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Monday, February 25, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast 19- A Tale of GMO Wheat

PaleoJay Podcast 19- A Tale of GMO Wheat

Norman answered the door.  He was a punctilious man, and never hesitated to do what he thought was right.  He opened the door.

In the doorway was a slim, tall man with a thin mustache and saturnine face.

“Mr. Borlaug?” he asked.

“Yes” answered Norman.

“I hear that you are a philanthropist, of sorts.  That you would desire to save the human species, of the future that is.  Am I correct?”

Norman stared.  Who was this man?  How did he know about...

“What do you mean?  Why have you come-  I don’t understand!” expostulated Norman.

The slim man smiled, revealing sharp, white teeth.

“May I call you Norman?” he asked.

“Yes, of course. “ said Norman.

“OK, NORman.  It doesn’t matter just HOW I know, but I KNOW- you want to save the world of humanity- am I right, Norman?”

The slim, dark man smiled again, and although perfectly friendly, there was something vaguely sinister in his query.  But Norman wondered how he could so perfectly know what he had been working towards in his research.  But then he thought- heck, this must be one of the “Angel Investors” he had been hoping to attract!!  All of a sudden he was really excited!

“Uh, YEAH!  I mean, I’ve been researching like HECK to , uh, reverse the future- I mean, it is inEVITABLE that we will all starve in the future if we don’t come up with a way to really, I mean REALLY enhance the production of grains, in particular WHEAT.  By the 1990’s we could see the beginnings of serious starvation in many places, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, and possibly the Middle East- I have spent so many hours trying to come up with a grain variety that could stop this disaster that-”

The dark man stopped him- “What if I told you that- I HAVE that grain variety!  I can help you to STOP the starvation you foresee in the future.  What would you... GIVE... for that?”

The dark man, smilingly regarded Norman with a slight leer to his thin lips.  He was holding a large manilla envelope in his hands, and tapped it suggestively.

Norman was surprised, and confused.  Who was this guy, and what were his motives?

But then again, what the hey- How did he know exactly what Norman wanted?  Was he a research consultant, or an investor, or what??  And how could he say “I have what you want!!”

It was crazy!

But, looking at that assured smile on those thin lips, and the cocksure glint in his reddish eyes, Norman knew the slim stranger was no flash-in-the-pan.  He resumed his interrogation:

“You seem to know a lot about what I’m doing. But what do you mean when you say you
have the SOLUTION? “

“Well Norman, there have been many times in the past when humanity was at a crossroads...  In Jericho, for instance!  I was there to help- they wondered about starting a city, growing grains...It was I who encouraged starting a city-state- growing grains!  I was a pioneer!!  And EGYPT- perfect!  I encouraged an ultimate ruler that had control over everyone, life or death, and we would all found our nation state on grain!  It worked out perfectly for centuries!  Everyone knew their place so well!

Norman stared- this guy was nuts!  But the tall, slim man continued:

“And then later, it was a nation named... uh- ROME- that’s it!  I said to Just KILL all the barbarians that didn’t CONFORM to our agricultural ideas!  It worked so well at first, but over time there seemed to form some... opposition.  This was troubling... but, we worked it out pretty well.  BUT, we need your, uh, assistance to continue!  “

Norman didn’t know WHAT say!  This sounded absolutely insane.  BUT, that thing about the enhanced grains that had huge productivity??


So, Norman decided to suspend judgement.  He would try anything to boost grain yields!

“What did you say your name was, Mr...” asked Norman.

“Mr. Lucifer”, answered the dark complected man with a thin smile.  “And I ask nothing of your for this, um, formula... nothing but that you give it to the world as your own handiwork.  I guarantee you will be lauded and feted worldwide as a hero of science!”

“But why offer this to me?  What about you- don’t you want the credit?”

The man looked at Norman with a piercing, actually a chilling look, and smiled... not a happy smile at all, but a smile that reminded Norman of how a cat would smile after eating a bird...

“I always get my due in the end- don’t worry about me!”

And so, Norman Borlaug got the specially modified wheat from the packet given him by the dark man, back in 1963.  And now, 50 years later, this same “miracle wheat” is largely responsible for many of our modern diseases- obesity has run rampant, diabetes is an epidemic, and our intestinal linings are so permeable from the anti-nutrients in this new form of “wheat” that autoimmune diseases are spreading from our guts to our bloodstreams in ever increasing numbers!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wilderness Adventures in Paleo Land

Here is a great video by Wilderness Family Naturals!

