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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shakeology or Paleo Smoothie?

Or even (gasp) Real Food??!!  Is that even an option?

You bet it is!

I recently read about this Shakeology guy in a business magazine.  It appears that this young, model-type of guy, Darin Olien, is the spokesmodel for this multi-level marketing powdered shake mix, that is affiliated with the much-hyped on TV P90X exercise DVD outfit.

I was curious, since it was a "shake" or smoothie type of deal... so I checked it all out online.

Bottom line?

Darin travels the globe, looking for rare, and probably magical fruits, tubers, nuts, whatever, and then cutting deals with the locals to provide them for his dehydrated Shakeology drinks!  This enables you, the consumer, to purchase these powdered shake-things to mix up in your blender, and replace meals with!  (Sounds eerily like the Paleo Quick Start Smoothie, right?)  Just mix it up with water, almond milk, or extra-sugary juice (it doesn't really matter, does it?) and voila- Shakeology!

I include the ingredient list below; nothing in it is really bad.  Wheat grass, Barley grass, Kamut grass- not so great.  Whey protein, hey, OK.  But at $120.00 for 30 servings... YIKES!!  

Here is my own Paleo Smoothie ingredient list, replete with nutrition, that you can easily make yourself.  The nutrition levels are about as good as it gets:

Quick Paleo Smoothie ingredients list:
My current recipe- variations are not only possible, but encouraged! But the base outlined here is very representative of a transformative replacement meal/ultimate real food supplement in one tasty drink!
Here is part one of the Paleo Quick Start Smoothie:

Coconut Milk- 1 can
Coconut oil and/or red Palm oil- 2 Tablespoons
Carlson’s or Nordic Naturals Cod liver oil- 1 Tablespoon
Powdered kelp- 1 teaspoon
Unsweetened kefir- 1/4 cup
Organic, unsweetened lemon juice- 1 teaspoon
Apple cider vinegar- 1 teaspoon
1-2 cups of green tea
cinnamon- 1 tsp- also great on coffee and whipped cream! (Fresh ground is best-
I use a coffee grinder)
Frozen spinach- approximately 1 cup
Frozen mixed “California Mix” vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), ~1 cup
Frozen mixed berries- blueberries, raspberries, strawberries- 1 cup
1/2 banana (I freeze mine so they don’t over-ripen)
1 peeled orange
2 raw, organic free range eggs (optional) 

Since publishing my ebook, I have begun adding the dried, powdered varieties of:
turmeric 1 tsp
ginger 1 tsp
Both are strong anti-inflammatory agents, among many other benefits.
I have also started substituting dried coconut milk powder for the canned coconut milk..
This is optional, but is cheaper, and more convenient as well!

Part 2-
That’s it! You can also “mix and match” with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables you have on hand- cranberries are a favorite of mine, as is liquid vitamin D in the Winter months!

Part 3-

The beauty of this drink, besides its being economical, real food, is that it has everything that your body and mind need to thrive!!  Nothing exotic, but really, exotic is really not just makes good marketing. 

Save your money!  

It's a multi-level marketing scheme, and I believe P90X is right in the same ballpark- home grown versions of exercise (see are even more effective, and do-able long term.

With all the money you save by avoiding these bogus fitness schemes, you can buy a real fitness tool- a Vitamix Blender, to make your own Paleo Smoothies!!

And, you can also get a Weber Grill and a slow cooker to make...  real food!!  (What a concept!)

You may have enough money left over to buy a chin-up bar, a set of perfect pushup devices, and make your own kettlebell- now you have all you will ever need for fitness AND nutrition!!

Forget the multilevel marketing versions of health- Do it yourself!  
Try Perfectly Paleo Exercise, which also has a LARGE section on nutrition.

Shake-your-booty-ology below:




awb said...

What a mix, I must try it!

futrrocker92 said...

Just curious what it costs you a month with all those ingredients? Also how many people actually want to go through all those steps?
Yes you can buy a pull-up bar but are you going to use it? Who is going to motivate you to do it?

At one time I did think that P90X was not for real. It was a gimmick and why bother with it. The truth is there are thousands of videos and pictures of people that it has transformed their lives. Is this really a gimmick or is it just people doing what actually works. If you are one of those people that is so cheap that you want to do whatever it takes to get something at the best possible price then you will get what you purchase. Sure you can get a pull-up bar but most likely it won't get used. P90X uses a proven exercise program that get results if you do the work.

I suggest trying it before you make judgments about something you really don't understand.

I don't think your diet is bad or what you do. I don't agree with your assessment though about Beachbody being a gimmick. The products work and if they did not there would not be proof.

I can tell you first hand I can design a program. It is not that difficult and I have the background and education to do so. The truth is people need someone to encourage them. Tony Horton is great at that. Not only that having someone do it in front of you motivates you to do more. Can you really get that with a pull-up bar?

PaleoJay said...

The ingredients are not that much- after all, it is the price of the actual food you are eating! Instead of fast food or other "fake" foods, you are ingesting top quality foods, very nutrient dense. It probably takes me 10 minutes to make each morning.

P90X is fine, actually- it would work to get you into shape. It's just too extreme- THAT is the kind of regimen that no one will keep up for a lifetime. It's also the type of extreme exercise that will be so stressful, long term, that it will produce cortisol (stress hormone) that is really problematic.

Lots of things work, short term. What we want here is to find long term ways of living and thriving! Push ups, pull ups, and visualized resistance exercises will do that, in spades, gently and naturally, over your entire lifetime. Good luck in your training!

Unknown said...

Paleo it forward!!!!