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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #53 Essential Oils are- ESSENTIAL!

pqtd 53  Essential oils are... ESSENTIAL!    


Something you are probably not doing along with your ancestral lifestyle of natural exercise and real, God made food diet is using natural medicines.   I’m talking about essential oils, and if you don’t know about them, or think they are some crazy hippy thing- well, they’re not!

I would recommend you purchase some quality ones, and keep them in your medicine cabinet for naturally treating yourself and your family!  Here are some of the very best to have on hand and use regularly:

Tea tree oil-  this is a great antiseptic!  I love it in my diffuser, which is a device that puts water vapor into the air mixed with essential oils.  For me, this is the very best way to get the best of all that essential oil has to offer.  You will never sleep better than when you put say, tea tree oil and peppermint essential oils together in  your diffuser.  Just put a few drops of one or more essential oil in the water in your diffuser- steam comes out slowly, infused with the oils scent and medicinal properties, and will lull you to sleep while getting the medicinal values of the oils into your body through  your inhalations.  And it smells great!

Lavender oil is another I recommend, along with lemon, frankincense, (pretend a wise man gave it to you)peppermint and oregano.  There are other wonderful oils, but these are all a great place to start, and kind of cover all the bases.

Many oils help with mental states as well- lavender and lemon oils are “mood lifters” and can combat depression and even headaches.  Peppermint is another disinfectant and antiseptic oil, and is wonderful for dental care.  I currently brush my teeth with a combination of peppermint and tea tree oil- I believe that this, along with “oil pulling” coconut oil daily while I shower in the morning is an ideal dental health regimen.

Frankincense was discovered in King Tut’s tomb from around 7000 years ago, and so it has stood the test of time!  It is another all purpose oil, valuable both in rejuvenation of the skin, and of the mind!  Oregano oil is an oil that is extremely strong, so use it in small quantities at a time.  It is very antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal- this is not the same oregano you put in your food.  In face, all of these oils are super concentrated, since they are made up of many, many portions of leaves or sap or flowers (whichever part is used to make up that particular oil), and then distilled down into a concentrated essence of that oil!  They are all so very potent for that reason.

I got a Deneve oil diffuser from Amazon, and I love it!  But whichever diffuser you buy, get one!  Also, get a selection of oils, and start incorporating them into your Paleo lifestyle- you will very glad you did!

At I will include a couple of videos, one about the Deneve oil diffuser, and another by Dr. Josh Axe about his 5 top essential oils.  I leave you with the audio to Dr. Axe’s video until next Wednesday.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #94 So alcohol is Paleo after all!

So alcohol is Paleo after all!

This above is a link to a fascinating article on this idea that alcohol, first probably found by our early ancestors in the form of fermented fruit hanging on or under trees or bushes, was part of our diet at least 10 MILLION years ago!  The common thought has been that alcohol was developed along with civilization roughly 10,000 years ago- not 10,000,000... but a scientist named Carrigan decided to settle the question by examining genetic evolution of the enzyme alcohol-ADH4 it’s called.  He then implanted this alcohol degrader into E.coli, and tested changes in the gene’s sequence going back 70 million years.

The enzyme mimicking the enzyme as it was more long ago failed to metabolize alcohol- but at the 10 million year mark it worked fine! It worked just like the RDH4 lining our own guts- it’s there to metabolize alcohol- just as it has been for 10 million years!

Now I’m not saying drinking alcohol is great- but I AM saying that it is a long standing real food choice of humans, and to eliminate it entirely is like eliminating something that is essentially part of the human condition.  Always has been, always will be- one of the joys of being a man or woman, and a food source to boot...

Alcohol does NOT raise your insulin levels, although almost no governmental agency will admit it- just as they won’t admit that eating 8-10 servings of grains per day WILL DRAMATICALLY raise your blood sugar, and hence insulin levels!  In fact, alcohol can actually increase your insulin sensitivity.

