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Friday, February 22, 2019

Christianity and the Defeat of Globalism Can Save Western Civilization on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe Podcast

“Aristotle argues that for city-states that fall short of the ideal, the best constitution is one controlled by a numerous middle class which stands between the rich and the poor. For those who possess the goods of fortune in moderation find it “easiest to obey the rule of reason” […] They are accordingly less apt than the rich or poor to act unjustly toward their fellow citizens. A constitution based on the middle class is the mean between the extremes of oligarchy (rule by the rich) and democracy (rule by the poor). 

I know, this sounds very far from Ancestral, Paleo lifestyle!  

But, it’s really not: hear me out.   

Western culture is so interwoven with Christianity, that it utterly unravels without it.  Beethoven, Mozart, Dickens, and any other masters of their arts of Western Civilization are incomprehensible without the lens of Christiantity.

Why is this so important?  Because, today- Leftist Nonsense is so prevalent!!  Socialism, once considered extreme- is now the standard LIE of the Democratic Party!

I remember when I was young.  Jimmy Carter won the presidency, and everyone thought Nirvana would soon follow!  It turns out that his reign was a nightmare, unravelling US (and Western power) worldwide.  

US speed limits were lowered to 55, which simply resulted in everyone becoming a scofflaw.  Contempt for the law ensued.   He also pardoned all Vietnam draft evaders- inflation ran amuck from his horrid policies.

He did lots more, all of it bad.  In my youth, Ronald Reagan SAVED the country!  (Really, look it up).  

Sadly, just as in diet and nutrition, the standard recommendations have proven to be anti-science, and overall ridiculous and evil.  To wit:

Get flu vaccines!  (They don’t work, but we make a big profit)!
Get ALL vaccines: especially for your newborn children- they often don’t work (especially when bunched together), and will have lots of downsides, especially when taken in huge, multiple doses- but hey- if you don’t, you are not a good liberal (fake science) supporter, and we need to make a big profit! 
So vaccinate as much as possible, and ignore the mercury and other poisonings, since scientism says they don’t exist.  If your kid has autism, or many of the endlesst modern auto-immune diseases, don’t worry- 

We don’t know why they are happening!  Just like all other auto-immune disease- it has nothing to do with our diet or lifestyle.  

The cause of bad things dietarily, just like in Socialism, is totally random.  

Socialism is perfect.  Just as the modern western diet of flour, corn syrup, and and government run health care is perfect!  

“To each what he can provide, from each what they can contribute!”

So, anyone who can do nothing (or chooses to not work at all) should gain all the rewards of life that are available)- it’s only fair!!  Socialism/Communism in a nutshell…

Socialistic, totalitarian doctrines are always lies.  

Governmental nutrional advice is always completely wrong!   (Low fat, high carb/grain nonsense, prevalent since the 1970’s).

Go directly, and often, to the medical doctor/clinic to preserve your precious health and wellness!

Wrong.  The TRUTH is to avoid your doctor as much as possible!  They have been trained to prescribe as much pharmaceuticals as they can, to maximize their own profits.  That is it, bottom line.  You are a profit target, pure and simple!!

I feel kind of bad, telling you this.  I am from a time, (the 1950’s), when we all assumed that the government, and commerce, were all aimed at helping us all, the overall benefit was paramount!

Those days, sadly are long behind us.  I hope it is not the total unravelling of Western Civilization, but sadly- it might be!  

Most vaccines are bogus- more harmful chemicals than real anitbodies.
Especially when they are done in multiple doses for small infants.  The flu shot is an utter joke, and purely motivated by profit.  

In fact, just today I heard an ad on the radio by our local medical clinic.  The woman speaking said “You should definitely get the shot!  Even if you get the flu, the shot will help you bounce back faster!”  

This is nonsense.  Utter BS- but we have been conditioned to just accept such ridiculousness- because we believe: Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Medicine!!

Don’t buy in- avoid all of these organizations seeking only to control you.  

This is the same group of people telling you that we in the western world should be importing as many people from the 3rd world as we can.  And allowing endless immigration, and eliminating our borders.  They utterly ignore that most of these people are infected with numerous diseases that we have eliminated in our own societies through sanitation and by living in an organized, high IQ society.  

If we allow endless, third world, low IQ immigration,(including those Muslims who are our historical mortal enemies), we are dooming not only our country, but Western Civilization itself, which will be swept  back into the mud of savagery unless we defend our borders, and our civilization itself!  

We are the shining light, here in the West, of Civilization as a whole!  If we allow ourselves to be suckered into a leftist, Marxist ‘Utopia’, it means not only that our lives will unravell, along with our health…

It means a new DARK AGES!  And I am not exaggerating, not at all.

Just as in ancient Rome, when the barbarians were at the gate, there were those decadent, privileged, ancient Democrats Leftists opening the door to let them in!  History repeats itself, and since no young people have been taught real history for decades, we are doomed to repeat it, unless we older ones stop our self suicide.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Bribe Yourself to Exercise podcast on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day

I know for a fact that most people will make any excuse not to exercise.  Not just occasionally… but consistently!  There is just something about hard, physical work that makes us consider any excuse to avoid it.

No two ways about it: exercise, if done properly, is really hard.  Really, Really hard!  

That is how it is designed to be.  Only by (briefly) pushing our bodies to the limit, and maybe a little bit beyond-can we hope to adapt to actually increase our strength and physical abilities!  It is a hormetic response to stress, and is the only way to increase our physical strength and resiliance.  

Just as hard study is necessary to increase our knowledge base, so too are hard workouts to increase our physical base.  And, there is no immediate payback after each workout!  This makes it hard to continue, especially as we get older, and no longer compete in childhood sports where we achieve recognition and immediate feedback.

I’m now 66, and I exercise every single day, (at least when I can).  How do I motivate myself, since there is no one there to “whip me into shape”, no ‘coach’ that I rely on??  Why do I walk donwstairs into my living room every single morning of my life, (early because I have to do something else), and willingly push my body to its limits???

Because I bribe myself!  

Television nowadays is incredibly addictive.  For many, many years I went without TV altogether, since reception in my rural location was almost non-existant.  

But finally- cable TV, and then Netflix and Amazon Prime became available, even here in the middle of ‘flyover country’; (i.e. Heaven).  All at once, all of the movies, and tv shows I hadn’t seen for decades were available to me- and without commercials!

I would watch shows in the evening, but it soon occured to me that this cut into what was my treasured reading time.  I decided to relegate my television viewing, especially my fun, leisure, Netflix and Amazon type watching to the mornings only!

This was exactly what I needed, and I believe what you need too!  

When you awaken, ( I always do limbering exercises in the bathroom upstairs before I even go down), just immediately make your coffee, and then fire up your TV!  (Because that is what you have bribed yourself with)!

Take your coffee mug into the living room, start your program of choice (which you haven’t seen since the last exercise session, and you are dying to continue), and start watching! (And exercising!)

Virtual exercise (ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise) is ideal, as are pushups, straight-legged situps, isometrics and self-resisted exercises.  Stretching on the floor is also desirable, so make sure you have a yoga mat tucked away in the room.  

Just do it, every single morning!  You will look forward to it, trust me- TV is that addictive- as is the addictiveness of endless physical self-improvement.  I really, really enjoy pushing myself each and every morning, as I am immersed in watching an action-packed video- 

And I know that you will too!!

Once you tie watching your favorite movies, and other programs to also exercising at the same time- well, it like taking a bad addiction, and making it productive and wonderful!!  

Really- start your positive addiction.  Couple TV watching with Exercise!  Watch your health and physique dramatically improve. 

And the funny thing is that: once you start this habit of exercise, you will want to do it more- heavy hand walking in the afternoon, pushups in the basement on gymnastic rings, pullups in the garage- your body becomes what it is meant to be, that of a strong, vital, uncaged animal!  

And, you watch enough TV to satisfy you, while leaving your evenings free for self-improvement of your mind, along with family interaction.  A true, WIN WIN!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Can Medicine Be Cured? PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe Podcast

Can Medicine Be Cured?  
Subtitle:  The Corruption Of A Profession.

This is the title of a new book by Seamus O'Mahony, a physician at Cork hospital in Ireland.  This is an impressive book, since he goes out on a limb and says what most physicians are actually thinking:

He challenges the usefulness and credibility of medical research; the illusion of progress; our stubborn belief that we can be perfected; over-prescribing; poly-prescribing; the efficacy of many drugs that are routinely administered; the corruption of academic medical research; our collective failure to accept that medicine cannot cure everything, and indeed can cause trouble of its own; over-reliance on metrics; the pharmaceutical industry and its vast reach and influence, and far more.