They have wonderful products, perfectly in line with Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe ideals and recommendations- highly recommended. I hope you this video as much as I did!

I just uploaded PaleoJay podcast 19, but it won't be up on iTunes until tomorrow...  if you have the app Downcast, it's already there.
If you have a Mac product, like an iPhone or i-whatever- get this app!  The perfect way to listen to and manage podcasts...

Or, you could just go to
The podcast is always up there, right away, every Sunday.  

But tomorrow, iTunes will have it.

And, in closing, here is another video from Wilderness Family Naturals:

Hope you enjoyed those!  Listen to my podcast/story tomorrow.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rich Food Poor Food! AND Rich Cat Food!

Rich Food Poor Food link

OK, this is a book review.  But it's one that I feel very strongly about!

I have long been into nutrient dense eating- by this I mean packing as much nutrition into each and every bite or swallow that you put into your body.  This is really why we eat- the nutrition that fuels our each and every cell.

But, we have devolved more into being like the old Romans in their final, decadent days... lolling on cushioned couches, watching Christians being burned for entertainment, and eating-

Eating, and eating, and eating, day and night, not for "fuel" but simply for the taste sensation!

This is the book that can get you back from the brink of that self-destroying path, and back into eating real, God-made foods to maximize your health, and that of your family.  

And save money doing it, too!

If you have never understood about "how and why you should eat paleo", well look no more!

Highly recommended!  

AND, I also have a tip or two about Cat Food for the Paleo Cat!

My little Siamese, Zeke, was spending far too much time, curled up in his little cat bed...
His diet was not up to snuff!  Although he got good, honest, wet all meat cat food (if you feed your cat food with any grains at all in it you are slowly poisoning him!), he just seemed to lack his old vibrancy.  (If you know Siamese, they are VIBRANT, a nice word for super-hyper!)

So, I went to the grocery store, and found some inexpensive food that I eat myself!
Exhibit A:  Tins of sardines, packed in water

Exhibit B:  Small foil packets of wild caught flaked salmon!

 Each are sold for less than $1.00, and are top notch nutrition for cats! (Also humans!!)

I gave some to my cat, Zeke, and also gave some to my daughter Holly!  Here is the result:


Monday, February 18, 2013

Lose weight with a Vitamix, and start a 3 day Suero Cleanse on Paleojay AND a contest on Podcast 18

PaleoJay Podcast 18        CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON ITUNES!

a Rafflecopter giveaway- click to enter! The prize?-Perfectly Paleo Exercise eBook!

How to lose weight with a Vitamix

Kick start your Paleo lifestyle with a Suero Cleanse/Modified fast

There are two tools you can use to dramatically enhance your fat loss goal- I say FAT loss, because that is indeed what we want!  We can lose muscle, and thus lose weight, but this is NOT desirable- muscle actually burns fat for fuel, and is a metabolic “engine” that can keep us LEAN.  Fat is... deadweight, metabolically speaking.  Something to carry around, that is usually filled with the toxins our body has taken in with the bad, man-made fake foods we have eaten.  When our body has a toxic chemical to deal with,  or too much Omega 6 fats (Americans consume WAY too much omega 6 fats, and far too few omega 3), the body stores this in the fat it produces.  When you start to burn this fat, by adhering to a paleo or ancestral lifestyle of real, God made foods, avoiding grains, vegetable oils and sugar, you need to get RID of these chemicals and toxins, as quickly as possible.

That brings us to our first “tool”- the Suero Cleanse!  This is a product by Beyond Organic that really makes a modified fast drop dead easy-  it is a beverage of cultured whey, which is a highly assimilable protein that is loaded with pro and prebiotics, supporting a healthy gut, loaded with natural minerals to flush water and toxins and body fat via the liver, kidneys and colon.

You can get this at the link below, directly from Beyond Organic:
Beyond Organic!it’s also right at the top right on:

Anyway, you simply drink six 16 ounce bottles of the SueroViv beverage each day for 3 days- this completely cleanses your body, readying it for your future Paleo lifestyle that will continue the process towards leanness; and more importantly, optimal health!  Start at the “Bronze” level- this modified fast results in average weight loss of 5-10 pounds in 3 days!  It also instigates the process of “autophagy”, where your body “cleans house”.  When you intermittently fast, it gives your body a time to consume “rogue” cells; precancerous ones, damaged cells, just JUNK that lies around when you are constantly eating. Digestion is a laborious process for the body- if it gets a break from constantly processing food, it can really concentrate on other, vital tasks in a big way, setting you up for future health, rather than just cramming more and more into the “cupboard”, if you will.  This Seuro cleanse is about the best, easiest way I’ve found for folks to start this process!  Try it out, I’m sure you’ll like it!

