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Sunday, July 28, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #41- Be a new Paleo YOU- Back to the future!

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Yes, you really can become the New Paleo You!  It won’t happen overnight, but considering that you’ve been sliding into the Old Neolithic you for decades, at least, you will be very pleased to hear that your new self, no matter how much you’ve been damaged metabolically from bad nutrition and exercise advice, is only months away in most cases.

Let’s take a bad case as an example- let’s say you are a life-long exerciser, mainly running and other forms of “cardio” or “aerobics” like spinning classes, dance classes, jazzercise, whatever kind of exercise that only is supposed to burn calories and help endurance...  this kind of exercise is really bad!  just so you know, it is counterproductive, and will only teach your body to hold onto fat, raise your cortisol or stress hormones, lower your immunity to colds and flu, and wear out your joints.

And let’s say you have been a “yo-yo” dieter for years- reducing calories to 1500 per day or less, losing weight (not only fat, but mostly muscle first, and then some fat), until your body intervened (luckily) and forced you to eat more food... unfortunately, the body can’t tell you exactly what food to eat, so you just ate lots of low fat (which equals high sugar) processed fake foods, lean cuisine type nutritionally barren processed fake meals, and horrible fast foods... yuck....

This is actually a pretty typical modern American, especially of the female variety!  (Males have their own bad normal “types”, but let’s work with this for now- the solutions are identical!)

And, in addition, you’ve probably gone regularly to the Doctor, trying to be “responsible about your health”, and have been prescribed various medications for, oh, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, anti- depressants, and maybe (worst of all!) a Statin drug for high cholesterol.   And you probably have various skin ailments, dry or oily, perhaps acne or rosacia, and all in all you just feel BAD. You have trouble sleeping, and feel anxious much of the time.

All of this is very common, almost inevitable for the present day and manner of living and eating...

But now, let’s go... Back to the Future!

Now, you are going to become the New Paleo YOU!  And don’t worry, it’s not all that hard, in fact it’s easier than what you are doing right now, and the results will amaze both you, your family and friends, and especially even your Doctor!
First off, change your diet.

Actually, this is first, second, third and fourth- change the way you eat.

Simple things first-  throw away your salt!  No, I’m not telling you to eat less salt, I’m telling you to eat MORE!  But get a good quality SEA SALT, not that lousy fake processed salt made by big industry.  Himalayan is a great place to start!
Tastes amazing, and loaded with healthy minerals your body is craving.

Next, throw away your vegetable oils and margarine and Crisco poisons!  They have no nutrients at all, and are only helping to make you fat and sick- throw them out, don’t even donate them to the homeless, they are better off with out them too.  Again, I am not asking you to do without, just substitute UP- go buy real, pastured butter.
(Hey, this paleo thing isn’t so hard yet, is it?  It’s just way tastier...)

For pastured butter, buy Kerrygold from Ireland or even better, Organic Valley pastured butter from the wondrous state of Wisconsin wherein I reside... for OIL, get olive oil, coconut oil, ghee (clarified butter) is also great and readily available.  Do NOT get peanut oil (a legume), but real NUT oils like macadamia or almond oils are great.  Coconut oil and pastured butter will be your go to butters, but real honest-to-God lard from grass fed beef and pastured pork or (my favorite) duck is to be prized!

So far, everything has been improvements to your life and diet (and your health!)  Nothing hard so far...  but now:

I want you to give up grains.

This is actually the key, the lynchpin of your health.  This one thing will improve your health beyond all measure; make it possible for your to be ideal healthy lean self, bring you back to your new Paleo you, and improve everything!

And it’s not that hard.

Basically, from now on resolve to only eat real food!

You can start just by going to bed early (proper sleep- 8 hours minimum is super important- just as important as what you eat, really!  Get to sleep EARLY!)

And then, get up early, in time to make a good, solid, filling, make-your-body-happy-for-the-first-time-in-a-long-time breakfast!

