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Friday, August 12, 2022

Johnny Burnette Trio-Train Kept A Rollin'

How to Retire Properly podcast

I can just hear so many people on this: “HOW to retire??  What a joke- I already know how to do NOTHING!  I’ll sleep late, watch TV, and lay around eating whatever I want!  Perfect retirement.”

Sounds good, but I’m afraid- quite naive and self destructive.  Do you really want your retirement to be the same as the life of a welfare person?  Someone who has never done a thing productive, and lives an unhealthy life of laziness and squalor?  For be assured, a life of ‘doing whatever I want’ and self indulgence is exactly that, and leads to a hell on this earth!  

For to be plain: a life lived in unthoughtful ease and comfort, (with no discipline involved), will result in hell.  Not only for you, yourself, but for all who surround you: in your family, and in your community.  We are all created to be responsible, to serve a purpose, a role in society.  Focus only on yourself, and you will surely devolve into a total piece of shit, and it will be quick and final.  Your own self hatred will be the worst punishment of all, and one you should avoid at all costs!

So- How to Retire?  

These are the iron-clad rules of retirement:

If you are in a city, especially a big one- get out!  Take your equity, and use it to buy a rural, or small town property.  In a Red state is best, but in most states rural areas are all Red.  Just go where all your neighbors are self-sufficient, and don’t rely on Big Government for their livelihood.  This is KEY.

If you are in a suburb of a big city, this is a bit trickier- you may be OK, but you will be in a very pricey area, and your property taxes will be VERY high.  This is because people live in this suburb because they need access to the nearby city, and are willing to pay for being close to, but not within that city, for the safety of their families, and especially the safety of their children in the local schools!  

Big city schools are, by definition, horrible nightmares where no learning takes place at all, and what does is simply indoctrination and lies.  Everyone knows this, but it cannot be mentioned.  I am mentioning it, and telling you to stay away- unless you are willing to sacrifice and destroy your own children.  ESPECIALLY if they are white, or Asian.

So, let’s say you are in a rural, small town area, perhaps around a small city that has kept its values largely intact from 60 years ago.  Good job!  You probably have good libraries, pretty good schools (almost all public schools nowadays are very ‘woke’, and so suspect on multiple levels), but if your kids are grown, you should be OK there.  After all, you are retired!  

Right off the bat, your taxes will be far lower.  And hopefully you have an acreage that you can work, with a nice garden to tend, a big lawn to mow with your tractor, and ideally a woodlot, with trails to walk through on a daily basis- your own private park!  

If you are still in a city or big city suburb when you retire, this is probably the time to relocate.  Country living is preferable in every single way to city living, especially as you age…

OK- you live on a rural acreage, outside of a small city.  Everyone you used to know thinks you are crazy, depriving yourself of all the cultural enrichment and diversity of living amongst people totally unlike yourself, and things like opera and  symphonies that you can’t live without- (although you never went before, and never will now.  And the fact that they are all available online at any time!).

Your small town police department, or sheriff, will be quite dependable, unlike big city, worthless, woke agencies that see you, the white-privileged victim, as the enemy.  In rural America, criminals are actually caught, and punished.  (What a concept !)  In other words: justice works.

So, now you, your property and family are safe!  Your years of hard work have paid off.  Now, let’s look to your own well-being and lifestyle.  This is the culmination of your whole life, so let’s make it work- no rusting out and dying early for you!

Hopefully, you have listened to this, and other podcasts and read about paleo living for some time.  So, hopefully, you have a healthy life all mapped out, and now you have the freedom to just get healthier.

But, if not: here are you rules of life from now on!!

Eat nutrient rich foods almost exclusively.  This means mainly animal foods like meat and seafood, eggs and dairy.  Fermented dairy like yogurt, cheese, and kefir are usually better for people, even if somewhat intolerant in terms of dairy digestion.

Pretty much eliminate grains!  They irritate the gut lining, making you prone to autoimmune diseases of all types.  Also, commercial breads and other baked products are loaded with glyphosate, a carcinogen, since they are sprayed at harvest to ‘dry’ the grains.  

Some real sourdough breads are the exception, since the grains are fermented, vastly reducing the gluten and rendering the breads far more digestible, especially if you are using ancient grain varieties.

But remember: grains in whatever form are poor foods- far less nutritious than foods from animal sources!

Bone broth is a near perfect food!  As is a green smoothie, when mixed up in a Vitamix along with fruits, veggies, raw eggs, kefir, tart cherry juice, and coconut milk.  Keep the veggies in small amounts, though, since oxalates (an anti-nutrient in most green veggies) are quite toxic in quantity.  Again- animal protein is your friend in every circumstance!

Work out Every Day!

This is crucial.  First thing every morning (remember- you are retired- you have no excuse now), brew your coffee.  Take a mug with you into your living room/gym, and start by methodically stretching your body, standing up, while you watch TV!  Yes, that’s right- I am ordering you to watch television- but only while you are working out!  By restricting your TV viewing (Netflix, Amazon Prime, whatever) to only during exercise, you are using what is often in retirement a very negative addiction (TV watching) to restrict it to a positive addiction (exercise).  This is a Win Win!  You reward yourself for working out.  This is the only time you should allow yourself to watch television.

After you have stretched your body standing, start into a routine.  I am heavy into what I call ‘Virtual Resistance’, where you flex your body against itself from every angle.  Like a slowly moving bodybuilder posing for 8-15 reps.  It stresses the muscles like weights, but without stress or strain, also a great warmup.  Cover the whole body, limb by limb.

You can come up with your own routine, however- do what works for you!  Research it.  The has wonderful exercises to build your body from the ground up for both health of joints, and longevity.  He is a goldmine of exercise ideas!

Simply doing something like pushups, followed by situps, and static stretching are great.  Do multiple sets, and then follow up with free squats, and using resistance bands for bent rows, military presses, flies, and and deltoid raises are all good.  

Finish with isometrics.  Just get a nylon band, and do static squats, holding the strap as you push against it while breathing freely down low.  Hold for about 5 seconds or so, then hold again half way up, and then 3/4 up.  Hold at each position.  

Then do military presses the same way, and deltoid raises, and flies, bent rows, and pushup holds, all in three positions.  You will be tired.

All of this is subject to change, and your body and preferences.  You will learn as you go, and certain exercises will become musts for you, on a daily basis- you won’t feel good if you don’t include them.

Rebounders are great, and really lend themselves to working out in front of the TV.  Work out your own variations!

The one additional thing that I do, and wish you would consider, is to add in two to three pure strength training sessions in the afternoon.  Using gymnastic rings, you completely work out your upper body perfectly, in a far more productive manner than with barbells and dumbbells.  20 to 30 minutes doing strength work in your basement or wherever you hang your rings is ideal.

For lower body, which you alternate with upper, check in with Ben Patrick of    His lower body exercises will completely revolutionize your lower body training, making it both functional, and bulletproof in terms of injury!  Check him out.

So, there you have it.  Couple this with country living, walking barefoot in your woods and yard, and cooking and grilling most of your own food, and you will have a long and happy retirement, without disease of the mind or body.

Cultivate an interest in books, podcasts, and music or art, and you will be one of the happiest, healthiest people that ever lived!