That brings us to our second Paleo tool- the Vitamix blender!  After you’ve kick-started your new, healthy lifestyle off, what is the best way to keep it going?  Paleo Smoothies, that’s what!  No, I’m not saying you have to drink all your meals for the rest of your life- not at all.  BUT, to start off your day with a conveniently made, super-nutritious drink that you can make for yourself and your family each day- well, the benefits are off the charts!

I have an eBook, Paleo Quick Start available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, and just about everywhere else that is devoted to the Paleo smoothie, but I also have the recipe on my site here that I use, and I encourage “variations on a theme”!  We’re all a little different; some of us can tolerate more fruit than others, for instance- some of us may be so “metabolically broken” that we need to stick to protein and fat for the most part to be healthy...

Anyway, after you do the Suero Cleanse, and get your Vitamix (for free shipping click here), well- “once begun is half done”!  You will start to feel and look amazing, and start to really want the many advantages of the WHOLE paleo lifestyle- eating real, God made foods; avoiding processed junk and fast food and grains.  You will start to crave grass fed beef and wild caught sea food, and you will start to WANT to move around, exercising in a more gentle, restorative form of exercise (like a cat!) rather than scampering around doing cardio like a mouse on a wheel!   You will “GET IT”- Oh, this is what we are meant to feel like!  Feeling alert, relaxed, fit and happy- WANTING to share our talents and gifts with the world.

We really were designed and created to be like that- so let’s do it!  In celebration, I offer you all a contest for my latest eBook- Perfectly Paleo Exercise!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BEYOND ORGANIC Health Reset with the 3 Day Suero Cleanse!

A new product line that I am really excited about is the Beyond Organic! offering from Jordan Rubin's health company!  Beyond Organic is a company devoted to not only offering the most healthy supplements and actual foods, herbs and beverages available anywhere, but their mission is also to make available to anyone, wherever they live, the ability to provide their families with the ultimate nutrition for their health and well-being.  

I am particularly excited about their 3 Day Suero Viv Cleanse!  

In this 3 Day modified cleanse/fast, you reset your body, by going on a probiotic, cultured whey regimen of consuming only the beverages recommended on the program.  This cleanse, the ultimate goal of which is to revitalize your cells, and repopulate with healthy bacteria the colony of the gut.  This sets the stage for dramatic health when you start in on a Healing, Paleo type of diet afterwards, with real, God made foods, natural foods that we were meant to eat, for the rest of your life!

Weight loss of 5 to 10 pounds is average for the 3 day period, and hunger is non-existant!  

But, more important than the weight loss is that the stage is thereby set for 


Hear is what Dr. Axe has to say about this in the brief video below:

I am really pumped about this company!  The mission of Beyond Organic to revitalize American farmland, reverse the advance of Genetically Modified "foods", and to restore the health of people worldwide through the championing of real food is something sorely needed.  

I will talk about more of their products in the future, both on my PaleoJay Podcast and on this site!   Any comments or questions will be answered, so look over the Beyond Organic site, and get inspired by the possibilities, both in your own life and that of your family, and worldwide!


Monday, February 11, 2013

PaleoJay podcast 17- SLIM is SImple- the Vitamix is a Chewing Machine!

Paleojay Podcast 17

Slim is Simple

The Vitamix is a Chewing Machine!

There is a newly released  video called Slim is Simple!- I'm excited to spread the word!

Send it on to your friends, share on facebook, show it to Aunt Matilda on your Apple TV-

This is just a great PRIMER on the why and how of Paleo eating!

The link is on my site, under PaleoJay podcast 17- just click on the free video by Jonathon Baylor of     

It’s a great “Paleo Primer”!

I thought I had better put this out there- I just got it "hot off the Paleo Press"- and it is great for "unbelievers" or those who have never heard of this way of eating and living...  it was created and meant to be shared all around, to spread the good news:

Eat Less and Move More doesn't work- it's Math!
We are in the land of Biology!