And also in time to pack a super nutritious Paleo Lunch- a big, giant salad, with lots and lots of beef, or chicken, or tuna, or salmon, or ALL of the above would be great!  Don’t forget to add a lot of good quality FAT, in the form of olive oil and apple cider vinegar along with it.

Then, come home and either fire up the grill (like me!)  and make a nice steak, chicken, grill some bacon for tomorrow’s breakfast (and a little ‘snack’ for tonight too!), seafood, maybe grill a baked sweet potato to top with real sour cream and butter...  not sounding too bad yet, is it???

The main thing is to stay really, really full, especially at first.  Then temptations are easy to avoid...

But, I have realized over time that the very best way to implement this New Paleo You approach is with is a good Paleo Smoothie in the morning.  Get a Vitamix blender, a good supply of real God-made foods, veggies, cod liver oil, coconut milk, berries, and you will have the battle already mostly won.

You have a big canister of smoothie, and if you have a glass in the morning of the most nutrient dense food on earth, trust me, your body will be utterly happy and you will not be hungry for longer than you will believe.

You will have no desire for neolithic (GRAIN) foods, devoid of nutrition, because you have had all the nutrition you need!

This is huge.  The reason modern folks are hungry virtually all the time is because they are eating things that give their bodies no nutrition- so your body says “EAT EAT EAT”!,
And you do, but what you eat, again, has no nutrition!

So, the EAT signal never stops!

But now, for you, IT DOES!!

Just eat lots of real food, LOTS!  To get a Vitamix to help you easily process, actually chew up the food for you and get it into your thankful body, go to and click on the Vitamix link.  You’ll get free shipping, which is the best deal on the Vitamix you will find anywhere, and also help support this wonderful show, which is the best deal you will get on a show anywhere (free)!

Oh, and after the first day, what do you do?  REPEAT!

That’s right, day after day, you just eat the healthiest foods on the planet (and any other planet as well!)-

Nutrient density is the name of the game!  Meats, grass fed is best, pastured pork is best, free range chicken is best- bacon, steaks, pork chops, roasts, barbequed chicken, more bacon, shish-ke-bobs, more bacon, seafood, shrimp, scallops, sardines, mussels, tuna, salmon- you get the drift!  Just really good, really real God made foods- EAT THE FATTED CALF!!  This information is just loaded into and peppered throughout the Bible!

And, as for exercise?  I know, you’ll go crazy, thinking you need to “burn calories” and need to “feel the burn” as Jane Fonda infamously said...

But I, PaleoJay say to you, now- Do NOT exercise for 30 days!

Even I can’t believe I just said that!  But I mean it-

It is SO much more important that you understand and start into really DOING these dietary changes, that I want you to have NO DISTRACTIONS.

Your future health, your body composition (fat to muscle) ratio, your need for poisonous medications- all of this is based 90% PLUS on DIET alone!

And this from someone who does some exercise just about every single day...

But, at this point, exercise is not what you need, my friend.  You need a...

New Paleo You!   And you will get it- let’s go back to the future!

Start tomorrow!  Keep me posted on your progress.  This first week is 100% about diet, and diet alone!  KEEP ME POSTED!

I have a Speakpipe feature on my site,, where you can just talk into your computer to ask me a question, or even tell me that I’m a creep if you want...

Go ahead and use it son (or daughter!)...

And take some before pictures for yourself, because in about 90 days, your after pictures will be amazing!

I will see all of you Paleo You people next week, next Sunday!  God bless us, everyone!!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

PaleoJay podcast 40- Vitamin Kryptonite, and Paleo diet for a college student

PaleoJay Podcast 40- Vitamin Kryptonite (K1 and K2)
and College Student Paleo Diet

PaleoJay Podcast #40

Vitamin K1 and K2- Kryptonite in reverse?
And Paleo diet for a college student!

OK- as new facts are brought to light, the Paleo type of diet template tends to .... change.  This is just how science is supposed to work!  New facts come up, and we change what we are doing.  The strange this is, in modern AMA type medical science, this idea is being ignored- and has been for decades!