I’ll leave you with this link, and brief summation:
Alcohol, insulin sensitivity and health:

Moderate alcohol consumption improves insulin sensitivity, lowers triglyceride concentrations and improves glycemic control. Not only in healthy folks, but also in type 2 diabetes. There is no clear consensus on the insulin sensitizing mechanism of alcohol, but one viable explanation may be that alcohol promotes leanness by stimulating AMPK in skeletal muscle. It's not a stretch to assume that this might have favorable effects on nutrient partitioning in the longer term.

If the effect of alcohol consumption on insulin sensitivity doesn't impress you, then consider the fact that studies have consistently shown that moderate drinkers live longer than non-drinkers. This can be mainly attributed to a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease. However, alcohol also contributes to a healthier and disease-free life by protecting against Alzheimer's disease, metabolic syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, the common cold, different types of cancers, depression and many other Western diseases. The list goes on and on.

It can almost be said beyond doubt that moderate alcohol consumption is healthier than complete abstinence. With this in mind, it's strange that the fitness and health community shun alcohol. This irrational attitude seems to be grounded in the beliefs that alcohol is fattening and will hamper muscle gains.

And to really muddy the waters: even beer seems to be OK for non-celiacs!  At least in my case, (I am not celiac), although I avoid gluten at every juncture in the eating of food, in beer it really does not seem to matter- especially if you confine yourself to blonde, Pilsner types of beers- and especially if you drink the low end, cheap commercial beers made of corn and rice!!

And not just Budweiser, but all of those really low end, American beers, like Hamm’s, and Blatz, and Coors and Corona (not really low end there, but you get the idea!).

And here is a quote from the Heinekin’s website:

"Beer contains gluten, which comes from the grain from which it is brewed. Only a fraction of the gluten that the grain contains gets into the beer. The proportion depends on the kind of grain that is used. The use of barley results only in traces of gluten in the beer whilst wheat contributes considerably more. It also depends on the brewing process. Generally speaking: the clearer and blonder the beer is, the less gluten it may contain. Some people are allergic to gluten and have to follow a diet that minimises or excludes their gluten intake. Whether beer can be part of such a diet or not, is dependent on the extent of the allergy and the beer type consumed. In many cases lager beers pose no problem for people who have a gluten allergy. However, it is up to the individual to assess his or her sensitivity."

Bottom line?

If you want to be really healthy, a Paleo superhuman for a long and healthy life, I would eliminate gluten as early as possible from my diet. The less gluten the better, and this increases the older you get- the insult to the gut lining just multiplies, and you set yourself up for autoimmunity, obesity, and diabesity more and more and more- so just stop! PLEASE!!

 And so far as the indulgence of alcoholic libations, they are OK within reason, and nothing when compared to the unfiltered, huge amounts of horrid gluten held in the many fast and processed foods most folks deem to hold so harmless.  They are in actuality far worse than cigarette smoking, and will give you a slow, lingering death worse than lung cancer or heart disease in all likelihood...

So drink up instead!  If you eliminate food sources of gluten, and severely limit carbs as well- you will get slim and healthy, and feel great!  AND, you will most likely NOT become celiac, and so can continue to feel great, stay slim and healthy, and not have to worry about having to eliminate the “small” sources of gluten, like beer, that contains about 20 parts per million in light, or blonde lager beers.

There is something about the fermentation process itself that is self protective to us, since the yeast consumes all the sugars, whatever the source, and alters the grain sources so much that they become much less harmful.

This is one of those facts that seem to be hard to find, since they are so politically incorrect.


PS- If you read or listen to this, and decide to do lots of research, I know you’ll run across the “Food Babe”.  She deals in hyperbole, and marketing- not fact!

Here is her antidote, neatly wrapped up in this link:

Robyn Obrien does a TedX talk on America's Poor Health, and What Causes it

I thought I'd share this talk with you... this woman recently discovered just what is going on with America's food supply, and so is passionate with the fervor of a recent convert as to just what is wrong with our corporate, and government controlled food supply.

