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Sunday, October 27, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #54 Dr. David Perlmutter says “Don’t be a Grain Brain”! and ADD in foods to be paleo, not just subtract!

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It really is rather remarkable- even the usually middle-of-the-road, inside the box thinker and conventional diet cheerleader Dr. Oz has come on board with him along with his new, excellent book Grain Brain.  I know, it seems unbelievable that the Wizard of Oz, who has been the man hiding behind the curtain of outdated science for all these years, has now come out and jumped on the anti-grain, low carb, paleo bandwagon!

I don’t know what happened; maybe the wizard gave himself a medal, and got courage ala the cowardly lion- who knows?  At any rate, it appears that Dr. Oz refers patients to Dr. Perlmutter, simply because using his methods and theories of proper diet, he gets real-world GREAT RESULTS!

Here, watch a video clip of Dr. Perlmutter on the Dr. Oz show-

Here are a couple more, just for good measure- I want you to RE-GRAINWASH yourself!!


And carbohydrates, particularly GRAINS, and even more specifically WHEAT are all shown to be the dietary nightmare that they really are!

This turnaround by Dr. Oz seems to be a real turnabout of the entire dietary lipid hypothesis, that has been around since the 1960’s, and has never been proven...

You know, the hypothesis that virtually everyone has taken as gospel for all those past 50 years or so, the same 50 years that obesity has exploded, and diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are rampant in their spreading across the nation, and the world!

The hypothesis that told us fat is bad, grains are good... sugar is fine, whole grains are the foundation of our nutrition and  places them at the base of our stupid Food Pyramid and now My Plate...

Well, this whole theory is wrong- not only wrong, but exactly opposite of how we should be eating!  It truly boggles the mind that it has taken this long to convince people to start to look at the truth- I guess it kind of shows the completely addictive qualities of grains and sugars:

We don’t WANT to give up our DRUGS!

For that is indeed what they are, grains and sugar have drug-like effects, that also have the effect of making us fat, diabetic, and progressively very, very sick.

So, read David Perlmutter’s book- get the audio version if you don’t have time to read; that way you can just listen as you drive!  But get his ideas into your head, so that they can save your mind, and the rest of your body!  It’s never too late, as he points out, he has very elderly people reverse their symptoms of dementia, along with a host of other diseases, quite quickly.

Go Paleo, young or old, man or woman!!

The other thing I want you to remember to do?

ADD IN GOOD FOODS!  Eating a paleo diet is not just about subtractions!!

There are a number of folks who go gluten free- well, this is a great first step, but eating bakery goods made with rice flour, etc.- while not containing gluten, these products still  turn to sugar, right in your little mouth, and then proceed to poison your rapidly growing NOT so little body.

Step two- you give up grains!  This will really get you healthier, fast- but NOT if you still eat lots of processed foods, sugar, rice, soy- you will still be raising your blood sugar to dangerous levels!  All these years of worrying about our cholesterol levels- we should have been monitoring our blood sugar levels...

Step 3- add in lots of fats and vegetables!  A Paleo Diet is not just about eliminating bad, man made foods- more importantly, it is about

Pastured butter- rich in K2- it takes calcium away from heel spurs, fights kidney stones, heart plaque, helps blood pressure regulate, and actually can help you remineralize your teeth and bones!  Pastured eggs, grass fed beef, pastured pork, organic vegetables of all sorts are all wonderful foods, and grass fed beef liver is a fountain of youth!  Full fat Greek yogurt, raw milk and cream, bacon- believe it or not, these are all extremely satisfying and healthy foods!
As for fruit, it is wonderful as well- in small amounts!  I usually use a handful of berries to flavor my daily paleo smoothie, perhaps with a small apple, and that will be it for fruit that day.  That’s all you need- berries in particular are loaded with nutrients and phytonutrients, but they come with the cost of raising your blood sugar- so keep it minimal!  Safe starches?  Same story- keep them minimal!!

A half cup of rice, a sweet potato on occasion- these are fine, and keep us part of  traditional eating in society... but keep it minimal!  Anything that raises blood sugar dramatically is playing with fire!

When tempted to eat sugar or carbs, just eat more fat and protein!  Throw in some veggies, perhaps steamed or grilled and then slathered with butter...

Don’t go hungry!  Just eat the right foods- real, God Made Foods!!

This is the way to health.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Change your body language while you exercise! PaleoJay Podcast #53

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Change your body language while you exercise!

I you haven’t seen it already, go ahead and watch the Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy:
She explains in great and convincing detail just why our body language is so important- not only as to how others see us; but more importantly- how we see ourselves!

So, now you know the crucial importance of our own body language in reshaping the way we see ourselves, and how we relate to and are seen by the rest of the people in our world.  Sure, you can just practice the poses that Amy Cuddy describes so well-

But to really enforce these poses, you need to incorporate them into your daily, visualized resistance exercise program!

I have been doing this for years, and never realized until I saw this video that what I was doing had more than just wonderful physical benefits-

I was also reshaping and practicing my body language, over and over, by flexing my muscles to their maximum potential, while simultaneously  holding an isometric pose at the end of the movement that mimics a “power pose”!

Who knew?  I knew this type of exercise had remade my physique, and at the same time cured the many small injuries I had accumulated in my years of heavy weight training and distance running- but I had also noticed a huge change in my personality, and how I interacted with the world.  I thought it was just confidence brought about by self-actualization- the achieving of many long sought physical goals, one after another.  But now I see that, by inadvertantly practicing many thousands of repetitions of “power posing”, I had actually remade my own self image, bit by bit!

I also think that, when these poses are done intentionally, with extreme concentration and muscular contraction as is used in visualized resistance ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise, that the effect of the posing is dramatically increased, and cemented into the psyche of the exerciser!

Here is a video of mois doing a brief demonstation of Visualized resistance exercises:

PaleoJay visualized resistance demo

This is from a year and a half ago, since which I have begun adding in some lat spread types of back exercise, done in the same virtual fashion- you know, like the body builders do, but you don’t need to wear tiny trunks and do it on stage!  (Although at first a mirror helps!)

Just put your fists on your hips, and spread those lats as wide as possible!  Hold a few seconds isometrically, and then repeat for 5-10 reps.

Hold your arms outstretched sideways from your body, and then flex your lats wide again, by pushing your arms bak, and flexing as widely as possible!  Make yourself huge!

So, there you go!  Change your body and your attitude and self-image by practicing visualized, Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  It’s a two-for-one, and it really works!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Green Paleo Smoothies are the ultimate key to HEALTH and lean-ness!

This is how you should make, and prepare, and all the info you need about smoothies!

There is so much mis-information out there, about "juicing" and smoothie making, so


That's me, to your right- Paleo Jay...

Smoothies are kind of my trademark; my "thing", if you will...

I honestly believe that, if you start your day with a real, green Paleo Smoothie that you are more than halfway on your journey to lean-ness, and optimal HEALTH!

What you need to realize is that, for optimal health, and a lean and vital physique, the main thing to concentrate on is real, God Made foods!

Supplements won't cut it: real foods are what contain every single nutrient, and phytonutrient, and even all of the as-of-yet UNDISCOVERED components of real food that make us ultimately as healthy as we can be!

The real point is this:

We all need to eat as much real, God-Made foods as we can, each day of our lives, in the most accessible form available!

This means LOTS of greens, some fruits- primarily berries and citrus, and things like Greek yogurt, kefir, spices with health-giving properties, and enough vitamin D, iodine, and magnesium to totally maximize our health!

It sounds really hard, and it would be, in our overly processed-foods world of fast foods, crappy frozen meals, and all the rest of our modern JUNK!!

Like I say, it would be....BUT-

There is another component in our modern life- technology, that has leveled the nutritional playing field!

Honestly, there is nothing, I repeat nothing that can improve your overall health and lean-ness more than a Vitamix. This is because DIET, much more than exercise, determines the outcome of our ultimate health, and lean-ness- DIET IS 95% OF OUR HEALTH!!

Exercise seems to be important; and it really IS: witness my e-Book Perfectly Paleo Exercise...

