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Monday, February 20, 2023

Tucker: This could lead to the destruction of the West


I know, that sounds a tad extreme…  but it is true, nevertheless.  I started out today thinking about this while listening to a podcast by Shawn Baker, a carnivore doctor who has a podcast, and youtube videos about the subject.

He was interviewing a former vegan, as he often does.  This was a man who almost died of his long-term veganism, and saved himself and his wife by becoming carnivorous.  The numbers of such misguided people seem legion, and they stick to this vegan notion of health well past the point where you would think that anyone would wake up!  They become walking stick insects, with (ironically) bloated bellies, incredibly weak, and with brains that are confused and very unhappy overall.  

The almost universal result with such vegans is that, once they try eating meat, sometimes after many years of not doing so, it is as if ‘The lights come on’, and they finally feel alive!  Why does this realization take so long for these folks?

I think it is the same shuttered state of mind that affects the liberal elites in many other areas- they are so stubbornly sure that they know everything, and the many ignoramuses all about them- the middle-class non-elites, so inferior that they don’t know everything the leftist elites tell them are true!

These non-elite, conservative people, who prize meat above all in their diets, and in those of their children, recommend strength training as opposed to leftist cardio adherence, notice that there definitely are differences between the different races of men, (just as there are in breeds of dogs, for instance), and worst of all noticed that Trump did a really, really good job overall are just stupid!

The genius leftist liberal vegans also know that the Covid lockdown was great, despite having no better results than countries such as Sweden that had no lockdown, and despite that children are retarded in their schooling by those lockdown measures and are irretrievably damaged in their learning, these Big Government top-down supporters refuse to change their minds!

They must be right!  After all, Faucii is a genius just as they are, and would be incapable of spewing misinformation for years on end.  Except that he did!

These vegan leftists also are so glad they took the vaccines, and then the multiple boosters, along with the flu shot (that doesn’t work either), and they will never ever never admit that they are wrong about anything EVER!  No matter how often they are proven, over and over, to be wrong about every single thing they believe, in their little democrat, liberal, Big Medicine, Big Pharma cult.

Here is the truth, vegan liberal leftist democrats: The vaccine you mandated not only didn’t prevent contracting covid (which turns out to be far milder than you warned us), it seemed to make people more prone to contracting the disease over and over, because the untested MRNA vaccines seem to damage the body’s own immune system, rendering it more vulnerable.  To ALL diseases!

In addition, it appears that the fake vaccine that doesn’t work also makes those who took it far more vulnerable to cardiac forms of death, even at very young ages.

I guess my ultimate point of all this is that the LEFT has brought us down a very damaging, and negative path, where our health is declining swiftly.  Crime and homelessness have taken over our cities, and criminals are not punished, and police are vilified.  Jobs are now given out as a form of ‘equity’, without regard to merit, as are university places and scholarships.  White heterosexual males, the type that built our very civilization and virtually all of the achievements of the modern world of western civilization are now vilified.  

If you are a leftist, liberal, self-described elite, why do you suppose you still haven’t come to your senses?  About anything, most of you??

I really don’t know.  Do you?  

Why are you so determined to be utterly wrong, about virtually EVERYTHING?

Somehow, I think it, ironically, makes you feel superior!  Because obviously- if someone were to persist in insisting that everything they believe is superior to what really is true, why then, they must have special, really important, divinely revealed explanations that no one else is privy to…

Do you?

Monday, February 6, 2023

Legend of the Yellow Emperor - ROBERT SEPEHR

The Scamdemic is OVER! Podcast..


Was it really for almost 3 long years that we had to wear useless masks, had our churches and schools largely closed, and we were forced to inject into our bodies toxic MRNA fake vaccines that didn’t even work to protect us?  And that now are proving to have done irreparable harm to our bodies, making us prone to myocardial diseases of the heart, often fatal?

Yes, that is exactly what we’ve lived through- the biggest scam and hoax in history.  We are still not supposed to talk about it, as we continue to pretend that Dr. Slouchi is a veritable god, instead of a madman.  

But, I am here to tell you now, that it is OVER.  Don’t ever allow something like this, a toxic Democrat autocratic Big Lie to happen, ever again.  It’s time for all of this to turn around.  For big medicine, big pharmaceuticals, big government, and big top-down control are all evil, and actually what the United States was founded to eliminate!  

We need to get back to basics: self-autonomy, where each of US decides what is best for our own health, and that of our families.  If the government tells us to eat lots of carbs in the form of grains, we should self-educate, and tell them no.  No, it’s not healthy.  Neither is eating bugs to stop ‘climate change’.  Ruminant animals are the healthiest things we can eat, despite what we are constantly told.  Green vegetables like spinach, kale, and beet greens are loaded with oxalates, plant self-defense chemicals that inflame our bodies, joints, gut lining, and other areas leading to kidney stones, inability to sleep, connective tissue disorders, and on and on…

Our great-grandparents knew far more about health and proper living than any MD or government agency does today.  They would tell us to get outside in the sunshine, sleep 8 hours per night, eat a good meat-based diet, and get good exercise on a daily basis, outside in nature.  They would tell us to avoid doctors as much as possible, unless absolutely necessary for a traumatic event like a bullet or a broken bone.  That is what doctors are good at, and that is ALL that they are good at.

The one good thing that came out of the past three years is that we now know that Big Government is the enemy.  Their goal has been revealed for all to see- to disarm us (like Hitler), to take all power unto themselves, the evil fake ‘leaders’, to stop free speech entirely, and to totally control us as slaves to their horrible system, by taxing us into that state and redistributing wealth to the least deserving from the hardest working.

What can we do?  First, recognize the problem!  Then, vote with your feet- move out of big ‘blue’ metropolitan areas- you are easily controlled there.  Move to red states, or at least rural areas where traditional American values still hold sway.  Raise your families with those values, and attend a small conservative church.  Home school if your own school system is hopelessly ‘woke’ and worthless.  Get involved to change the local political structure if it is Democratic and woke.

Send your kids to Technical schools rather than colleges or universities that only seek to indoctrinate them.  Those have lost all credibility nowadays!  Employers have figured out that most degrees are now worthless…

Realize that your health is up to you.  Most medical procedures, drugs and surgeries, are far more harmful than good!  Avoid them.  You are responsible for your own health and wellness.  No one else can do it for you- they just pretend that they can, for the huge payoff they get from your health insurance.  

Most people will disagree with me, but many are starting to wake up.  Medical treatment is a necessary evil, and should only be used rarely, and as little as possible.  Big government is in the same category- 

The less government, the better off we will all be!