She gets it all right, and I think she'll reach a lot of folks with her desperately needed message!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Paleo Quick tip of the Day #52 Paleo versus Autoimmune Disease

pqtd 52 Paleo for Autoimmune Disease

On the occasion of Jay's retirement celebration-

I'm going to blow Jay's cover.
He has an extra-curricular delivery route you don't know about —
an email cyber-route.
And it's changed my life.
More precisely, I should say — it's saved my life.
How so?
My doctor told me 5 years ago I had Parkinson's Disease; he said I had, maybe, 3 more years of mobility and good quality of life.
I shared this alarming prognosis with Jay. And, true to Jay's selfless and enthusiastic character, he took a deep dive into his Paleo nutritional knowledge-base and through the years gifted me with a regular stream of emails germane to fighting Parkinson's with Paleo-based nutritional science. Thanks to Jay's Paleo-centric nutritional advice, I walk, hop, skip, run, jump, and play as well as I did 5 years ago — effectively slowing down the progression of PD symptoms! Paleo Jay — as important a member of my PD healthcare team as my Neurologist and PD-specific exercise program.
Congratulations on your USPS retirement, Jay!
The content you delivered via the USPS and content you continue to deliver through your Paleo Jay blog, amazing smoothie recipes, and podcasts makes a palpable difference in people's lives.
You may be retiring from the USPS — but I know you'll never retire from delivering the many gifts of your character and talents to others.
Thank you, dear friend!

At my retirement party, my daughter Holly read the above testimonial from a wonderful friend, a friend who found out she had Parkinson’s and also found out about the Paleo diet at about the same time-

That, at least, is fortuitous, since they are definitely the yin and the yang to each other- one has the ability to minimize the other- Paleo versus Parkinson’s!  From the results my friend has had, due chiefly to her hard work and perseverance to the Paleo lifestyle of ancestral diet of God made food and real, Perfectly Paleo Exercise (including a rebounder!), she has preserved her health and life beyond the expectations of any medical doctors she consulted!

When we “go Paleo”, some think it’s just about vanity- to be a size 4, or to be really strong and ripped- but trust me: I’m 62, my friend is younger, but the older (and wiser!) you get- it’s all about health!

True, looks and health usually go hand in hand- but real health is your most precious possession by far.  Don’t be one of those misguided souls that “spend their health gaining wealth”, by working endless hours, staying up half the night, not sleeping, and burning the candle at both ends with bad diet, no time for exercise, and no time to relax with your family and other tribe members...
Because then you will be one of those who later in life: “spend their wealth to try to regain their health”.  Follow the example of my friend, and eat and live for health.

Oh, I have one more thing to thank my friend for, beyond her kind words-
She, along with another great friend of mine, designed my very logo, the inimitable 


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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Steve Jepson- Never Leave the Playground!

Here is an interview with the amazing Steve Jepson!  I had never heard of him before, but my brother forwarded this link to me, and I thought I would share it with you!  Steve does not plan to "go gently into that good night, but to rage, rage against the dying of the light"- I plan to do likewise, and suggest that you do as well.

The most interesting part of his interviews (there are a number on his youtube channel) is one in which he taught a group of people to juggle.  Less than half actually mastered the act, but his point was that the parts of the brain that were stimulated and thus protected from atrophy were identical in the entire group!  In other words, just by trying to master a new activity, important parts of the brain are activated and stimulated whether or not you actually "master" the activity.

Your body, and your mind don't really care about mastery, or accomplishment in the eyes of others; the point is that you continue to get up and try.  Forever; not just when you are in your teens, or twenties- forever!

If we stop moving, we essentially DIE.  So, make movement, mental and physical effort, real play and real physical work part of your life.  Your life will be immeasurably richer and happier for it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #51 How to stay Paleo

How to stay Paleo- eat a ton of veggies-All the rest is window dressing!