But, to tell the truth, exercise only puts the "frosting" on the cake of a perfectly healthy, perfectly slim body- Nutrition does 95% of the work!!

I know this is not what you have been hearing... I know the Mantra is "move more and eat less"!

I know ALL of this STUFF!!

And, I know it is all... really, really WRONG!


Eat real foods, enough real foods, foods like broccolli, spinach, cauliflower, kale, berries, citrus: throw in some Greek Yogurt and kefir for protein, a selection of beneficial spices and herbs- 

You have the ultimate superfood to change your life, and physical structure!!

I'm not exaggerating  here- REAL FOOD, MADE BY GOD, WILL REJUVENATE YOU!!

That doesn't sound far-fetched, does it?

But, how best to incorporate the wonders of real foods into our diets?  That is the question...

Well, you could start to just eat more veggies!  And that's a good start, but... well, you'll be eating a LOT of veggies- like 4 or 5 cups per day!  You could cook all of that, and then cook up your protein in the form of meat and seafood, and also a couple of salads per day... pack them in your lunch to work, eat them all day long...

you could whip up a Smoothie in your Vitamix in a fraction of the time, and be totally satisfied and replete with ultimate nutrition in a couple of minutes per day!!

For me, I have long since gone the Vitamix route!  Extremely convenient, and it liberates the vital enzymes within the food completely, rendering them instantly absorbable.  

I make a smoothie in the morning, I drink some for breakfast, I put some more in jars or a thermos for lunch, and I am GOLDEN!

I'm NEVER hungry, and I am healthy and lean as a result- THAT IS THE ULTIMATE, UNAVOIDABLE OUTCOME!!

If this sounds good to you, and what you are looking for, I have no better solution for you than to order a Vitamix!

The link above offers free shipping, which is the best deal you will find, anywhere, on the best blender on the planet!  

I decided to eliminate any other "noise" about other blenders, juicers, and other "gadgets" you might be considering...

I am only interested in promoting the very, very best tools for obtaining maximum health, wellness, lean-ness, and ultimate FITNESS! 

And so, with that in mind: 

Nutrition is #1!!

The best, and easiest and most convenient and efficient way to acheive that goal is with...

After you are really lean, and really healthy... (which you will be after drinking these smoothies for a couple of weeks!)...

THEN we can talk about the "small stuff"- 



Monday, October 14, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #52- a FULL YEAR of weekly podcasts!! What does the Fox say? Caveman style! Paleo Quick Tip of the Day!

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Or, if podcast #52 is not up on either, click HERE!  Scroll down until you see an arrow that says Listen Now- click on that little guy, and I'll commence to singing!

Yesterday I came up with my take on the viral youTube video What does the Fox say? by Ylvis, a pair of brothers from Norway.  They came up with a really fun, catchy song and video, which I have managed to make into my own little caveman version...

Sorry about that, but here it is, at least the audio portion- you can view the whole video version at, or on youTube under Paleojay.

I hope you enjoyed listening to that as much as I did making it last night!  And now, you know that this is one solid year of weekly PaleoJay podcasts, and so a little celebration is in order!  And so, since I need to get out celebrating by working on my new “tiny house”, a little 8 X 14 foot little house, built by local Amish craftsmen- it is going to be a Fortress of Solitude, a golf club and Irish pub, a retreat in my back woods!  Who says PaleoJay doesn’t know how to have fun??  It even has a tiny little electric heater that really pushes out the heat for chilly Wisconsin autumn nights, a real bar! (just installed yesterday- yes, your own PaleoJay does imbibe to calm his inner barbarian- and lots more is planned for the decor...  stay tuned, there will be many photos of this little cottage in the future!

It’s important to maintain a sense of playfulness in ones life, especially as you get into your 60’s as I am...  I have my campfire down there in the woods, and rings of colored lights all around it, a bottle tree!, and a giant tree stump “stage” where I and other local musicians can perform for the neighbors!  It really is a lot of fun, and I will include you by showing pictures of it all on

PaleoJay’s Quick tip of the Day!

Today, I just want to give you, since you are my one and only listener, a quick tip or two that you can implement right away, and immediately improve your health and wellness!

Number one is coconut oil!  If you don’t use this wonder food daily, and liberally, start now!!  I always put a big Tablespoon into my coffee in the morning, along with whipped cream and cinnamon and cloves, and find it both very satisfying, and it has a way of getting your body burning ketones from the fat right away, giving you a very clear brain function.
Coconut oil is also a wonderful oil to cook with, since it is a medium chain triglyceride it actually helps to both burn efficiently and to actually help you to burn body fat!  This is one reason why I always recommend including liberal amounts of coconut milk into your daily Paleo Smoothie, along with plenty of vegetables, greens, spices, green tea, kefir... well, the list goes on, but a smoothie like this does more for your health, right out of the gate, than any amount of anything else you can think of, and really easily!  And, the coconut oil is a big part of it all!

You should always have at least two jars of coconut oil on hand- one in the kitchen, of course, and the other in the bathroom! That’s right, it is the ideal skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, and shaving cream!  I always have my jar in the bathroom with a butter knife in the jar- after my shower, I scoop out a small amount (a little goes a long way!), and rub it until it melts in my hands- then, I rub it all over my body and face!  Nothing moisturizes like coconut oil; and I love that it goes right into my bloodstream through the skin!  You will never use petroleum based lotions again, especially now that you know that they too go right into your bloodstream through your skin!  Sickening, really.

If you shave before the oil soaks in, that is all the lubrication your razor will ever need- never have I had such effortless, close shaves as I have since I started using coconut oil!  This would apply to both men and women...  And for women, to put coconut oil in long hair, let sit awhile, and then wash out- this is the best hair conditioner available anywhere!  Your hair and skin will both be smooth and healthy...

Just get a good quality brand of Virgin coconut oil, a pressed form of coconut oil rather than one that is chemically extracted- this would be a cheap, processed, inferior form of coconut oil.  Trader Joe’s has a great virgin coconut oil, as does Nutiva and Tropical Traditions... get one of these great oils, and improve your health and beauty right away!

And that is your tip of the day, from Paleo Jay!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What does the Fox say- Caveman style!

OK- there you go- a really cool video, that I love, many other people love, and that was ripe for a Paleo version!

I hope you like it- I sure did!!

But now, get ready for the crazy... Paleo version!!

I hope you enjoy the video version as much as I did making it today!

It's nice to let your inner creative child out, once in a while! ( In my case, at LEAST once per week!)

You know, paleo-wise, that it IS important to play, right??

So, that is what I am doing!

I am also decorating and getting ready to roll a .....

Tiny playhouse/golf club/irishpub/cabin in the woods!

I will put pictures up forthwith!!


What does the caveman say?

Raptor goes Growl
Sabre tooth goes roar
Dodo squacks
And Pterydoctyl soars

Wooly mammoth goes moo
brontosaurus croak
and T Rex screams from his throat

Giant squids say squish
and Stegasaurus howls
and giant serpents go hiss hiss hiss hiss!

But there’s one sound
That no one knows
What does the caveman say?

Ugabugabugugagugugbugug- me no likum wheat!
Ugabugabugugagugugbugug- me no likum wheat!
Ugabugabugugagugugbugug- me no likum wheat!

What does the caveman say?

Stinkyugawinkum- stinkyugawinkum-sugar Me hate that!
Stinkyugawinkum- stinkyugawinkum-sugar Me hate that!
Stinkyugawinkum- stinkyugawinkum-sugar Me hate that!
What does the caveman say?

Mehateehateehateehateehateehhateehatee CORN!
Mehateehateehateehateehateehhateehatee CORN!
Mehateehateehateehateehateehhateehatee CORN!
What does the caveman say?

Stinkum stinkum stinkum soy!
Stinkum stinkum stinkum soy!
Stinkum stinkum stinkum soy!
What does the caveman say?

Hairy face
muscled bod
chasing prey
barefoot on sod

Flint tipped spear
In mammoth chest
Suddenly you’re hunting best!

Your health is great
Dentition full
Like a healthy animal

But if you meet
a gmo
Will you eat it?
I say no-o-o-o-o

Would you eat something that nature doesn’t grow?
I’d just say no-
What does the caveman say?

Me no likum fakum food!
Me no likum fakum food!
Me no likum fakum food!
What does the caveman say?

Yuckyyuckyuckyyucky boiled milk
Yuckyyuckyuckyyucky boiled milk
Yuckyyuckyuckyyucky boiled milk
What does the caveman say?

I on-ly eatum real food!
I on-ly eatum real food!
I on-ly eatum real food!
What does the caveman say?

A-oo-oo-oo- organ meats!
A-oo-oo-oo- organ meats!
A-oo-oo-oo- organ meats!
What does the caveman say?

The secret of the caveman
Ancient mystery
Somewhere back in time
You can tell us what to eat,
Will we ever know?
It is a mystery
What do you say?

You’re my genius mentor
In the misty past
What should we eat??

(Caveman sings)
You needum eatum realum foods!

Will we ever know?

(Caveman sings)Eatum real foods dumboy dumb

I want to

(Caveman sings)
Eat paleo

I want to

(caveman sings)
Eat paleo dum dum

I want to know!!

(Caveman sings)  Don’t be, a big dummy eat paleo)

Monday, October 7, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #51 Your Family is your most important Tribe!

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Otherwise, just wait til tomorrow, and iTunes will have it! BUT if you are subscribed, you have it NOW on your iPhone, Android, or other player of choice- so, the moral is: Subscribe to PaleoJay!


I just got back, this morning from a whirlwind connection with my familial tribe.  93 yr. old father, year born unknown mother, and assorted brothers, nieces and nephews...the connections are diverse, and definitely not of the daily variety, but they are all- family!

I had gone down to Illinois to help my brother clear out an overgrown woods at his new house and acreage with my new chainsaw. (My old one was just worn out, having done more in its 10 year life than ever should have been expected of it!)  My new, 20” bar chain saw wasn’t cheap, but I will say it was a Stihl...

Anyway, as we worked, clearing the logs and fallen trees from a creek in the back of his property that had been overgrown and neglected for about 30 years, we were doing what has been done by man since time immemorial- working together, as a tribe, accomplishing real physical work that really needed to get done.  And as we worked, other relations all showed up, and then, it was time for a celebration of sorts-  we drove over the river and through the woods, to grandpa and grandma’s we’d go!

It was fun to connect with my little nieces and nephews, not to mention my little brothers, when we all got there.  It’s funny how many old memories are rekindled, how many shared laughs from the past are in our minds, as if experienced only yesterday!
One nephew wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa’s old photo albums, and really laughed when he saw old photos of his dad as a kid, and of me when my hair wasn’t white as the snows of Mt. Olympus!

Now, traveling can be exciting and diverting, but it can also make it hard to remain paleo, even if you have convinced SOME of your family to also “get on board”.  Food is the hardest part:  the best solution is to, as I did, pack a generous lunchbox full of
Paleo Smoothie!  A proper, paleo type of smoothie, as I outline in detail on, and in my two ebooks Paleo Quick Start and Perfectly Paleo Exercise , which are both available anywhere online that books are sold, like Amazon, the iBookstore,, and of course at
I say a proper smoothie because, a real smoothie is made by you, at home in your Vitamix blender, not purchased at a Smoothie Bar, or bottled by a manufacturer!  The reason for this caveat?  The smoothie you make yourself is the very healthiest, most nutrient dense nutrition possible for your body to consume.  The other, “bought ‘en” version are loaded with useless sugars, too much fruit, not enough fiber, and concentrate totally on taste, and hardly any at all on nutrient density!

Each morsel you consume should go to further your body’s ability to repair, regenerate, and revitalize itself!  Anything else just drags you down.

So, I packed canning jar after canning jar of Paleo Smoothie in my giant lunch box, along with a cold pack..
 Next, put in ample amounts of snacks, like almonds mixed with dark chocolate chips, celery with almond butter on it, an apple, macadamia nuts, well- any nut but a peanut, which is a legume!  If you have been paleo for any length of time, you know what to pack!
I always include a couple of tins of sardines.  If you are really hungry, nothing is better for you than these little fish, since you are consuming the whole carcass- the bones, the organs (like the liver!)- this is really one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.
And so, you get the idea- it is way easier to prepare, and not be misled by temptations when you are perfectly full already.  It also saves you a lot of money!

Another way to cope is by just intermittently fasting  or IF.  This is simply compressing you “eating window” into a smaller block of time, i.e. rather than 3-6 meals (and snacks!)  per day, just eating two, or even one meal a day, and fasting or skipping one meal.  Most Paleo Gurus recommend skipping breakfast, perhaps having some Paleo coffee, which is just fat mixed in your coffee, to give you a ketogenic head start to the day.  I like coconut oil and heavy whipped cream, topped with cinnamon and cloves, but that’s just me- you may prefer Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof coffee, which is MCT oil and grass fed  butter mixed in your coffee, or Mark Sisson’s Primal Egg Coffee
Primal egg coffee
which is, you guessed it, eggs in your coffee!

Me, I guess I’m just not a true Paleo Guru- I like to skip supper instead, and so, after my morning Paleo Coffee of coconut milk and cream, which I like to sip as  I work out ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise, and also as I drive to work after a big breakfast.  I include my Paleo Smoothie in my breakfast, and also throughout my work day in my big lunch box, packed in wide mouth canning jars, and made fresh in the morning in my big Vitamix blender.

A also pack a big lunch, often a big salad, topped with meat or seafood, hard-boiled eggs, lots of greens, sometimes anchovies, avocado, and real olive oil based dressing- YUM!

Oh, as far as the coffee goes, I think coconut oil and cream are enough- I put a slab of butter right in the smoothie, along with a couple of raw pastured eggs!  All bases covered; well, isn’t that what a Paleo Smoothie is all about??

Supper time rolls around, but I am not hungry for supper, most nights!  One less meal to plan, and clean up from, and steal time from your hobbies and projects and music and neighborhood tribal connections...

But, when I travel, sometimes I do it the Paleo Guru way- Coffee with fat in it in the morning, big lunch and/or smoothie later in the day, and dinner that evening- I mean, if I’m just traveling in the AM, why stop for a meal?  Get there, then eat AND socialize!
Then you can be a really good tribal member!  Hurrah Paleo Peep!

Also, you may be tempted to pack or buy enroute Paleo Products- bars, potions, all kinds of convenience products.  Although OK occasionally, it is much better to just eat real food, all of the time!

My brother packed me, instead of sandwiches for the return journey, swiss cheese and salami rolls!  They were so good when driving, and quite satisfying and nutritious...

And, the day I drove down, I had a smoothie in the morning in the car, and then a bowl of chili that evening- so, that day, I skipped lunch!

There are so many ways to tackle I F, you can mix and match them, but I stand with my favorite:  Skip Supper!

The other problem when traveling and visiting is sleep!  This one is huge, and the hardest one of all to cope with, I think.  Strange beds, people interacting constantly...
And did you know that people with inadequate sleep, or those that work shift work jobs, increase their cancer risk by 5 times!?

The best rule is to just get to bed as early as you can!  Then, you can get up before everyone else, ideally, and even go for a walk, meditate, or even do a little visualized resistance, or at least your daily warmup for your joints and muscles before you are distracted by the activities of the day.

So, go ahead and connect with your TRIBE!  Eat well and ancestrally, teach them all by your example and level of fitness.  Help out with projects!  And then, head home knowing that your tribe is all around you, in spirit if not in fact, and that in every real respect they are really, truly a part of you.

Then, if you are like me, your ever-faithful PaleoJay, you will head home, but stop at your family cabin to... do more chain sawing!  yikes!!  A big storm had dropped a giant tree on our cabin, punching a hole in the roof, and necessitating a new, green metal roof replacement!  Glad about that metal part...

Lots and LOTS of logs and branches to cut and stack, and drag and pile...  Another long afternoon, this time by myself.  But, in my mind, the whole tribe was there,enjoying the grounds as they will in the future, benefiting from my labors.

That makes it all more than worthwhile!