Anyway, enjoy the video!  And spread it around!!  

Jonathon also has a great podcast, also called The Smarter Science of Slim- check it out on iTunes.

A Vitamix is a chewing machine!

OK- here I am with a Green Drink from my Vitamix-  Paleo Smoothie!  I would be hard-pressed to eat this many vegetables in a day, much less chew them enough to ensure adequate digestion!  With a Vitamix doing the "chewing" for me, this is not a problem!

Lots of us are not that enamored of eating lots and lots of vegetables... understandable!

But, just add them to the Vitamix canister, along with some natural berries and other fruits, coconut milk, and- well, here is the blog with the recipe list included: paleo smoothie recipe

It's part of a blog about "Shakeology", but it's there...  and it works!  Way more detail in my 1st eBook,
Paleo Quick Start, but you can just take the recipe and go!  And variations are not only acceptable, but encouraged.  More veggies- more variety- more health!  Your garden (or your Farmer's Market!) is your  Palette- draw from it- add to your health.

I know from experience that most folks resist buying a Vitamix:

Too expensive
Too big of a change of lifestyle (versus pouring cereal and milk into a bowl...)
Seems "weird"- putting veggies and "strange" liquids (kefir, raw eggs, pastured butter, coconut milk, green tea) into a blender....
Trust me, have you priced a diagnosis of cancer or diabetes lately?

WAY more than a Vitamix.  I have a link on my site to click on to order a Vitamix with free shipping- best deal Vitamix offers anywhere.  Highly recommended health tool!

If things in our health care system made sense, then our health insurance would cover a Vitamix, cod liver oil, perfect pushup devices, gymnastic rings, pull-up bars, and such like...

but our health care system makes no sense whatsoever, which is why it (and we) are going broke!

But you don't have to go down this self-destructive path-  

Take the conservative approach- don't rely on Government!  Provide for your own health!

Eat good, real, natural, God-made foods!  
Do natural, non-machine, real body exercise!!
Have good personal connections- a "Tribe" or "Family" with which you connect...

Do all of the above, and you will be a healthy, happy, spiritually fulfilled, and FIT cave person!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Paleo Primer- Slim is Simple!

Just saw this newly released (TODAY!) video- I'm excited to spread the word!

Send it on to your friends, share on facebook, show it to Aunt Matilda on your Apple TV-

This is just a great PRIMER on the why and how of Paleo eating!

I thought I had better put this up- I just got it "hot off the Paleo Press"- and it is great for "unbelievers" or those who have never heard of this way of eating and living...  it was created and meant to be shared all around, to spread the good news:

Eat Less and Move More doesn't work- it's Math!
We are in the land of Biology!

Anyway, enjoy the video!  And spread it around!!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paleo Jay's Daily Affirmation- PaleoJay podcast 16 up NOW

Jessica's Daily Affirmation!

Can there by anything more inspiring?  This is a young, uncontaminated, if you will, Paleo person- no one has yet told her to be depressed, "more realistic", and to just settle for conformity.

This is how we should all be, each morning when we wake up!

An easy way to do this, is to just go to bed early every night.  Then, set your alarm to wake up before anyone else in your household.  Get psyched about it!

"Yes!  Tomorrow I get to start my day, doing IMPORTANT THINGS to me, without interruption, for a full hour!!"

You will have the best, most fulfilling morning you've had in a long while... perhaps since you were Jessica's age...

Here is my own affirmation, for tomorrow:

I like my job.  (I like anything!)
I like my tribe, my family, my Paleo Family-
I like my white hair.

I like my haircuts.  I like my tractor.
I like my garage.  I like my truck.
My whole house is great!

I can do anything good.  Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah!!
I can do anything good- better than anyone!!

Thanks Jessica- you have taken what we have made complex and ridden with angst, and brought us full circle- to what God has meant us to be:

Happy children, ready to experience what life has to offer to the fullest- 

Hunting, gathering, living and rejoicing in the moment, happy in our natural, God-given health, which is our birthright as natural, uncorrupted native humans!

Go thou and do likewise:

Eat real, natural foods
Appreciate Nature and your surroundings
Love your "Tribe", those whom you hold near and dear
Above all- be enthusiastic about your one and only precious life!

You really are lucky, because you were born and alive, which is the ultimate gift!

PaleoJay and part of his Tribe: