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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Live in the Country podcast


Let’s say you are young, 18-22 or so, and just starting out in life.  You are hopefully well educated, and undoubtedly have some ideas of what you want to do, and how to support yourself, hopefully along with a family before too long.  

Along with basic questions of career, and just how to get started, you really should consider as vitally important just where you should live!  City and metropolitan area, suburbs of a large city, or small town and country?

Well, since the largest cities, like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Detroit are now all crumbling, crime-infested snake pits- well, I would avoid them at all costs.  Especially if considering a family!  The school systems in such places are horrible beyond words, as are all public works they control; things like water supplies are largely contaminated, crime is both unpunished and out-of-control, and the very air you breathe there is filthy.  

Suburbs around cities tend to be much nicer, but the cost of housing in such places is prohibitive.  It depends on the job you can get, but  any normal income is almost impossible in such places to be enough, even with husband and wife both working, which is not ideal at all.

In my opinion, I would do exactly in your position as I did, many years ago.  Get educated, either in college of in a vocational tech school, and then save all you can for a few years.  Don’t live at home and be a freeloader; this is actually immoral, and a coward’s way out.  Live cheaply, and work hard.  Find a potential spouse who will do the same!  This will serve to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’, and the two of you will build your characters and work ethic along with your bank account!

During this period in your life, work also on your health!  After work hours (or before), make sure to work out daily, building your body and your ‘terrain’, by eating as healthily as you can, and fortifying your body and mind with animal protein and some vegetables.  Also, teach yourself to cook such healthy foods, which will be both more economical and good for you than eating out.  Avoid fast foods, and processed foods completely!

And do not fail to also build your spiritual life!  Find a good church (smaller is better), and attend regularly.  Pray, and attend to the development of your soul!  This may be the most important direction of all, so be attentive to what your deepest self truly desires.

All throughout this period of life, research and think about where you would like to live.  Do you love where you already are, and is it a small town or city with rural surroundings?  That is just fine, so start to look for a homestead for your family, a place where you can live peacefully forever.

If you don’t live in such a place, then look for what would be your ideal.  This could vary, but would be quite rural if you value western civilization a community of shared values.  Multicultural places tend to be fractious, unsafe, and eventually anti-civilization!

Exotic locales might sound good, but actually are only good for vacations!  People of European descent, such as myself and probably you, are evolved in a cold, harsh climate.  We need struggle and hardship, things to solve and conquer.  Without real accomplishments, Western man is unfulfilled, and never really happy!  Hence our endless upward climb…

Only when other racial groups come to join us, do we begin to unravel.  Stay in a homogenous area, above all!

And so, you’ve found a rural area with natural beauty, clean air and water, and folk that are very like yourself.  You also need to be able to find a good job there, one in which you are able to excel in.  Don’t look for ‘prestige’ in your job, look for ‘fulfilling’ and ‘meaningful’.  Of course, ample pay is also very important!  A paycheck that can pay the mortgage on a very nice home and acreage; for I recommend buying your Last Home First!

That’s what I did.  I bought a home where I looked at the land first, and the actual house on it second.  The land can never be changed, or moved.  It is the “location location location” that realtors always talk of as being the three most important factors in real estate!  Buy that FIRST.

But that said, and house is also very important. So bear both in mind, but the home itself can always be fixed and repaired; the land never.

Pay more than you would like to, and you won’t regret it on a wonderful property!  It may be a stretch in the beginning, but in 10 years or so, the land will undoubtedly seem like a bargain that you will be so thankful you bought in the future as land and homes further appreciate in price.

And so, there is some timeless, wonderful paleo ancestral advice!  It worked for me, here in western Wisconsin, and now I am living here still with my grandchildren growing up around me.  For this is another wonderful effect of choosing a place, and raising your family there:

They never have to move!  They can follow in your footsteps, in the path you forged for them, long ago.  You chose a ‘forever place and land’, and showed them how to live, work, play and worship in that land.  And you will be there to help them, and enjoy them and their families!

This is the ancestral way.  It always has been.  Only by following this path can we be truly happy, and healthy.  It is the way of the European, and his descendants, forever.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Oliver Anthony - Virginia

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8-Step ATG Longevity Workout

Go Carnivore... For A While... podcast

 Hopefully you’ve heard by now of the Carnivore Diet!

It is very easy to understand; this is part of its charm.  You can’t go wrong- you only eat meat.  For some, like Jordan Peterson and his daugter, you only eat beef, and salt.  (If they don’t, they suffer debilitating autoimmune conditions, and massive depression).  And so, they follow this diet of necessity.  

It is kind of, in my mind, an extreme paleo diet.  Kind of an ice age diet, as if you were living during the last ice age, and only animals were available to eat and so survive.  NO plants, or mushrooms… NOTHING.

And so, why should you, a fully modern human, with grocery stores and endless foodstuffs available, follow such a restrictive diet??

Well, if you have just about any health condition,, like diabetes, or psoriasis, or obesity- you are SURE to improve! 

Link to Dr. David Unwin on low carb versus diabetes

And, just to point out- a Carnivore Diet is a NO CARB diet, by definition!!  Not just low, but NO.

And so, my little paleo friends: Go Carnivore!  (Or at least ‘Carnivor-ish), like me!  I also include cheese, kefir, cream, butter and full fat yogurt, along with copious amounts of eggs and some cruciferous veggies and low carb fruits.  

But that is the end result.  For now, paleo pilgrim: if you are fat, sick and diabetic to any extent?  Go Full Carnivore!  It’s not even difficult, not really.  You will never, ever be hungry, and you will feel satisfied and energized, eating only beef.  The only thing hard to deal with is social pressure, but what is that when set against you very health and survival, long term??

I guarantee that all your conditions and the state of your health will improve.  Vastly in pretty much every case!

Stick with it, until you are feeling and looking amazing!  (I’m not kidding, results are that immediate, and inavoidable).  Now, you can, one at a time, add in things: try chicken and fish.  Still fine?  Try eggs, then dairy.  Still doing great?  Try a bit of fruit or vegetable…

All of that is just optional.  The true freedom is just knowing that, in the final analysis: You really don’t need anything by animal products!  

You might ENJOY other foods…but you don’t NEED THEM to have a ‘so called’ BALANCED diet.  Not at all.  It’s just gilding the lily, really.  

So, go carnivore young man! (Or woman). Stick with it as long as you’d like, and as long as you enjoy ever-improving health and wellness! 

 It is a RESET!!

Just like restarting your computer brings it back to its virginal state, so too does ‘resetting’ your primordial self back to the pre-carb, pristine human state!  Then, with your new health and knowledge, you can venture back out into the dangerous modern world, full of its perilous food-like substances, and hyper-processed garbage- but now, you know that true health lies in animal protein foods; not in medications and plant concoctions of oxalates and nightshades galore!