This kind of boggles my mind- any university trained US of A medical Dr. would say - 

“Oh yes, I am completely a man of science!”

That is, until you confront them with scientific evidence with which their training (which took place, usually, 20 or 30 years ago) doesn’t agree!  Then, they dismiss it, sweep it under the rug, and want to change the subject... this is not science my friends!  This is protecting your own turf, bailiwick, or “hood”; however you say it, it is not science.

It was fine, saying that fat was bad, sugar was fine, whole grains were wonderful, and long slow distance running was wonderful exercise... back in 1970, when we were all quite healthy, slim, and it sounded right!  But now, over 4 decades later, when the vast majority of us are fat, sick, diabetic, and racked with preventable diseases that hardly existed pre 1970’s: 


We have all been GRAIN- washed, as I’ve said before.  The truth is what our grandparents, our great grandparents, and all of our forebears throughout history knew:

Fat, quality fat is a fount of life- it is wonderful for our health!
SUGAR is the poison that fat was thought to be in the 1960’s- SUGAR IS BAD!!
Whole grains are basically JUST ANOTHER FORM OF SUGAR!! They turn to sugar right in your mouth (hello dental problems!), and raise your blood sugar even worse than sugar, with the resulting INSULIN surge to calm them down, that ages you and forces your body to store more and more FAT. 
Long, Slow Exercise only succeeds in destroying your joints, wasting your precious muscle tissue, and teaches your body to be really good at preserving body fat to fuel this strange obsession.  It also seems to be a good way to promote cancer, by depleting the body’s immune system to such an extent that it can scarcely recover...

Anyway, that is a long intro into the idea that we really do need lots of quality fats. 

We really need Vitamin Kryptonite, aka Vitamins K1 and K2!

First discovered was Vitamin K1, which is found in leafy greens like spinach, kale, and their ilk.  If you have a good green Paleo smoothie each day as I recommend, this is not a problem at all- you have K1 in plenty (along with many other phytonutrients!)- Be Happy!

But K2 (Red Kryptonite maybe?) was discovered later- “Activator X” it was called by the great Weston A. Price, and it is found in animal products exclusively, (sorry vegans!), although it is also found in fermented foods like sauerkraut. 

Foods high in vitamin K2

Natto (a fermented soy product from Japan)

Hard cheese
Soft cheese
Egg yolk
Chicken liver
Chicken breast
Ground beef

While Vitamin K1 helps in blood clotting and other ways, K2 (red Kryptonite!) does even more!  It appears to be very effective at preventing cancers, particularly prostate cancers, preventing heart disease, and insuring healthy skin and bone growth- these two varieties of kryptonite are really not the same animal (or vitamin!) at all- but they are both very very good Kryptonite to make you a Superman/woman!!

So, eat lots of the above mentioned foods, just making sure that your are eating pastured eggs, grass fed beef, pastured chicken liver, and pastured butter, ideally...

Organic Valley, just south of me, has a Pastured butter that is BETTER than Kerrygold butter from Ireland, which is only 90% pastured!  (Bad move Kerrygold!)

ANYTHING raised naturally, on the food that it was meant to eat (grass for a cow, bugs and worms and grass for a chicken, and everything natural under the sun for a pig in a field except GMO grains yuck!) is going to be wonderful for YOU to eat!  If you eat an animal, you eat what it ate- so eat healthy, happy animals!  

So eat lots of happy animals, and happy animal products as well Paleo-ites!

Oh, and I did receive a question from a concerned paleo listener, who asked “How can college kids eat healthy in school?”  

This is a tough one, but it underscores a point that I like to make- and that is that it’s the journey to healthy eating and living, and not a destination.  

When you are young, especially, you have a lot of resilience in your young intestines from a good solid nutritional upbringing, especially with nursing from breast milk when young, you can handle a LOT.  In fact, up to age 30 for most healthy and well nourished when really young people can handle almost any insult to their system...

But the point to remember is this: every dietary indiscretion (like bread, grains, pasta, grains, donuts, grains and sugar, sugar, high fructose nightmare corn syrup, etc) is cumulative- your body can’t recover past a certain point, so- 

Just choose the best you can in your current situation!

Breakfast in the dorm- choose eggs, some fruit, tea or coffee - pass on donuts, toast, margarine, and other nightmares!  A good idea is to keep a jar of coconut oil in your room- add it to your coffee!  Very filling, and very healthy as well!!

Lunch in the dorm- meat and veg, meat and veg.  No bread, put some real butter on your meat!

Supper in the dorm- (see above about meat and veg....just eat a REALLY LOT of both!  Salad is always good!  I’ll leave the dressing up to you- we can’t be perfect in this environment DUDES!)

For snacks, I will just say that almonds, cashews, and jerky will never let you down!  And, for an easy and elegant and almost always available meal/snack substitute that is super healthy and ready when you are...


Talk about eating the whole animal!  Sardines are not only the whole animal, incredibly cheap, and quite tasty- they are seafood, thus high in omega 3’s, low on the food chain, thus low in toxins, and readily available almost anywhere (and storable forever!!)- 

If you don’t like sardines, How DARE you??  LEARN, SON!!

Just make sure to get the expensive ones... $2.00 per tin, as opposed to 1.00...

You really do get what you pay for!  Cheap sardines are really, really cheap- so go “high roller”- the most expensive sardines are still really really cheap- but they are FANTASTIC!!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HOW to listen to podcasts! Like PaleoJay...

I know- you listen to PaleoJay podcast, but HOW?  Do you sit in front of your computer, and go to ?

Well, that's fine.  You can listen as you look at your computer, perhaps browsing around while you listen...

Or do you go to iTunes?  That's great as well; in fact, probably the BEST way to listen, since iTunes is the Mother Source of all things Podcast!  If you do, you need to download Apple's free APP- Apple's Podcast app   Download this, and you can subscribe to PaleoJay, and hear each and every podcast as it becomes available!  You can also subscribe to many other podcasts, some of which I described in my very last podcast #39, and subscribe to them as well.

You can also search for podcasts in ANY category, like music, business, religion, history (Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is amazing here)- I subscribe- and virtually any other subject you can think of, trust me- there is a podcast addressing that category!  And they are all free!!

"But JAY" I hear you scream "I have an ANDROID, not an iPhone!!"

Best Podcast Catchers  Android phone apps are here as well- expensive though... 6.99...

What I use is Downcast, it just works so slick, and at 1.99 is a bargain indeed!  But, again, only for Apple iOS...

 So, for an all in one, super-easy solution to podcasts, I am here recommending- 

Click on the link above- FREE, and you can choose ANDROID OR iPHONE!!

It is a super easy interface- download once, open it up, type in PaleoJay, and you are on your way to being a mobile, super-hip podcast afficianado...

Listen in your car, listen as you work out, listen as you mow, listen as you clean house!


It is just so easy, and you can pause at any time, and resume later- you will have missed NOTHING!  You hear every word.

I just thought many of you would like to know the basics.  MOST folks I have spoken with are downright afraid of podcasts, because they just don't understand the basics of how to listen!

So, in summary, if simplicity and seamless listening is important to you- 


And, to acquaint yourself with the app, just type in paleojay

It will all make perfect, easy sense after that!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #39- Spotlight on Paleo Podcasts!

 Today, I carried my little recorder with me on my second ever Peripatetic Paleo Podcast- where we shine a light on the best paleo podcasts.

All of the following excellent podcasts are all available free on iTunes for your listening pleasure: 

Robb Wolfe, Jimmy Moore, Angelo Copolla, Dr. Josh Axe, Chris Kresser, and Sean Croxton are all recommended, along with Carl Lenore of Superhuman Radio and Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo.  Of course, PaleoJay podcast is encouraged also to be listened to weekly.  

Loren Cordain doesn't have his own podcast, but he does have a great website at

Click here to listen NOW!

For iTunes link click HERE!


Monday, July 8, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #38- Tribal Celebrations!

PaleoJay podcast #38  TRIBAL CELEBRATIONS!

Listen NOW- scroll to bottom and click Listen Now!

If you can forgo immediate gratification, listen on your iDevices on iTunes: PaleoJay on iTunes

Hello my friends!  It is the morning after my daughter’s wedding, and I am a proud, tired, and happy father to say the least.  Brandon and Holly were wed yesterday in our Methodist church, and after the ceremony, we had a rousing reception that kept us all up to the wee hours... it was all wonderful, and great fun indeed!

What I mean to stress here is that we all need, well, to UN-STRESS on occasion, especially on those very special occasions that occur in life that cry out for joy and celebration!  I have been so occupied and busy lately, dealing with the death of a family member, and simultaneously preparing for a wedding-  and yesterday was the wedding of our own Holly and Brandon.

This is an ultimate sort of Tribal Gathering and Celebration, writ large!  The two whole extended families, friends, neighbors, church friends, kids’ friends, adult friends, right up to my 93 year old father and his 88 year old trophy wife of 62 years: my mother.  Kind a a Melding of the two tribes into a larger one- the friends and family of one tribe knit to another.  A very joyful celebration it was!

And this is my point: Sometimes, to be a healthy, clear-thinking and successful human being, we need to step away from the small stuff!  Yesterday, I violated many of my cardinal Paleo/Ancestral/Barbarian/Primal principles- I didn’t get enough sleep (will take a nap later today), I stayed up late eating, drinking, dancing and singing, I forced myself to become the most extreme extrovert my innately introverted self could handle, and yes, I ate most of a piece of wedding cake!  (And very good indeed it was my friends- actually, now that I think about it- it was too good!  God never designed food like that to occur in nature- food that tastes so good that you don’t even consider the non-existent nutrients and health benefits.  But, for this happy occasion- I ate some!

Now, I am back to being a barbarian- I will tread lightly on the outskirts of civilization, sampling the benefits of civilization warily- the benefits are undeniable, but they come sometimes at a severe cost.  

To remember this is key...

And so, remember that you are a tribal member- whether family, neighborhood, church, or any other small group- your tribal identity is YOU- it is really who you are, even to yourself.  Don’t let down any of your tribal affiliations- every person in a tribe is utterly necessary- you are an essential part of your tribe, without your maximizing your potential, both physical and mental, you will not be a good, valued tribal member...

To do less than you can to maximize yourself is cheating the whole tribe!

So, be the best you that you can be!  Eat real, God made foods!  Exercise naturally, in a perfectly paleo fashion that brings out the healthiest, fittest, mentally strongest and the very best YOU that you can be!  In other words, maximize your genetic potential!

This enhances you, but more importantly, it benefits and enhances the whole tribe.

So there you have it.  This is a brief, yet really important point of the Paleo way of life; to 
be the best member of that tribe that you are capable of becoming.  If everyone in the tribe does just that one thing...

The tribe will evolve in a positive direction, and so will the destiny of mankind itself.

Here is the song I wrote for my daughter, Holly, and her new husband Brandon.  It is heartfelt, and so I know it is the “best possible” song I could have written for my tribe...

See you next week, Paleo Tribal members!


I wish I had more money
I wish I had more time
But the one thing I would never change
Is that my little girl’s mine!

I thought she’d be here forever
But now she’ll come and go
She’ll be here for Christmas dinner
And when I call her, feelin low...

Holly my Holly- I held you in these hands
I was there when you were little
But Brandon is the man

I’m glad that she has found him
I don’t mind to share
I’m just her olden Papa
And both of us can care

I loved her as a baby
I loved her as a kitten
That’s what we have in common
Brandon and me- we both were smitten!

Holly my Holly- I held you in these hands
I was there when you were little
But Brandon- he’s the man