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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

1970’s Science in the Doctor’s Office podcast

This one thinks you might have some money left...

 If you are one of those people who run to the clinic to see a doctor for any little ailment, or just to get endless check ups to make sure you are all right; well, you are doing it all wrong my friend!  No offense, but medical interventions are usually the cause of more harm than good.

Iatrogenesis is the term that defines this: it means death by doctor.  This means that the treatment or examination you undergo causes harm.  Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine from 2500 years ago in Greece, had as his fundamental tenet to early healers to first, do no harm!  In modern times, this prime directive has been discarded…

Death by doctor is now the third leading cause of death!  Now, does this make you want to visit your doctor more often?  I certainly hope not: I would advise you to live as people used to live until around the 1970’s in the US at least.  Back in the 50’s and 60’s, when I grew up, we only went to the doctor if we were gravely injured or on our deathbed from a real sickness.  Doctors could do things like set broken bones, or remove a ruptured appendix, or take a bullet out of your body.  They were like human bodywork mechanics, similar to their car repair similar types of workers.  Nothing fancy, they just tried to get the job done.

Now though?  Doctors and hospitals, which throughout time were places to avoid as much as possible, are now depicted as places to go to become and remain healthy.  We are all urged endlessly to go in, get examined (even if we feel great), and to search for ways to be ‘improved’ by medical interventions: drugs and surgeries; endless drugs and surgeries!

It is never mentioned that drugs, and surgeries- all have side effects.  Endless side effects, that are often far worse than the imagined ‘conditions’ we are told we have!  It has reached the point where, if you go in to get ‘checked out’, based upon only your age, say: they will prescribe all kinds of drugs to you!  (With all kinds of side effects that treat your supposed ‘conditions’ that the doctor has found within you.

You have to ask yourself this- do humans need drugs and surgeries to survive?  If this were true, we would have died out long ago- our grandparents never had this stuff done to them, and they lived long and happy lives, generally.  Childbirth was very dangerous in the old days, for both mother and child, and that has been largely solved.  Mainly by early discoveries of sanitation like washing hands between autopsies and deliveries, things like that…

But overall, our health since the 1970’s or so has steadily worsened.  The medical recommendations of low fat, high carb and sugar along with limited red meat has resulted in epidemics of heart disease and cancer, along with a skyrocketing of diabetes!

This is largely because we now have a health care system that is government regulated, and financed as well via employer insurance along with Medicare and Medicaid. Because we the public perceive that now we no longer have to pay for it- why, we will go to the doctor all the time!  It’s free, after all.  

So, the health care costs go up and up and up, far beyond what a normal person could really pay-  but we don’t care.  It’s “free”!  We agree to any shot or procedure, and surgery or bodily mutilation and especially to free drugs.  Drugs that mess with our minds and bodies beyond what anyone could have ever imagined just  a few decades ago…

All of this has even become political- the Leftist Democrat party of Big Government running  everything has destroyed our collective health in a huge way, and now recommend massive injections of toxic substances in the name of a vaccine that threaten the health of young children, with no reason at all, since the children are overwhelmingly not susceptible to the disease that is supposedly being protected against.  It is utter and complete nonsense, and actually evil.

Couple all of this with the fact that your typical health care provider or doctor, usually in simply a repository of 1970’s medical knowledge, ideas that are totally outdated and disproved by more modern findings- but they don’t know, don’t care, and aren’t even allowed to disagree with their clinic employers who call all the shots.

Be your own doctor, and your own clinic, just like in the old days.  Don’t put any drug into your body, unless you do massive research, and especially don’t unless you are really sick.  This Covid thing is real, but it is 99.96% survivable, unless you have totally ignored your health and become diabetic, sick, fragile and weak.  Then, it just might be the tiny push that pushes you over the edge- but then, you would have died soon anyway, since you are diabetic, sick, fragile, and weak.  

Most people wind up regretting both the drugs they are prescribed, and the surgeries they are told they “need”.  

Remember: your body is constantly healing itself!  

That is what it does, all of the time.  If you cut yourself, you cannot stop the cut from healing!  And so it is with all of your bodily ailments- they WILL heal themselves.  Only if you deny your body the good nutrients and building blocks it needs to thrive, will it fail: things like good, adequate animal based protein and fat and sufficient vitamins and minerals from that animal based nutrition.

If you insult your body with unnecessary surgeries and drugs recommended by your medical professionals, who you must remember above all that they profit hugely from everything they recommend:  well then, these will interfere with your body’s healing efforts.

Your body is a near-indestructible temple!  Give it what it needs- above all good, adequate, animal-based nutrition such as would be provided by good Paleolithic hunters, not modern 1970’s vegan fake/science medical providers, and also fortified with adequate sleep, along with avoidance of modern processed low fat fake foodstuffs, and living in sunlight and nature and with adequate exercise and pure air and water.  Do this, and if you can eliminate both medical doctors and interventions and the interference of horrible, self-serving big government agencies- 

Why, then you will be just fine!  YOU are your own best doctor.

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