There was, he points out, a 'Golden Age' of medicine, from the 1930s to the 1980s, during which a number of huge advances were made. TB, smallpox, polio, all huge killers, were effectively eradicated in the developed world. This Golden Age ended "just as I came into it, I caught the end of it. There have been very big advances since then, but nothing like that accelerated level of discovery and innovation that occurred in those 50 years." Since then, medicine has increasingly lost its way.

Starting with 'research' - that great hope that will save us all - he is fairly scathing. I suspect that many of us believe (as I did) that medical research is being conducted in a coherent, structured, completely credible way, such that it will gradually solve all ills. That all one has to do is wait, and research will do the rest, finding cures for sicknesses long before we succumb to them. Maybe not, it seems. 

"Contemporary bio-medical research is itself very sick as an endeavour," O'Mahony says. "There is even an acknowledgement and a consensus within bio-medical science that it has lost its way. It's been estimated that anything up to 85 percent of all bio-medical research is a waste of time. 

And that's at a cost of $170bn annually."  

There is a fairly negative trickle-down effect to this; "frontline workers, GPs, hospital doctors, who may not be carrying out any of the research, who just do what they're told in a way. I've drawn a parallel between modern medicine and medieval church: the higher level lay out dogma, the lower level work on the front line and implement it. They are not supposed to question any of it".
At a more practical level, there's the routine over-prescribing that goes on. "Pushing people into patient-hood," as O'Mahony describes it, "for marginally elevated cholesterol levels, for example. The statin story is a great example of how the medical-industrial complex works. The overwhelming majority of people prescribed statins for high cholesterol levels are never going to benefit from taking this medication, and may experience harm."
Connected with that, is poly-pharmacy, in which patients are prescribed further medication to deal with the side effects resulting from the primary medication, to the point where many elderly patients in particular are now taking five or more medications daily, all with their own side effects and possible complications.

What would he like readers to take away from this book? "I write about the bogus contract between doctor and patient that has existed for several decades. The basis of this contract is that we can diagnose everything, fix most things, we never make mistakes and medicine is not dangerous. All of these things are untrue. We have limited powers. Medicine is very often ineffective and sometimes dangerous. We can't fix everything, particularly social and existential problems. I think society needs to lower its expectations around what medicine can deliver. That's one message I'd like people to take away with them.
"Then, there's this cultural thing where a consultation with a doctor must conclude with a prescription.
 I'd like people to think, 'Is this medication really going to help me?' I'd think about that in particular when it comes to drugs like statins, drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis - these drugs that you're going to take for the rest of your life, maybe 40 years, with an overwhelming likelihood that it will not give you any benefit whatsoever."

There is also a strong current of social conscience that runs through the book:
 "Medicine and healthcare has relatively little effect, now, on overall population health," he points out. "Your health is far more likely to be determined by your education, your income, your job and where you live. Take the USA where they spend around 20pc of the GDP on healthcare and yet they have some of the worst outcomes, healthwise, in the world in terms of infant mortality, longevity and so on. We're spending an ever-increasing amount of money on healthcare, but the benefit to us as a society is getting less and less as time goes on." 
That healthcare budget should be put into housing, education, the eradication of deprivation, a boost in opportunity, the arts - "that's a more effective way to treat the health of the population."
Equally, he has simple, obvious solutions to the growing gap in global health inequality: "If we simply applied evenly and fairly across the world what we know currently works, medicine and society would be transformed. If we never did another new research project, and just took what we know now, and gave everybody access to it, global health would be transformed."
I certainly agree with this last!  If everyone would live in a rural or small town area, with pure water and air, low congestion and stress, that is half the battle right there.
If you also added in daily natural, perfectly paleo types of exercise, eliminated wheat and most sugar, and slept a good 8 hours per night in a blacked out room with no TV or screens present- why, that alone would solve most health problems right there!
And if we gardened organically, eliminated herbicides and pesticides from our areas, if we also ate organic fruits and veggies, pastured eggs and meat and dairy, and consuming a daily green smoothie…
We would rarely need a doctor or hospital at all!  Most diseases and conditions would simply evaporate, healed (as they are meant to be) by the healthy body itself!