount of nutrition into every bite (or swallow!) that we consume!

The raw nutrients our bodies need come from real foods- make sure you are eating enough of...

(drum roll....)


Not processed grains.  Not processed dairy.  Not fast food, or restaurant industrial seed oil slathered 

Real foods, like you would make in your own kitchen, with butter, coconut oil, real meats and seafood, vegetables galore, and a few fruits.

If it's real food, eat it!  If it's not- don't!

If your Great Grandmother would not recognize what you are about to eat as food-

It's NOT!