I know, this sounds like a vegan post, which I most definitely am not.  But, I stand by it.

If you start your day with a Paleo Green smoothie, loaded with veggies and fruits, pre and probiotics, lots of good fat and God made protein like free range eggs, your battle is more than half won- drink a couple of good sized glasses over the day, and you are already on track.

For one thing, you are quite full, and not vulnerable to be tempted by bad fake food.  For another “once begun- half done” - the old truism is very true.  Once you have started off on the right foot, it is much, much easier to continue- have a salad with some olive oil and vinegar, topped with meat and hard boiled eggs for lunch, some nuts mid-afternoon, and then (this is my ultimate deal sealer) grill a big juicy steak!  (I always try to grill bacon as well, which I can heat in the morning with a few eggs- yum!)

The point is to always have lots of really good foods on hand- ready to heat and eat, or just eat- then, temptation is easy to resist.

Another thing- even though I live in a pretty rural area (which I love!), even here we now have several places where we can get things like sushi, and Vietnamese spring rolls.  You can just pick them up, and you are set for a nutritious, paleolithic meal instantly!

A good outdoor grill is a wonderful Paleo tool!  I just got a new, Weber charcoal grill (charcoal is vastly superior to gas- use hardwood charcoal and you are in for wonderful foods).  My old grill is still functional; I set it back by our “tiny pub” in the woods out back for parties and gatherings... it was from the 1970’s, so your investment lasts a long, long time!

Anyway, once or twice a week I shop for meats and veggies, and load up that grill!  Then, after an hour or so enjoying myself out by the grill, I have good, God made Paleo food for days, just heat and eat.  Microwavable veggies are a perfect companion- I like to heat up butter at the same time as I do the veggies to top them off!  Sometimes I am happy to just heat up two boxes of veggies, with butter, and that is my meal!

I think a real problem that folks have with staying Paleo is when they try to go too low carb.  There definitely are advantages to going low carb, but low carb is not the same as no carb.  Especially if you have a spouse that isn’t really on board with the paleo diet, win them over by loading them up with LOTS of veggies (with butter and sea salt!), and also by having occasional sweet potato fries and loaded baked potatoes with sour cream, and even more butter! These “safe starches” will not hurt your health, especially if you work out they can even help you get healthier!

There is a place for really low carb; mostly for therapeutic uses as in the ketogenic diet- if you have an autoimmune disease, obesity, or conditions such as epilepsy, autism, alzheimer’s, chrone’s disease, or diabetes- then  a very, very low carb diet may be perfectly appropriate, even medicinal!

But for basically healthy, well folks: some safe starches will not impede your health, and may even enhance it!  Have some fried rice with that beef and broccoli- just keep it in moderation!

The last thing I’d do to keep on keepin’ paleo?

Listen to paleo podcasts.  PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe is one, and my other is Paleo Quick tip of the Day, both on iTunes and Stitcher.  But Robb Wolf’s the Paleo Solution is invaluable, as is Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio.  Latest in Paleo is another, as is Superhuman Radio with Carl Lenore... the advantage of listening to podcasts is that they reinforce, in a very personal, just me-to-you kind of informality, just what you are trying to do, why you are trying to do it, and just how really important it is to you in your life.

Oh- wait- one more thing!


This last is super important- medical clinics, hospitals, and the American Medical Association (along with their “trainers”- the pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, the FDA, and Monsanto itself) are totally invested in selling you as much bad, man engineered fake foods that destroy your health, and then selling you as many drugs as they can that mask the symptoms of your ruined health.

This is no illusion- follow the dollars!   There is so much money to be made if people are lured into eating processed foods in the selling of the foods that cause disease....

But there is even MORE money in selling the drugs to treat the diseases they cause!

Medical Doctors have pretty much been turned into drug pushers.  And most commercials on TV are also drug pusher commercials!!

So- one more thing- avoid commercial TV!!

And it goes without saying: avoid drugs!  Legal, illegal, it doesn’t matter- and you know what?  Illegal drugs are probably less harmful!!

Check out this episode!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #93- Free at Last- Working for a Paleo America!

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe #93  Free At Last- Working For a Paleo America!

Yes, my friends- PaleoJay is Free At LAST- free from work, free of time constraints, and finally in the land of critical mass, because I am officially retired!

Not retired from life, or from my pursuit of ancestral health both for myself, my family and friends, and for you my friend- for now, my JOB is paleo living research and popularizing.  Not really a job, but an avocation, something I really have a passion for!

I have been a mailman here in Southwestern Wisconsin for 38 years.  This was a job I really did love- I walked all day, every day for 30 of those years.  This was good for me, I thought; but then I figured out that too much walking is as bad for you as too little- endless walking, day after day without a break is really hard on your knees, feet, and hips.  It’s like doing chronic cardio in the form of running, jogging, or other aerobic types of endless repetitions- it’s just not good!

I switched to a driving route after those first 30 years, and that was the best of all worlds- I was still out and delivering packages all day, in and out, walking quite a bit, but not too much!  The reason I’ve retired had nothing to do with the job itself- I loved the job, the personal interaction I had with my patrons, watching the little kids grow up and knowing me as “their mailman Jay”, taking mail up to elderly patrons waiting at their door, and knowing I’d be the only one they would see that day...  It’s like being part of a close knit, “tribal” type of community.  Very paleolithic indeed!

No, it was the top down, “Big Government/Big Corporation” management that finally drove me out! Like many things in America, things used to be much smaller scale- small business, small local government determining most things, common sense types of solutions arrived at by the people who were affected by them.

Now, unfortunately, the idea of bigness has infiltrated everywhere: small, locally owned private businesses have become public corporations, run by a bunch of vastly overpaid bureaucrats and “suits” that, at least in the case of the USPS, are largely composed of those that either could not, or would not, do the actual craft work of sorting and delivering mail!  They have devised endless, ridiculous rules that get in the way of efficient operations in order to insert their own made up positions into the system.  This gives them the illusion of actually being necessary, and it is reinforced by the bonuses they give themselves for meeting nebulous “goals” that they have made up.
Last Day!

As I said, this is everywhere- Big Government in Washington is an obvious case in point, as it has come to resemble Imperial Rome in just about every way- history repeats itself again!  But even our medical clinics are now run by managers who micromanage the doctors and nurses, and their sights are now set on maximizing profit rather than curing disease or promoting wellness.  Make no mistake- there is BIG profit in disease “management”, and very little in actually curing the cause of the condition itself!

And so, what is my point in all of this?  I want to lay out the template that every problem in our own health and wellness, down to every major problem in America, can be cured by you, personally, taking charge of your life!  Don’t rely on a Doctor to fix your health- he won’t, doesn’t know how, and can’t even if that was his goal.  Make your health a study of one- learn about proper, Paleo Exercise- do it daily.  Make yourself a Green Paleo Smoothie to drink on a daily basis, jam-packed with every nutrient your body has been craving since you were weaned from your mother. Get a solid 8 hours of sleep per night.  Spend quality time with your “tribe”- family, friends, neighbors, church members- make real connections!  Buy real, God made food from a local farmer, things like pastured pork, grass fed beef and dairy, and organic veggies.  Grow your own in a garden!

And on a larger scale- vote for smaller government!   The more local the control, the better- town is better than city, city is better than state, state if far better than federal!  The smaller the government entity, the more accountable they are for their actions, and the more they are forced to share in the outcome of their decisions.

So, vote for a Paleo America!  Small town, Mayberry type of America!
Our future truly is in our past- and now, I’ll be working at achieving a Paleo America full time!